World's second-tallest rollercoaster will close FOREVER a year after small metal object hit rider

2 months ago

A twelvemonth aft a flying metallic bracket critically injured a Michigan pistillate connected the Top Thrill Dragster, the world's 2nd tallest roller coaster, the Sandusky, Ohio amusement parkland that manages the thrust is shutting it down permanently.

Cedar Point Park announced their determination connected Tuesday connected Facebook.

'After 19 seasons successful cognition with 18 cardinal riders experiencing the world's archetypal strata coaster, Top Thrill Dragster, arsenic you cognize it, is being retired,' the amusement parkland said. 'However, Cedar Point's bequest of thrust innovation continues. Our squad is hard astatine work, creating a caller and reimagined thrust experience.'

The Dragster is 1 of the astir fashionable rides astatine the park. It archetypal opened successful 2003, stands 420ft. gangly and goes from zero to 120mph successful little than 4 seconds. 

The thrust has remained closed since August 15, 2021 erstwhile an the L-shaped bracket smacked Schwartz Creek, Michigan pistillate Rachel Hawes, 45, successful the head, landing her successful the infirmary warring for her life.

The rollercoaster is 420ft. gangly and was past inspected successful May, with a pursuing inspection owed successful September. Ohio instrumentality requires rollercoasters to beryllium inspected doubly a year

The metallic entity fell disconnected the fashionable Top Thrill Dragster thrust successful Cedar Point amusement park

First responders hurried to get the pistillate connected the stretcher and transported her to Fireland Hospital, wherever she was aboriginal transported to a trauma center

The unfortunate was crying and screaming successful agony aft a metallic entity fell from the rollercoaster

EMS unit arrived astatine the country wrong seconds to assistance the woman, who was bleeding 

This metallic bracket flew disconnected the Top Thrill Dragster past August and struck rider Rachel Hawes of Schwartz Creek, Michigan successful the head, critically wounding her

'We are devastated by past weekend's mishap astatine Cedar Point,' Hawes household said successful a connection issued soon aft the accident. 'We privation to convey everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this time. Rachel is warring for her life, and we would inquire for privateness successful this hard time.'

A comparative of Hawes declined to remark to the MailOnline erstwhile reached by phone. He would not accidental if the household was considering litigation oregon if Hawes has recovered from her injuries.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture conducted an probe and issued a 620-page study that recovered nary wrong-doing connected the portion of Cedar Point and thing unsafe astir the ride.

The Department of Agriculture did not unit the closure of the ride, according to the bureau spokesperson Bryan Levin.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture conducted an probe and issued a 620-page study that recovered nary wrong-doing connected the portion of Cedar Point and thing unsafe astir the ride 

Death-defying: Top Thrill Dragster riders are launched to 120mph successful nether 4 seconds and propelled vertically to a 426-foot highest earlier racing down again

The way connected Top Thrill Dragster twists deviously for added excitement

Twist and scream: Cedar Point taxable parkland has a expansive full of 72 rides, including the 3rd fastest successful the world

'The Department of Agriculture was not successful communications with the parkland implicit the determination to adjacent the ride,' helium said.

Park officials did not accidental if the mishap influenced their determination and Hawes could not beryllium reached instantly for comment.

Video of the aftermath of the mishap recorded the achy shrieks of Hawes arsenic she laic connected the crushed and exigency aesculapian technicians provided her with archetypal aid. 

John McDermott, 27, said helium was waiting successful enactment with his woman and lad erstwhile helium saw the entity autumn from the 420-foot-tall operation close successful beforehand of him. 

'I saw the happening deed the crowd, the woman fell, I heard it bounce disconnected the concrete. It was thing metal. It wasn't a tiny object. It was beauteous large – bigger than the thenar of my hand. It looked similar a metallic disc flying done the air,' McDermott told

McDermott said respective radical called 911 and rushed to the woman's aid. Some took of their shirts to halt the bleeding until Sandusky EMS arrived. 

'You request to nonstop idiosyncratic to Cedar Point,' 1 impermanent said successful a 911 call, Newsweek reported. 'There's idiosyncratic who's successful atrocious signifier ... Something flew disconnected of a thrust and deed them and they're bleeding from the head.'

The Department of Agriculture included a photograph of the metallic bracket successful their report. It appears to beryllium coagulated bargain and measurement astir 3 inches agelong and 2 inches wide.

Nurse David Vallo said EMS was astatine the country successful the archetypal seconds of the incident, and transported the pistillate to Firelands Hospital with assistance from the Sandusky Fire Department, The News Messenger reported.  

A connection from Cedar Point said that a tiny metallic entity had go disengaged from a bid connected the rollercoaster arsenic it was ending its run.

Ohio instrumentality requires roller coasters to beryllium inspected erstwhile a twelvemonth and the Dragster was looked astatine successful May 2021, 4 months earlier the accident. 

 The Kingda Ka roller coaster astatine Six Flags Great Adventure successful Jackson Township, New Jersey, is considered the world's tallest with a 456-foot elevation.

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