Word Cup Qatar: Wales and England kick off TODAY

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Millions of England fans person rushed from the bureau oregon worked from location up of the crunch World Cup crippled with the USA astatine 7pm leaving streets crossed the state deserted by lunchtime.

Casey Bishop, 39,  discontinue his occupation astatine Northumbria University successful Newcastle truthful helium doesn't miss a infinitesimal of the shot astatine location oregon successful the pub.

He said: 'I would person been truthful miserable stuck astatine work. I'm a monolithic shot fan, and I conscionable couldn't ideate not being capable to ticker them. 

'Morally I felt arsenic though I couldn't spell [to Qatar]. I've ever been against it but erstwhile I heard astir the atrocities and the quality rights record. I couldn't springiness my wealth to them. I person besides heard from mates implicit determination they are paying £16 for a pint of brew truthful I'm gladsome I made that decision'.

Football fanatic Casey Bishop, 39, who has discontinue his occupation arsenic a sports adjunct astatine Northumbria University successful Newcastle truthful helium tin ticker each World Cup game. Pictured astatine Newcastle's Central Park watching England play Iran connected Monday

A deserted Piccadilly Circus successful London this day and England fans stayed distant up of the large lucifer with USA tonight 

Mr Bishop has a caller occupation lined up for the caller twelvemonth - and his past brag kindly halved his announcement play to 2 weeks truthful helium could permission conscionable arsenic the World Cup began.  He is watching the matches astatine the pub, instrumentality zones and astatine home.

Today City and municipality centres are emptying already arsenic England fans are rushing location oregon to the pub - if they are not connected the sofa already.

Bosses are besides letting unit permission aboriginal aft experts said determination has been a monolithic summation successful sickies. 

Gareth Southgate's Three Lions instrumentality connected their transatlantic rivals astatine 7pm contiguous - but 5,000 supporters are already partying successful Doha with millions starting aboriginal astatine home. 

Meanwhile Welsh fans are drowning their sorrows oregon heading location themselves aft their profoundly disappointing 2-0 decision to Iran this morning. 

Gareth Southgate's Three Lions instrumentality connected their transatlantic rivals astatine 7pm contiguous - but 5,000 supporters are already partying successful Doha with millions starting aboriginal astatine home.

An England triumph volition spot the squad suffice earlier playing Wales adjacent week, with the Welsh dragons needing to triumph to person immoderate anticipation of going through.

Football-mad workers successful the UK person been throwing 'sickies' astatine grounds rates truthful they tin ticker World Cup matches, employers are claiming. Businesses person been flocking to ineligible advisers amid concerns unit are taking rogue days off, with contiguous improbable to beryllium immoderate antithetic springiness the magnitude of the 2 matches.

Karine Fox astatine Iron Works Gym having a pre workout earlier game

England fans started drinking aboriginal successful Doha today

England's crunch crippled could spot the squad done with a crippled to spare arsenic results went their way

A instrumentality wears a cowboy chapeau and stars and stripes socks up of the lucifer with the USA

England fans astatine the Red Lion pub successful Doha

Thousands of England fans are successful Qatar - but the size of enactment is simply a fraction of the fig that would usually question to enactment the team

England fans getting acceptable for the crippled against USA contiguous astatine The Pub successful Kings Heath

England instrumentality Ben Parson, from Fulham, and Lucy White, 24 from York, with her dad, Chris are successful Doha to cheer connected England

Darren Camill (right) with Karl Hanson (left) paid £50 for a pint and a chickenhearted burger successful Doha, but importune it volition beryllium worthy it if England triumph tonight

England fans are loving the information that tonight's lucifer volition coincide with payday

Revealed: Harry Kane and different World Cup captains would not adjacent person been allowed connected the PITCH if they had worn OneLove armbands 

England skipper Harry Kane and different World Cup captains would not adjacent person been allowed connected the shot transportation if they had worn their OneLove armbands during the World Cup.

England's shot squad had been readying to deterioration the LGBTQ+ armband on with six different European teams specified arsenic Germany and Denmark astatine the Qatar World Cup earlier the run was dropped erstwhile FIFA threatened to manus retired yellowish cards to players.

And now, it has emerged that the sanctions would person been overmuch harsher than archetypal thought.

The federations of England, Wales, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark had said connected Monday they had been enactment nether unit by FIFA, who had threatened to contented yellowish cards to immoderate subordinate wearing the multi-coloured armband. 

Wales fans were successful the pub for meal and immoderate pints this greeting up of the aboriginal footwear off. And with 4 matches this Friday, galore volition marque a time of it,

But the squad fell level - and mislaid 2-0 successful the crunch game.

An estimated 10,000 English and Welsh fans are successful Doha for the matches and were drinking precocious into the nighttime past nighttime up of their games today. Some person spent their £50,000 beingness savings to beryllium successful Qatar wherever a chickenhearted burger and a pint is costing fans £50.

Darren Camill, 53, said that by the clip helium gets location helium volition person spent astir £9,000 pursuing the England squad successful Qatar. He added: 'I've been to a fewer large tournaments with England but this is the astir costly ever. I paid £50 for a chickenhearted burger and chips the different time which is mean successful Doha.'

He is successful Qatar with his person Karl Hanson, 53 who said: 'We're going to 9 games successful full truthful that's £1,000 per game. If England triumph today

England fans volition beryllium praying that Harry Kane is afloat acceptable aft an wounded scare this week erstwhile helium wounded his ankle during the Three Lions' 6-2 triumph implicit the Iranians.

One ineligible steadfast says it's had a 250 per cent surge successful inquiries from bosses astir their ineligible presumption if they fishy employees are bunking off.

Chris Macwilliam astatine Clough & Willis Solicitors said it had a spike successful calls aft England's 6-2 triumph against Iran connected Monday. A YouGov canvass recovered 11million employees could instrumentality a dodgy time disconnected during the Qatar World Cup.

Gareth Southgate's England person their destiny successful their ain hands and volition suffice from the radical stages a crippled aboriginal if they bushed the Americans astatine the Al Bayt Stadium. Around 5,000 Wales fans are successful Doha. 

Gutted Wales shot fans are begging aged force England to “do america a favour” connected Monday nighttime and it’s their lone anticipation of staying successful the World Cup.

They were crying successful their brew successful the Welsh valleys aft Iran scored 2 wounded clip goals to permission Gareth Bale’s Dragons connected the brink of going retired of the tournament.

Wales request England to bushed the USA truthful they won’t request to triumph successful the last lucifer of the radical stages.

Lifelong Wales instrumentality Rhys Williams, 31, said: “We privation England to bash america a favour connected Monday - it’s our lone chance.

“If they remainder a fewer of their players and we play good past who knows. But adjacent past we would person to people a fewer goals.”

Rhys, a registry serviceman astatine the University of South Wales, was near gutted aft watching the lucifer astatine the New Crown pub successful Merthyr Tydfil.

He said: “We person relied excessively overmuch connected Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey and their powers are waning.

“The effect has sucked the beingness retired of america but it won’t halt the Welsh fans enjoying Monday night. Who knows what could happen.”

The agony and ecstasy of watching Wales amongst children astatine Rhiwbeina Primary School 

Wales fans up of lucifer against Iran. Millions are tuning successful from home, the office, oregon taking the crippled disconnected completely

Welsh fans queue to participate the Queens Vaults successful Cardiff to ticker the Iran match

Pals Gareth Winstone and Shaun Crane, some 49, some took the time disconnected enactment to ticker Wales successful their archetypal World Cup since 1958.

But their hopes were dashed erstwhile Iran took power of the 2nd fractional and knocked successful 2 goals successful the dying seconds.

Insurance underwriter Gareth, of Tredegar, said: 'It's a sickener but successful the extremity we weren't bully enough. You can't reason with the result.'

Sales enforcement Shaun, of Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, added: 'Our superstars Bale and Ramsey aren't playing regular shot and we person Championship players retired there.

'Iran are managed by a manager who was astatine Manchester Utd truthful he's nary mug. It's disappointing but bring connected England.'

The Crown tally by Portuguese businessman Jorge Dascensao(CORR), 47, is bringing successful shot fans with an online invitation saying: 'Don't spell to Qatar, travel to the New Crown, the brew is cheaper and you decidedly won't spell to situation for singing excessively loud.'

Roofer Craig Thomas, 29, of Rhondda, is dreading playing against Harry Kane's men successful the last radical lucifer adjacent week.

He said: 'They hammered Iran and look astatine the apical of their crippled portion we are not performing.

'All we tin anticipation is that England bash america a monolithic favour by not turning up connected the night.'

Fans who turned up to ticker the crippled connected TV astatine Gareth Bale's pub Elevens successful Cardiff metropolis centre were disappointed - it didn't unfastened until midday.

But determination were plentifulness of watering holes unfastened crossed Wales including the Lion pub successful Treorchy wherever the ambiance was 'buzzing' until goalie Wayne Hennessey was sent disconnected and Wales fto successful 2 sucker goals.

England fans successful Qatar BANNED from dressing up arsenic St George for World Cup lucifer against USA due to the fact that the Crusader outfit is 'offensive to Muslims'

England fans dressed arsenic Crusaders person been turned distant from World Cup matches successful Qatar arsenic their costumes are deemed 'offensive to Muslims'.

Two fancy-dress knights were allegedly seen connected societal media trying to get done information earlier England's lucifer with Iran connected Monday portion wearing chainmail and helmets bearing the St George's Cross.

It is claimed that the pair, who were besides carrying novelty swords, were escorted distant by 4 officers astatine the information gross earlier kick-off.

And a akin acquisition could beryllium successful store for those attending tonight's lucifer against the USA, with the Times reporting Three Lions fans person been banned from dressing arsenic the Christian invaders. 

It comes arsenic England fans, who person agelong supported the squad bearing the garb of St George - the nation's patron saint - astatine erstwhile World Cups, find themselves successful occupation for doing truthful this clip around.

FIFA and anti-racism groups accidental dressing up arsenic Crusaders successful an Arab state specified arsenic Qatar could beryllium seen arsenic violative fixed the humanities context.

Some Doha residents look to person been upset by the prime of outfit, fixed the spiritual wars betwixt 1095 and 1291 were astir taking onshore and beatified sites nether Islamic control.

England fans dressed arsenic Crusaders with chainmail, shields and swords are stopped by information extracurricular a stadium successful Qatar

An England instrumentality dressed arsenic a Crusader kneels astatine a information cheque astatine the World Cup successful Qatar

It is claimed a radical carrying foam swords and wearing concatenation message and Knights Templar robes marked with the transverse of St George, were spoken to by information successful Doha extracurricular a stadium. Some claimed connected societal media they were adjacent turned distant oregon detained

Prince William tells England squad to debar societal media 

Sam Greenhill, Chief Reporter successful Doha

England manager Gareth Southgate past nighttime revealed Prince William's proposal to the squad - debar societal media.

He said the heir to the throne gave invaluable tips erstwhile they met earlier flying retired to Qatar.

Southgate said the squad were pursuing his counsel to absorption connected matches alternatively than headlines and societal media distractions.

He said: 'We truly similar our basal campy - we don't person televisions connected particularly, different than for matches.

'Of people I'm definite the lads are pursuing worldly connected societal media and the net but we person talked from clip to clip astir the value of ignoring those things.

'We really had the aboriginal king travel successful and speech to the lads astir that, which was a constituent we couldn't person paid him amended to say, astir dealing with societal media.'

Saluting his squad up of today's England-USA clash, Southgate added: 'These players are putting our state connected the representation - they are regaining our respectability connected the satellite signifier and we've got to support doing that.'

One of the crusaders spoke to TalkTV aft England's 6-2 triumph implicit Iran connected Monday. 

The man, who was not named, said: 'The occupation is successful places similar Qatar, the fans are the essence of the game. We are what makes the game. 

'It's not the corporates, they assistance financially successful the background, it's america the fans that marque the shot and we are the football'. 

He said that they were staying successful the instrumentality parkland paying £250-a-night. 

FIFA said: 'Crusader costumes successful the Arab discourse tin beryllium violative against Muslims. That is wherefore Anti-Discrimination colleagues asked fans to deterioration things wrong retired oregon alteration dress.'

Kick It Out, the anti-racism run radical successful shot said: 'Certain attire, specified arsenic fancy-dress costumes representing knights oregon crusaders, whitethorn not beryllium welcomed successful Qatar. 

Researcher Robert Carter tweeted: 'The attire, implicit with swords and crosses, is violative owed to crusader past of rape, slaughter and concern of Arab lands.'

But immoderate England fans successful Qatar pointed retired that a cheering Saudi Arabia instrumentality was seemingly allowed to question a existent three-foot agelong scimitar successful jubilation among crowds extracurricular the stadium aft his team's daze triumph implicit Argentina.

The best-known Crusades took spot betwixt 1096 and 1291 erstwhile Christian armies fought to prehend Jerusalem and the surrounding country from Islamic rule.

Footage from Qatar earlier and aft the England crippled showed the 1 radical dressed up arsenic knights singing God Save the King and storming up the stairs connected nationalist transport. Some locals appeared shocked by their prime of outfits - others asked them to airs for selfies. 

Meanwhile, bars successful Doha are demanding fans wearing accepted Arabic robes and headdress region them implicit fears it offends locals and insults Islam.

The covering has go fashionable among fans and is being wide sold successful the squad colours of the 32 nations playing astatine the tournament.

The latest incidental follows days of mounting disapproval for the Qatari police's forceful handling of fans arsenic the enactment implicit LGBT symbols rumbles connected successful the Gulf state.

Qatar officials person repeatedly stated 'all are welcome' astatine the World Cup, contempt the information same-sex relationships stay amerciable successful the country.

England and different teams readying to deterioration the 'OneLove' armbands to marque a connection against favoritism during the World Cup successful Qatar were besides said to beryllium 'blackmailed' with the looming menace of 'massive sporting sanctions'.

Fans and journalists from aggregate nations person reported rainbow-themed items, including t-shirts, bucket hats and flags, being confiscated by officials.

Despite FIFA's insistence that 'all are welcome' successful the Gulf state, fans, journalists and LGBT groups person each faced an authoritarian-style crackdown with rainbow attire confiscated astatine stadiums.

The merchantability of brew was besides banned astatine stadiums successful a stunning 11th-hour astir crook by Qatari officials - leaving galore fans fuming and FIFA reddish faced.

The Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani demanded each visitors 'respect our culture', with fans expected to autumn successful enactment with the Gulf state's rules and taste practices.

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