Woke NYC public law school SCRUBS profile of attorney, 29, who worked on Johnny Depp's legal team

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Woke New York City nationalist assemblage SCRUBS illustration of attorney, 29, who worked connected Johnny Depp's ineligible squad aft backlash from students earlier apologizing for publishing the portion that caused 'strong antagonistic emotions'

  • The City University of New York took down a illustration communicative on Yarleyn Mena, a postgraduate who was portion of Johnny Depp's ineligible squad successful his defamation trial 
  • Mena, 29, a 2015 postgraduate of CUNY's Hunter College and a Brown Rudnick LLP associate, was the youngest lawyer connected Depp's team
  • CUNY said it took down the station touting her vocation aft proceeding concerns from students and module members and issued an apology
  •  The determination garnered its ain backlash, arsenic 1 prof slammed the schoolhouse for removing its praise of the hardworking graduate 

By Ronny Reyes For Dailymail.Com

Published: 01:47 BST, 6 August 2022 | Updated: 02:04 BST, 6 August 2022

The City University of New York deleted a illustration of a postgraduate who was the youngest subordinate of Johnny Depp's ineligible squad successful his defamation proceedings against Amber Heard

Yarleyn Mena, 29,  a 2015 postgraduate of CUNY's Hunter College and a Brown Rudnick LLP associate, was primitively touted for her enactment successful helping Depp triumph a $10.35 cardinal verdict successful the heated proceedings that captured the nation's attention. 

The amusement of enactment for the graduate, however, went retired the doorway aft CUNY said it received concerns from students and module implicit the illustration portion arsenic they offered an apology. 

'We recognize the beardown antagonistic emotions this nonfiction elicited and apologize for publishing the item,' the nationalist assemblage strategy said successful a connection replacing the nexus to the communicative connected Mena. 

'The nonfiction was not meant to convey enactment for Mr. Depp, implicitly oregon otherwise, oregon to telephone into question immoderate allegations that were made by Amber Heard,' CUNY added. 

'Domestic unit is simply a superior contented successful our nine and we regret immoderate symptom this nonfiction whitethorn person caused.' 

Yarleyn Mena, 29, a 2015 postgraduate of CUNY's Hunter College and a Brown Rudnick LLP associate, was the youngest lawyer connected Johnny Depp's ineligible team

Depp (right) secured the Brown Rudnick team, which included Camille Vasquez (left), who helped the histrion triumph a $10.35 cardinal verdict against ex-wife Amber Heard

Mena (third from the left) shared hugs with her squad arsenic they secured the verdict connected June 1 successful the wide publicized trial. Her inclusion successful the squad was touted by her alma substance connected August 3 earlier CUNY deleted the communicative pursuing backlash from students and faculty 

In the archetypal article, which was published connected August 3, the header connected the CUNYverse newsletter read, 'This CUNY grad was the Youngest Lawyer to Serve connected Johnny Depp's Legal Team.' 

It included an overview of Mena, the girl of 2 lawyers who came from the Dominican Republic, who earned her instrumentality grade from Fordham University. 

In the nonfiction she described her relation connected the ineligible team, led by Benjamin Chew, successful the Depp v. Heard trial. 

'I worked with the squad connected the opening and closing and was the maestro of the facts of each the evidence,' Mena said. 'If idiosyncratic needed pictures oregon substance messages, I would look them up and assistance everyone arsenic we went along.' 

She added that the ineligible squad was incredibly focused connected the proceedings and were mostly unaware of the spectacle it had become, adding that successful the aftermath, it was breathtaking to cognize that specified a large lawsuit was the archetypal 1 she got to look successful trial. 

'I americium a 3rd twelvemonth subordinate and americium fortunate to person worked a proceedings truthful aboriginal successful my career. Most cases don't spell to trial,' she noted.  

'We were focused connected the lawsuit astir the timepiece and astir lived successful a bubble passim the proceedings truthful the unit from the spotlight didn't impact america arsenic overmuch connected a time to day. 

'We are a choky knit squad that kept each different grounded and fixed connected our client's needs.' 

The nonfiction besides included tips from Mena to different students connected however to basal retired successful instrumentality schoolhouse applications and debar the pressures of college.  

Neither CUNY nor Mena instantly responded to DailyMail.com's petition for comment. 

Pictured: Mena (center) during her graduation from CUNY's Hunter College successful 2015 arsenic she's accompanied by her parents, some lawyers who immigrated from the Dominican Republic

Although CUNY claimed it received backlash implicit the article, the determination to instrumentality it down stoked its ain question of criticism, with CUNY Brooklyn College Professor KC Johnson condemning the move. 

'Not a bully look for CUNY, to enactment it mildly,' helium tweeted.  

'One enactment of the institution's [groveling] apology could adjacent beryllium work arsenic casting uncertainty connected the jury's verdict successful the civilian case,' helium added. 

'CUNY's connection to talented young grads who spell into the instrumentality seems to beryllium – we'll observe you lone if we institutionally o.k. of your client.' 

Despite concluding successful June, the Depp v. Heard proceedings continues to beryllium a hot-button contented aft the assemblage successful Fairfax Virginia awarded Depp $10.35 cardinal successful damages. 

The assemblage yet recovered that Heard defamed him successful a 2018 Washington Post op-ed wherever she referred to herself arsenic a home maltreatment survivor. 

The assemblage besides awarded Heard $2 cardinal successful her countersuit that Depp and his typical defamed her pursuing her archetypal claims against him. 

Both Heard and Depp person said they're filing an entreaty implicit the verdicts.  

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