Wives prank men into wearing matching tops on night out in Georgia [VIDEO]

9 months ago

Keep your shirt on! Moment six husbands realize their wives have tricked them into wearing matching tops on night out

  • Jessica Little and five friends bought their husbands exactly same shirt 
  • The couples from Flowery Branch, Georgia, arranged a night out together 
  • When each of the men arrived they realized they had been tricked by their wives 

By Darren Boyle for MailOnline

Published: 16:59 GMT, 17 February 2022 | Updated: 18:31 GMT, 17 February 2022

This is the moment a group of women pranked their husbands into wearing the same top on a group date night in Georgia

The six women bought the same blue-and-white striped top for their husbands and arranged to meet up in a restaurant in Flowery Branch, Georgia. 

As soon as the men began to arrive, they suddenly realized why their respective wives had demanded their wore their new top.  

Six husbands were all tricked by their wives into wearing the same top for a night out at a restaurant in Flowery Branch, Georgia.

When each of the friends arrived at the restaurant, they realized something was up 

The men were tricked into wearing the same tops by their wives for a night out this month 

Some of the the men laughed when confronted by their friends wearing the same outfit

As each of the men arrived, they noticed their male companions were all wearing the same shirts. 

Some of the men laughed at the discomfort of others.   

Jessica Little, who filmed the footage on February 5, said: 'We were getting together for a group date night with our friends and decided to buy all our husbands the same shirt to wear that night.

'They had no idea, so we all got a good laugh as we each showed up to the restaurant one at a time.' 

She added: 'It seriously was the best! I was giggling all day just thinking about it happening. '

Commenting on the footage which has been viewed more than 15million times on TikTok, Mariah Martinez considered the logistics of arranging such a night out. 

She wrote: 'I am just amazed by the amount of friends/adults you are able to get in one spot at one time without kids.' 

Carrie Duffey joked: 'People have gotten divorced for less.'  

Cariann Clark noted: 'The last guy is def unimpressed.' 

Another said: 'I loved how invested I am to see the next one's expression.' 

Morgan Mathis observed: 'This really just shows men don’t be dressing them selves.' 

User8874306061070 remarked: 'The last one was mad. He must take his style seriously.'

To which Jessica revealed: 'That would be my husband!! He didn’t take his jacket off the whole night.'

The couple later posted another video in which Jessica confirmed that: 'He really isn't a party pooper' and they said they both laughed about the prank afterwards. 

Jessica's husband looked distinctly unimpressed after arriving at the restaurant 

One fan of the video was surprised that such a large group of adults could meet up without having children with them

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