With Inflation Getting Worse, Democrats Shift Message

9 months ago

WASHINGTON – Democrats this week started talking more aggressively about their own anti-inflation agenda after months of Republicans blaming them for higher prices in the first place.

The shift in rhetoric is an acknowledgment that Democrats’ big economic proposal, the Build Back Better Act, may be stalled for good and that the party needs to coalesce around a better message if it has any hope of defending its narrow congressional majorities in November.

“Over the next month and beyond, members from our side will continue offering a number of solutions—solutions­­—that will lower costs and leave more money in people’s pockets,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday.

When prices started rising last year, most economists blamed the pandemic, saying supply chain issues constrained supply and that prices would relax soon enough. But inflation has persisted, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting last week that prices had risen 7.5% since last January — the highest inflation since 1982.

Schumer identified a number of ideas to address higher prices, including working to lower the cost of child care, prescription drugs, and semiconductors ― things Democrats have

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