Wisconsin Senate Democrat Candidate Mandela Barnes: 'Unfortunate' Prisoners Do Not Have Voting Rights

3 months ago

Wisconsin Senate Democrat campaigner Mandela Barnes stated past twelvemonth it is “unfortunate” prisoners bash not person voting rights, a video surfacing from the Republican National Committee revealed Sunday.

“We aren’t talking astir radical who get to marque decisions. We are talking astir incarcerated individuals who don’t person the close to vote, which is unfortunate of itself,” Barnes stated past twelvemonth connected Our Issues Milwaukee.

Barnes, who serves arsenic the Democrat lieutenant politician of Wisconsin, is campaigning against Republican Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI). Barnes is mounting his run situation to Johnson successful the authorities of Wisconsin that fell to President Joe Biden successful 2020 by little than 1 point. Polling indicates Barnes has a flimsy 2 constituent lead implicit Johnson, a spread that has been closing successful caller weeks.

Biden’s constrictive triumph successful the authorities has seemingly not discouraged Barnes from pushing extremist argumentation ideas. Barnes’ objection to felons losing the close to ballot is conscionable the extremity of the iceberg. He has besides advocated for abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), permitting driver’s licenses for amerciable immigrants, giving in-state assemblage tuition to amerciable immigrants, and defunding “over-bloated” constabulary departments. He favors an wholly government-run healthcare system, canceling the Senate filibuster, and packing the Supreme Court.

On Friday, Breitbart News reported Barnes supports the Green New Deal, which would destruct the American system to reshape it into a socialist utopia. “The Green New Deal is the way to get america there, but we person to deliberation truthful overmuch deeper and truthful overmuch broader,” Barnes said successful a video.

Barnes besides claimed past July that nationalist parks “weren’t made for the enjoyment of radical who weren’t white.”

Johnson’s run spokesperson, Alexa Henning, told Breitbart News that Barnes has tried “to fell his implicit endorsement for the acold left’s extremist policies, conscionable similar helium tries to fell from the press.”

“But helium cannot fell from his ain words of enactment for policies similar defunding ICE and defund the police, debased bail, higher taxes, and the Green New Deal,” she added.

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