Will Colombia legalize cocaine? Nation's president declares the War on Drugs has been lost

3 days ago

Colombia's president has declared that 'the warfare connected drugs has failed' - utilizing his archetypal address to the United Nations General Assembly to suggest sweeping changes to the nation's cause laws that could extremity successful the legalization of cocaine. 

Gustavo Petro, a erstwhile guerrilla combatant and the archetypal left-wing president of the Latin American nation, was inaugurated arsenic president past month. He campaigned connected a pledge to unite the profoundly divided country, promising to combat against inequality and clime change, and execute bid with leftist rebels and transgression gangs.

Colombia is the world's largest shaper of cocaine, accounting for 64 percent of each of the cause successful 2019, according to the latest UN report.

The warfare connected drugs, launched by Richard Nixon successful 1971 and massively ramped up nether Ronald Reagan successful the 1980s, has outgo the United States implicit a trillion dollars, and yet has failed to trim cause use: U.S. overdose deaths roseate by 15 percent past year.

Petro, 62, campaigned connected a caller planetary strategy to combat cause trafficking, saying the U.S.-led warfare connected drugs has failed.

'It is clip for a caller planetary normal that accepts that the warfare connected drugs has failed; that it has near a cardinal dormant Latin Americans during 40 years; and that it leaves 70,000 North Americans dormant by overdose each year,' helium said successful his inauguration speech. 

'The warfare connected drugs strengthened mafias and weakened states.'

On Tuesday helium took his connection to the top planetary stage, telling the yearly gathering of heads of authorities and satellite leaders successful New York that an urgent rethink was needed. 

The seasoned congressman said that humanity's 'addiction to irrational power, nett and money' has been much damaging than cause addiction.

'What is much poisonous for humanity: cocaine, ember oregon oil?' helium asked the assembly.

'The sentiment of powerfulness has ordered that cocaine is poison and indispensable beryllium persecuted, portion it lone causes minimal deaths from overdoses. But instead, ember and lipid indispensable beryllium protected, adjacent erstwhile it tin extinguish each humanity.'

Petro's predecessor, blimpish Ivan Duque, warned that Petro could legalize each drugs - and perchance endanger the United States.

'What worries maine is that determination is present the anticipation of getting into the permission, oregon the legalization of, cocaine and consumption,' Duque said connected Friday.

'I deliberation that it volition beryllium precise atrocious for Colombia, and that volition beryllium precise atrocious for the countries successful the hemisphere, and I deliberation that could make besides a bulk information menace to the United States.'

Colombia President Gustavo Petro, 62, opened his archetypal code astatine the United Nations General Assembly by stating 'the warfare connected drugs has failed'

Texas borderline officials hauled successful astir $12million worthy of cocaine disguised arsenic babe wipes earlier this period - the state's biggest drugs bust successful 20 years.

The drugs were seized astatine the Colombia-Solidarity Bridge adjacent the municipality of Laredo, 1 100 miles from San Antonio, aft US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers gave a 2016 Stoughton trailer a secondary inspection.

They uncovered 1,935 packages containing astir a ton (1,532.65 pounds) of alleged cocaine wrong the shipment aft bringing retired the sniffer dogs and utilizing a non-intrusive inspection strategy examination.

The period prior, much than fractional a cardinal dollars worthy of cocaine was seized from a freight motortruck attempting to participate the US disguised arsenic 'juice' astatine the aforesaid town. 

Texas borderline officials uncovered 1,935 packages containing 1,532.65 pounds of alleged cocaine. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations (ICE-HSI) peculiar agents are investigating the haul, which has an estimated thoroughfare worth of $11,818,400

Petro suggested that struggle implicit vigor resources has led to much deaths than cause trafficking. 'What is much poisonous for humanity: cocaine, ember oregon oil?' helium asked

Pictured: Coca paste, an extract of the coca leaf. Colombia is the world's largest shaper of cocaine and produces much than the adjacent 2 nations, Peru and Bolivia, combined

During his run for the presidency, Petro stated that helium wants Colombia to export foods and incentivize cultivation accumulation successful favour of cocaine and weapons.

Colombian Sen. Gustavo Bolivar supported Petro's statements, adding that helium believed caller regularisation of marijuana could widen to cocaine.

Drug trafficking efforts successful Colombia person grown contempt the federation continuing to walk wealth connected warring it, helium said.

'We volition ne'er execute bid successful Colombia until we modulate cause trafficking,' helium continued.

'Not adjacent the United States, with each their mightiness and money, could triumph the warfare connected drugs. Right now, Colombia produces much drugs than erstwhile Pablo Escobar was alive. There are much consumers. There are much farmers.'

A study from the Truth Commission, which investigated 50 years of Colombian civilian conflict, recovered that cause trafficking prolonged struggle contempt $8 cardinal successful subject assistance being sent from the US to Colombia.

An estimated 260,000 Colombians person died arsenic a effect of the warfare connected drugs.

Pictured: Ivan Duque. The erstwhile president added that cocaine legalization could pb to information risks successful the United States

Pictured: Colombia's Navy retrieves a ton and a fractional of cocaine packages. According to a report, much than 260,000 Colombians person died arsenic a effect of the warfare connected drugs

Duque complemented his statement by saying 40 percent of Colombia's exports travel from lipid and gas.

As Petro hopes to modulation from the warfare connected drugs to a absorption connected clime alteration efforts, Duque said the caller president indispensable see the nation's future.

'There's a modulation going connected and Colombia tin crook itself successful the adjacent decennary into an exporter of greenish hydrogen, but truthful far, we request to support the equilibrium of doing a bully occupation erstwhile it comes to lipid and state successful presumption of exports connected production,' Duque said.

'At the aforesaid time, we request to support connected expanding connected non-conventional renewable energies.' 

Despite $8 cardinal successful subject assistance being sent to Colombia to combat the warfare connected drugs, a study suggests that the maturation successful cause trafficking has lone led to much conflict

Pictured: The fumigation process of coca plants. 'We volition ne'er execute bid successful Colombia until we modulate cause trafficking,' 1 Colombian legislator said

Pictured: Gustavo Petro astatine his swearing-in ceremony. In a effect to Petro's address, Bolivia's president, Luis Arce, said helium 'would similar to perceive a precise circumstantial connection astir this'

During his address, Petro said planetary efforts to prevention the situation person been 'hypocritical,' arsenic satellite leaders disregard the demolition of the Amazon rainforest.

'The clime catastrophe that volition termination hundreds of millions of radical is not being caused by the planet, it is being caused by capital,' helium said.

'By the logic of consuming much and more, producing much and more, and for immoderate earning much and more.'

After proceeding Petro's proposals, Bolivia's president, Luis Arce said helium would similar to proceed discussions betwixt the 2 nations astir however regulations could feasibly beryllium eased.

'He shared the ideas with america that helium spoke astir today,' Arce said. 

'We would similar to perceive a precise circumstantial connection astir this.'

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