What WERE FBI agents looking for at Mar-a-Lago?

1 month ago

FBI agents who raided Donald Trump's Florida property person been successful discussions since June with his ineligible squad astir a trove of statesmanlike documents connected the property, it emerged connected Monday night, arsenic speculation continued to swirl astir what precisely they were looking for.

The raid was carried retired connected Monday, and confirmed by Trump himself. The White House is believed to person learnt of the raid erstwhile the remainder of the satellite did, and was not informed successful advance.

In February it emerged that Trump had taken classified documents retired of the White House erstwhile helium near successful January 2021, and immoderate of those were handed implicit to the National Archives.

Monday's raid is thought apt to beryllium related to the remaining boxes of documents, though it remained unclear wherefore the FBI decided to raid the estate.

'They adjacent broke into my safe!' Trump complained of the raid. He is seen connected Monday nighttime leaving Trump Tower

Trump's Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, was raided connected Monday by FBI agents

Trump supporters gathered successful beforehand of Mar-a-Lago connected Monday night

Police basal extracurricular an entranceway to Mar-a-Lago connected Monday night

Trump himself was successful New York City astatine the time, and was pictured connected Monday evening leaving Trump Tower successful Manhattan.

CNN reported connected Monday evening that investigators were astatine Mar-a-Lago connected June 8, gathering Trump's lawyers to sermon the documents.

Trump was not questioned, the web reported, but stopped by and greeted the investigators and his 2 attorneys.

The 2 attorneys past took the investigators to a basement country and showed them wherever the documents were stored.

Five days later, Trump's attorneys received a missive asking them to heighten the information connected the store room, and a padlock was past placed connected the door.

It's unclear wherefore the FBI past decided to raid the property.

'Something has happened and they are nary longer assured that those records are safe,' said Shawn Wu, a erstwhile national prosecutor. 

News of the raid came aft photos were published showing shredded documents stuffed down a toilet.

Maggie Haberman, New York Times correspondent, archetypal mentioned the reports of the destroyed documents successful February, but connected Monday she tweeted photos.

Trump himself denied destroying documents and flushing them down the toilet.

Maggie Haberman, a New York Times White House analogous who intimately followed Trump during his presidency for an upcoming book, claimed to person obtained pictures of handwritten notes stuffed into the bowls. She says this representation is from a White House toilet

The images published by Axios purportedly amusement 2 sets of notes successful the toilets, though they bash not look to beryllium authoritative documents. This image, Haberman claims, is from a toilet connected an overseas trip

The raid comes arsenic Donald Trump is considering different bid for the presidency and his actions aft the 2020 election, wherever helium tried to invalidate Joe Biden's victory, are nether probe by lawmakers connected Capitol Hill. 

It began connected Monday greeting and took respective hours. 

It is highly antithetic for a national raid to instrumentality spot astatine the residence of a erstwhile commandant successful chief.

'These are acheronian times for our Nation, arsenic my beauteous home, Mar-A-Lago successful Palm Beach, Florida, is presently nether siege, raided, and occupied by a ample radical of FBI agents,' said Trump connected Monday night. 

'Nothing similar this has ever happened to a President of the United States before.

'After moving and cooperating with the applicable Government agencies, this unannounced raid connected my location was not indispensable oregon appropriate.'

Trump, successful his lengthy connection condemning the raid, called it 'prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an onslaught by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don't privation maine to tally for President successful 2024, particularly based connected caller polls, and who volition likewise bash thing to halt Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming Midterm Elections.' 

The Justice Department would not accidental whether Attorney General Merrick Garland had personally authorized the search, but it is considered highly improbable a raid connected a erstwhile president would instrumentality spot without the AG giving it the stamp of approval.

The FBI gave US Secret Service agents astatine Mar-a-Lago beforehand announcement and they cooperated letting them into the property, NBC News reported. 

The Secret Service agents did not instrumentality portion successful the probe oregon search.

This meant the FBI did not person to interruption into the spot oregon interruption down immoderate doors. 

A hunt warrant does not suggest that transgression charges are adjacent oregon adjacent expected, but it would person to beryllium tribunal authorized. 

In February, it archetypal emerged that Trump took classified documents retired of the White House and to his Mar-a-Lago edifice - including immoderate labeled 'top secret.'  

People hold for a moving van arsenic they determination boxes retired of the Eisenhower Executive Office gathering connected January 14, 2021

Boxes were spotted conscionable extracurricular the West Wing successful the days starring up to erstwhile President Donald Trump's past time successful office 

It is unclear wherefore the FBI has decided to transportation retired the hunt now 

Trump was successful New York City connected Monday, portion the hunt was carried retired astatine his Mar-a-Lago location successful Florida (pictured)

Congress opened up an probe into Trump's handling of White House records aft helium denied that helium flushed authoritative documents down the toilet and insisted helium handed implicit boxes to the National Archives willingly. 

'Also, different fake story, that I flushed papers and documents down a White House toilet, is categorically untrue and simply made up by a newsman successful bid to get publicity for a mostly fictitious book,' helium wrote successful a statement.

National Archives officials earlier this twelvemonth recovered 15 boxes of White House materials from Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence – successful evident contravention of the national records acts – and reports emerged successful February that the erstwhile president would often rip authoritative documents and nonstop others to beryllium incinerated astatine the Pentagon.

Trump insisted that the transportation of boxes to the National Archives and Records Administration was done 'openly and willingly'.

In effect to the seizure of materials, the House Oversight and Reform Committee opened a probe into Trump's improperly removing oregon destroying White House documents. 

'Removing oregon concealing authorities records is simply a transgression discourtesy punishable by up to 3 years successful prison,' the legislature missive to NARA Archivist David Ferriero notes.

Trump besides dismissed the probe, claiming: 'The media's characterization of my narration with NARA is Fake News. It was precisely the opposite! It was a large grant to enactment with NARA to assistance formally sphere the Trump Legacy.' 

In her forthcoming publication Confidence Man, New York Times newsman Maggie Haberman claims that White House unit recovered wads of printed insubstantial clogging a toilet and believed Trump was the culprit, according to an Axios report.

'As I was reporting retired this book, I learned that unit successful White House residence would periodically find the toilet clogged,' she said. 

'The technologist would person to travel and hole it.

'And what the technologist would find would beryllium wads of clumped up wet, printed insubstantial – meaning it was not toilet paper. 

'It was either notes oregon immoderate different portion of insubstantial that they judge helium had thrown down the toilet.'

She did not speculate further connected what was connected the papers – claiming it could adjacent conscionable beryllium post-it notes to himself.

During his presidency, Trump often raised eyebrows erstwhile helium would lament connected h2o unit successful Washington, D.C. claiming his medication was looking into relaxing water-saving regulations for toilets, sinks and showers.

'People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times arsenic opposed to once. They extremity up utilizing much water,'' Trump said portion talking with concern owners successful December 2019. 

'The EPA is looking astatine that precise powerfully astatine my suggestion.' 

'Staff successful White House residence would periodically find the toilet clogged,' Haberman said successful February 

JUST NOW: "Staff successful WH residence would periodically find the toilet clogged. The technologist would person to travel and hole it. What the technologist would find would beryllium wads of clumped up wet, printed paper." @maggieNYT connected concerns of Trump flushing documents.pic.twitter.com/dertOPEXYm

— John Berman (@JohnBerman) February 10, 2022

Trump denied these claims successful a lengthy connection Thursday, calling it 'another fake story' that was 'made up by a newsman successful bid to get publicity for a mostly fictitious book'

New York Times newsman Maggie Haberman's upcoming publication Confident Man details the insubstantial flushing aft reports emerged that Trump ripped, burned and held onto authoritative documents that needed to beryllium preserved and handed implicit to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) astatine the extremity of his presidency

Trump would repetition astatine rallies that radical extremity up utilizing much h2o by flushing aggregate times oregon showering for longer than usual.

The erstwhile president pointed successful his connection to the hypocrisy of the probe into his handling of documents and keeping of mementos, questioning wherefore his rival Hillary Clinton wasn't forced to manus implicit her 32,000 emails.

'I person been told I was nether nary work to springiness this worldly based connected assorted ineligible rulings that person been made implicit the years,' Trump said.

'Crooked Hillary Clinton, arsenic an example, deleted and acerb washed 32,000 emails and ne'er gave that to the government,' helium added. 

'Then, they took ample amounts of furnishings retired of the White House. And Bill Clinton kept galore audio recordings that the archives wanted, but were unsuccessful astatine getting aft going to court. 

'We won't adjacent notation what is going connected with the White House successful the current, oregon assorted past administrations.

'In the United States determination has unluckily go 2 ineligible standards, 1 for Republicans and 1 for Democrats. It should not beryllium that way!'

The National Archives and Records Administration has asked the Justice Department to look into the erstwhile president's removal of White House records arsenic helium near bureau – opening up a caller country of imaginable ineligible vulnerability for Trump. 

Charging a erstwhile president with violating the Presidential Records Act if immoderate misconduct were ever established would beryllium caller territory, and Trump has already survived 2 impeachments portion warring disconnected probes of his concern successful Manhattan and contending facing an predetermination probe in Georgia.  

The House January 6th Committee's probe, which precocious received a trove of Trump White House records, has besides brought to airy Trump's penchant for tearing up documents portion successful office.

Archival officials person been required to portion unneurotic documents successful an effort to sphere materials that nether instrumentality are the spot of the U.S. government, not the president who creates oregon receives them. 

The House Oversight panel, chaired by New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney, is asking NARA to supply clarification connected what it recovered successful the 15 boxes it seized from Trump successful Mar-a-Lago.

'Please supply a elaborate statement of the contents of the recovered boxes,' 1 of the points insists successful the missive to Ferriero.

Another asks: 'Is NARA alert of statesmanlike records that President Trump destroyed oregon attempted to destruct without the support of NARA?'

'If so, delight supply a elaborate statement of specified records, the actions taken by President Trump to destruct oregon effort to destruct them, and immoderate actions NARA has taken to retrieve oregon sphere these documents.' 

The authorities watchdog radical Citizens for Responsible Ethics successful Washington and the National Security Archive called for the DOJ to investigate, saying Trump 'likely violated transgression laws barring the demolition of authorities records.

'Donald Trump's repeated and seemingly willful demolition of his statesmanlike records threatens to contradict the American radical a afloat humanities grounds of his presidency and an accidental to clasp him and his medication afloat accountable for their actions portion successful power,' said CREW President Noah Bookbinder. 

'There is nary excuse for hiding important accusation from the public. The Department of Justice indispensable enactment to analyse and to clasp Trump accountable for his reckless behaviour ' 

Among the items items the National Archives retrieved from Mar-a-Lago is the infamous hurricane representation that the president allegedly scrawled connected with a Sharpie pen to grow its imaginable path.

Another keepsake that a root told the Post had been removed was a mini replica of Air Force One that Trump proudly displayed successful the Oval Office, aft involving himself successful details of a redesign each the mode down to a overgarment job.

A erstwhile adjutant said Trump displayed astatine Mar-a-Lago a 'mini replica of 1 of the achromatic border-wall slats' that Trump helped plan for his borderline wall. 

An point that reportedly made its mode to Mar-a-Lago is simply a mini replica of a redesigned Air Force One that erstwhile President Donald Trump utilized to show successful the Oval Office. The Washington Post reported that classified worldly made its mode to the Florida resort 

The House Oversight and Reform Committee is opening a probe into Trump's papers handling aft a study revealed Archives officials retrieved 15 boxes of materials from Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence

Sources told the Washington Post Archives officials had forwarded the substance to the Justice Department for review. Here Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks during a gathering with U.S. President Joe Biden, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York's Governor Kathy Hochul astir weapon violence

Officials astatine the National Archives are charged with preserving statesmanlike records

The trove of accusation Trump failed to manus implicit erstwhile helium near the White House successful January, 2021 includes his 'love letters' with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

It besides included archetypal versions of the missive erstwhile President Obama near for Trump successful the apical drawer of the Resolute Desk, wherever helium told his successor: 'We are conscionable impermanent occupants of this office. 

'That makes america guardians of those antiauthoritarian institutions and traditions – similar regularisation of law, separation of powers, adjacent extortion and civilian liberties.'

Federal record-keeping laws found jailhouse clip and imaginable forfeiture of bureau for those convicted of superior crimes.

Congress enacted the Presidential Record Act aft Watergate, and aft Congress stepped successful and 'seizing Richard Nixon's papers arsenic if they were successful a transgression scene,' said Dr Timothy Naftali, erstwhile caput of the Nixon Library. 

The New York University prof told DailyMail.com that record-keeping laws are not conscionable designed to assistance historians and researchers, but to constrain behavior. 

'And it's the knowledge, I would think, that radical with powerfulness person that successful the aboriginal we volition cognize what they did, which has a I deliberation utile and steadfast constraining effect connected them. That determination volition yet beryllium accountability,' helium said.

'They besides recognize that the actions that they mightiness instrumentality for an authoritarian president could wounded them successful the aboriginal that is steadfast for law republic.'

The retrieval follows reports the National Archives had to portion Trump documents backmost unneurotic aft helium ripped them office, routinely destroyed documents and had files enactment successful 'burn bags' and sent to the Pentagon to beryllium incinerated. 

The president besides often had White House staffer enactment documents successful 'burn bags' to beryllium destroyed via incineration astatine the Pentagon alternatively than preserved, a elder Trump White House authoritative told the Washington Post

So-called pain bags look akin to a insubstantial market container and are wide disposable passim the White House complex, arsenic good arsenic astatine organizations who woody with top-secret accusation similar the CIA and NSA.

Burn bags are a superior alternate to shredding. 

The New York Times reported that the trove of accusation includes the infamous map, which was printed connected a poster to amusement the tempest way of Hurricane Dorian successful 2019 during a unrecorded televised briefing. 

Trump had tweeted earlier that 'in summation to Florida — South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, volition astir apt beryllium deed (much) harder than anticipated.'

The achromatic lines hastily added to the representation appeared to warrant Trump's statement, adjacent though Alabama's nationalist upwind bureau had contradicted Trump's assertion by writing: 'Alabama volition NOT spot immoderate impacts from #Dorian.' Trump said afterwards that nether projections, Alabama was going to beryllium deed 'very hard.' 

'The Presidential Records Act mandates that each Presidential records indispensable beryllium decently preserved by each Administration truthful that a implicit acceptable of Presidential records is transferred to the National Archives astatine the extremity of the Administration,' Archivist David S. Ferriero said successful the statement.

He said the bureau 'pursues the instrumentality of records whenever we larn that records person been improperly removed oregon person not been appropriately transferred to authoritative accounts.' 

He called the records enactment 'critical to our democracy,' and defended its purpose, without rebuking Trump directly. 

The National Archives retrieved 15 boxes of documents from Mar-a-Lago, wherever erstwhile President Donald Trump has offices and wherever helium resides. Included was an infamous 'sharpie' representation with the way of approaching Hurricane Dorian successful 2019

Trump's record-keeping practices were already nether scrutiny. Aides accidental helium was known to rip up documents

The U.S. Code establishes fines and jailhouse time, and adjacent forfeiture of office, arsenic imaginable penalties for violating national papers laws

Ferriero further stressed the value of adherence to the PRA by each Presidents.

'Whether done the instauration of capable and due documentation, dependable records absorption practices, the preservation of records, oregon the timely transportation of them to the National Archives astatine the extremity of an Administration, determination should beryllium nary question arsenic to request for some diligence and vigilance. Records matter,' helium concluded.

House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) said she plans to 'fully investigate' the substance to marque definite the records are with the Archives, 'rather than stashed distant successful Trump's play resorts.'

The Washington Post, which broke the communicative of the transfer, reported that Trump's records stash besides included unidentified 'gifts.'  

The post-Watergate records statute resulted successful a conception of the U.S. Code connected concealment oregon mutilation of documents.

It states that: 'Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, oregon destroys, oregon attempts to bash so, or, with intent to bash truthful takes and carries distant immoderate record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, oregon different thing, filed oregon deposited with immoderate clerk oregon serviceman of immoderate tribunal of the United States, oregon successful immoderate nationalist office, oregon with immoderate judicial oregon nationalist serviceman of the United States, shall beryllium fined nether this rubric oregon imprisoned not much than 3 years, oregon both.'

It continues: 'Whoever, having the custody of immoderate specified record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, oregon different thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, oregon destroys the same, shall beryllium fined nether this rubric oregon imprisoned not much than 3 years, oregon both; and shall forfeit his bureau and beryllium disqualified from holding immoderate bureau nether the United States. As utilized successful this subsection, the word 'office' does not see the bureau held by immoderate idiosyncratic arsenic a retired serviceman of the Armed Forces of the United States.'

The 15 boxes of accusation included letters from North Korean person Kim Jong Un that had been improperly removed by the ex commander-in-chief. 

Under the Presidential Records Act, memos, notes, letters, emails, faxes and different written correspondence related to the president's authoritative duties indispensable beryllium handed to the National Archives for preservation.   

The documents from Mar-a-Lago included letters from North Korean person Kim Jong Un, which person been described arsenic 'love letters'

Trump is said to person kept his missive from the North Korean person arsenic a souvenir - which is against the law

Trump erstwhile said of his affable correspondence with Kim that they 'fell successful love' aft gathering successful person. Some picture the back-and-forth with the U.S. president and North Korean dictator arsenic 'love letters'. 

One erstwhile Trump adjutant said they don't deliberation the ex-president acted with transgression intent, adding that the boxes of papers contained letters from satellite leaders arsenic good arsenic gifts and mementos.

'I don't deliberation helium did this retired of malicious intent to debar complying with the Presidential Records Act,' the idiosyncratic told the The Washington Post.

'As agelong arsenic he's been successful business, he's been precise transactional and it was astir apt his longtime signifier and I don't deliberation his habits changed erstwhile helium got to the White House.' 

While instrumentality requires presidents sphere records related to medication activity, the National Archives has constricted enforcement implicit this. 

One Archives authoritative said that the Act operates done much of a 'gentlemen's agreement.'

The Supreme Court had ruled that the archives could crook implicit the documents, which see statesmanlike diaries, visitant logs, code drafts and handwritten notes dealing with Jan. 6 from the files of erstwhile main of unit Mark Meadows.  

Trump's lawyers had hoped to prolong the tribunal combat and support the documents connected hold.

The documents, which the sheet archetypal requested successful August, volition adhd to the tens of thousands the committee has already gathered arsenic it investigates the onslaught by a convulsive mob of Trump's supporters and what the erstwhile president and his aides were doing portion it unfolded. 

The documents and gifts, which should person been turned implicit to The National Archives and Records Administration astatine the extremity of Trump's presidency, were retrieved by the agency

'The lone mode that a president tin truly beryllium held accountable agelong word is to sphere a grounds astir who said what, who did what, what policies were encouraged oregon adopted, and that is specified an important portion of the semipermanent scope of accountability — beyond conscionable elections and campaigns,' statesmanlike historiographer Lindsay Chervinsky told the Washington Post.

Chervinksy added that it would besides impact U.S. nationalist information if records and documents are not disclosed. 'That could airs a existent interest if the adjacent medication is flying unsighted without that information,' she said. 

Representative Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.), a subordinate of the January 6 House panel, said that the wide records concern reflected the 'unconventional quality of however this White House operated'. 

She added that she did not person cognition of the transportation of documents from Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate. 

'That they didn't travel rules is not a shock,' Murphy said. 

'As for however this improvement relates to the committee's work, we person antithetic sources and methods for obtaining documents and accusation that we are seeking.'

Some of the papers handed implicit to the prime committee were taped unneurotic by National Archives unit due to the fact that they had been ripped up, the bureau revealed successful a statement.

'Some of the Trump statesmanlike records received by the National Archives and Records Administration included insubstantial records that had been torn up by erstwhile President Trump,' the Archives told CNN - without explaining however it was known that Trump was the idiosyncratic who defaced the records.

'These were turned implicit to the National Archives astatine the extremity of the Trump Administration, on with a fig of torn-up records that had not been reconstructed by the White House,' the Archives said. 

'The Presidential Records Act requires that each records created by presidents beryllium turned implicit to the National Archives astatine the extremity of their administrations.'  

The Archives has struggled with Trump's deficiency of retention of documents and his wont of ripping papers erstwhile helium was done with them.

The ex-president often ripped up authoritative documents truthful hundreds of pages that arrived astatine the Archives were taped backmost unneurotic portion others came to them inactive successful pieces. 

Charles Tiefer, erstwhile counsel to the House of Representatives, said if determination is 'willful and unlawful intent' to interruption the Act by radical concealing oregon destroying nationalist records, they would look up to 3 years successful prison.    

'You can't prosecute for conscionable tearing up papers,' helium said. 

'You would person to amusement him being highly selective and person grounds that helium wanted to behave unlawfully.' 


 Source: CNN

DECEMBER 25, 2018: Letter from Kim Jong Un to President Trump 

Your Excellency,

It has been 200 days since the historical DPRK-US acme successful Singapore this past June, and the twelvemonth is present astir coming to an end. Even present I cannot hide that infinitesimal of past erstwhile I firmly held Your Excellency's manus astatine that beauteous and ineffable determination arsenic the full satellite watched with large involvement and anticipation to relive the grant of that day. As I mentioned astatine that time, I consciousness precise honored to person established an fantabulous narration with a idiosyncratic specified arsenic Your Excellency.

As the caller twelvemonth 2019 approaches, captious issues that necessitate endless effort toward adjacent higher ideals and goals inactive await us. Just arsenic Your Excellency frankly noted, arsenic we participate the caller twelvemonth the full satellite volition surely erstwhile again travel to see, not truthful acold successful the future, different historical gathering betwixt myself and Your Excellency reminiscent of a country from a phantasy film.

I person already instructed my closest and astir trusted colleagues and the applicable organs to velocity up the preparations for holding a 2nd DPRK-US acme and americium prepared to execute bully results with Your Excellency during the adjacent meeting.

Nevertheless, what worries maine is that it whitethorn not bespeak positively connected america should some sides look to stubbornly importune connected our respective positions regarding the determination of the summit. It could besides effect successful wasting a batch of time. Therefore, my presumption is to urgently clasp senior-level interaction betwixt the DPRK and the US to internally (translator's note: privately) sermon and coordinate issues regarding the location.

I anticipation that Your Excellency volition erstwhile again show large decisiveness and fantabulous enactment to execute results successful the 2nd DPRK summit. I wholeheartedly anticipation that the things that Your Excellency seeks to execute volition travel to large fruition.

I privation the honorable First Lady, your household and those adjacent to you bully health, happiness and large success.

Sincerely, with unchanging respect for Your Excellency the President,

Chairman State Affairs Commission

Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Kim Jong Un

25 December 2018

JUNE 10, 2019: Letter from Kim Jong Un to President Trump

 Your Excellency Mr. President,

I americium penning this missive to you arsenic we are nearing the archetypal day of our gathering successful Singapore connected June 12 -- the historical infinitesimal of large value that captured the attraction of the satellite and near an imprint inactive indelible successful my representation -- arsenic good arsenic to congratulate you connected your birthday, which is conscionable days away. I instrumentality it arsenic a large grant to beryllium capable to nonstop specified a missive to Your Excellency.

I widen my sincere and lukewarm regards to Your Excellency connected the juncture of your birthday. My regards besides to the First Lady and the remainder of your household and each your people, and I privation everyone bully wellness and happiness and anticipation that everyone's imagination volition go a beauteous reality.

Like the little clip we had unneurotic a twelvemonth agone successful Singapore, each infinitesimal we shared 103 days agone successful Hanoi was besides a infinitesimal of glory that remains a precious memory. Such a precious representation that I person successful my unwavering respect for you volition supply impetus for maine to instrumentality my steps erstwhile we locomotion toward each different again someday successful the future.

I besides judge that the heavy and peculiar relationship betwixt america volition enactment arsenic a magical unit that leads the advancement of the DPRK-US relations, clearing each the hurdles we look successful the process of bringing astir the developments we question to achieve.

Your Excellency Mr. President, I inactive respect and laic my hopes connected the volition and determination that you showed successful our archetypal gathering to resoluteness the contented of our unsocial benignant that cipher had ever tried, and to constitute a caller history. Today's world is that without a caller attack and the courageousness it takes, the prospects for solution of the contented volition lone beryllium bleak.

I judge the 1 time volition travel sooner oregon aboriginal erstwhile we beryllium down unneurotic to marque large things happen, with the volition to springiness different accidental to our communal trust. Such a time should travel again. It whitethorn good beryllium recorded arsenic yet different fantastic infinitesimal successful history.

I guarantee Your Excellency that my respect for you volition ne'er change.

Happy day erstwhile again, Your Excellency. I anticipation Your Excellency volition ever beryllium successful bully wellness and execute occurrence successful your work. I widen my champion wishes connected behalf of my household to the First Lady and the remainder of your family.

Sincerely yours,

Kim Jong Un

Two of the transcripts of the letters betwixt the US and North Korean leaders, released by CNN , were among a slew of allegations successful Woodward's caller publication that surfaced connected Wednesday

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