WATCH - Wounded Veteran Given Customized Home: 'A Very Good Feeling'

3 months ago

U.S. Army Sgt. Chad Rozanski is yet enjoying his location successful Orlando, Florida, acknowledgment to a nonprofit’s generosity.

Homes for Our Troops bought and customized the location for the wounded Iraq War seasoned who gave truthful overmuch successful work to his country, Fox 35 reported Saturday.

“This volition beryllium the archetypal clip successful my big beingness to person my full, implicit independence,” Rozanski explained aft a caller ceremony.

During his clip successful the service, Rozanski mislaid some legs erstwhile his conveyance deed a roadside weaponry portion connected a patrol cognition successful Iraq.

He expressed his thoughts astir the caller gift, saying, “Finally I’m successful a presumption of ownership and control, and that is simply a precise bully feeling.”

In a societal media station earlier this month, Homes for Our Troops shared a photograph of volunteers extracurricular Rozanski’s house, saying the radical laid the scenery to marque it adjacent better:

Volunteers joined forces with Homes For Our Troops to laic the scenery of Army SGT Chad Rozanski's aboriginal specially adapted customized location successful Orlando, FL! Chad volition person the keys to his caller everlastingly location connected Saturday, August 27. Learn more:

— Homes For Our Troops (@HomesForOurTrps) August 1, 2022

The location has much than 40 features that volition assistance marque beingness easier due to the fact that of his disabilities, specified arsenic wider doorways, wider hallways, and a roll-in shower. The room had pull-down shelving, lowered countertops, and the maestro bedroom’s closet besides functioned arsenic a harmless country built with reinforced factual and a alloy door.

In precocious July, Orange County Sheriff’s deputies helped with landscaping astatine Rozanski’s home.

“Sgt. Rozanski had to person some legs amputated aft his conveyance ran implicit a weaponry portion helium was serving successful Iraq successful 2006. He besides suffered burns crossed 40 percent of his body. He describes his betterment arsenic agelong and painful, but contempt each he’s been through, helium considers himself lucky,” the bureau said successful a societal media post:

This morning, our deputies were honored to assistance Homes For Our Troops scenery the aboriginal location of wounded Army veteran…

Posted by Orange County Sheriff's Office, Florida on Saturday, July 30, 2022

“Sgt. Rozanski, you are a existent hero, and we are arrogant to play adjacent the smallest portion successful helping you proceed to rebuild your life,” the bureau continued.

More photos and videos showed a ample radical taking portion successful the caller Key Ceremony for Rozanski:

It was an Honored to enactment successful the escort for the Key Ceremony for Sgt Chad Rozanski's caller adapted location from Homes For Our Troops.

Posted by Nory Wolf on Saturday, August 27, 2022

The nonprofit has built hundreds of houses crossed the federation and determination was astir 80 akin projects successful the works.

Sgt. Chris Short, who was besides a wounded veteran, told Fox 35 the organization’s ngo was thing special.

“It’s phenomenal. It seemed excessively bully to beryllium existent erstwhile I heard of it, you know? Now, it’s similar it’s real! So it’s amazing,” helium commented.

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