WATCH: Joe Rogan Points Out U.S. Hypocrisy in Jailing People for Weed While Demanding Brittney Griner's Release

4 days ago

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan precocious questioned the outrage implicit the 9-1/2-year situation word WNBA prima Brittney Griner got successful Russia. erstwhile determination are thousands of Americans successful jailhouse for similar, pot-related offenses.

Rogan stressed that the lone quality betwixt Griner and thousands of Americans jailed successful the U.S. for akin offenses is that she’s successful Russia and tin sprout a basketball

Rogan recapped however Griner got arrested but past got to the crux of his point.

“People are freaking retired implicit this, right? They’re freaking out, ‘Russia needs to fto her go.’ We person radical close present successful America locked up for marijuana, and they’ve been locked up for f*cking years,” Rogan said.

Say what you privation astir Joe Rogan, but the antheral continually advocates for works medicine. #BrittneyGriner

— Kevin Carrillo (@KevinLCarrillo) July 26, 2022

“For years and years and year, and there’s not one, there’s thousands of them,” helium added indignantly.

“So, what, they’re not bully astatine throwing a f*cking shot into a net? Is that what it is?” helium added. “They’re not bully astatine that 1 happening we similar to watch, truthful those f*cking radical don’t get fto out?”

Rogan has addressed the Griner situation condemnation respective times. On August 3, for instance, helium called the 9-1/2-year condemnation “horrific” and added that “no 1 should beryllium successful jailhouse for weed.”

However, successful a aboriginal podcast, helium besides said Griner “broke the rules” and that she tin “deal with the consequences.”

Reaction to Rogan’s stance connected those successful situation successful the U.S. for possession of cookware was varied.

Some pointed retired that determination are precise fewer radical successful jailhouse successful the U.S. conscionable for possession:

Nobody successful America is doing 10 years for possessing a tiny quantity of cannabis oil

— J13 (@jp131111185) August 5, 2022

This is simply a immense myth. Nobody is doing clip for elemental possession. They mightiness person pled down and made it look that way.

— Christian Gerst (@ManChristian) August 5, 2022

But others praised Rogan for his position:

We should reevaluate our existent situation sentences and fto radical retired if it's conscionable for marijuana. But Russia has Russian laws and I don't deliberation they're going to crook those laws for america oregon for Brittney Griner. No mode Putin wants to look brushed to his ain people.

— Dave Whiting 🇺🇸🎸🏈🐬🍺 (@DaveWhi55847607) August 5, 2022

Not truly a instrumentality Joe, but you are 100% close connected this🔥🔥🔥

— Sundevil Doug (@DougSundevil) August 5, 2022

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