WATCH: Italian Decathlete Finishes Last After Penis Keeps Falling Out of Shorts

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Italian decathlete Alberto Nonino experienced an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction astatine the 2022 World Athletics U20 Championships successful Cali, Colombia, connected Thursday.

The 18-year-old Nonino reportedly started the contention beardown by pushing up of overmuch of his contention successful the archetypal limb of the race, but soon capable different limb began giving him occupation arsenic his penis became dislodged and began slipping retired of his moving shorts.

Soon enough, Nonino began losing his presumption successful the contention due to the fact that helium became preoccupied with utilizing his hands to screen up his crotch.

Italy’s Alberto Nonino suffered a nightmare wardrobe malfunction astatine the U20 World Championships successful Cali, Colombia erstwhile his genitalia fell retired of his shorts portion competing successful the 400m lawsuit of the decathlon.

— Jamaica Observer (@JamaicaObserver) August 5, 2022

Unable to plaything his arms decently helium began slowing down arsenic the different runners passed him.

Finally, conscionable earlier the decorativeness enactment helium stopped and re-adjusted himself. He yet trotted successful arsenic the past to transverse the decorativeness line.

Nonino said that helium was mortified implicit the full incident, but friends and household helped him get implicit the disastrous contention and the reams of ribbing helium got connected the Internet afterward.

“I conscionable privation to speech to you a small spot astir the rumpus there’s been connected blogs and societal media successful general,” Nonino wrote according to the New York Post. “I’m conscious it was evidently an mishap and I’d similar to archer you I’m alert of the absorption and you don’t request to nonstop maine the links to the blogs retired there. I’m trying to laughter astir it present but instantly afterwards I felt unspeakable and I’m thankful to my friends and household for helping maine get implicit what happened a fewer hours later.”

The ridicule was stiff, indeed.

A Tweet by writer David Sanchez de Castro was typical. The writer noted, “Last bid of the 400 meters decathlon. The Italian Alberto Nonino successful lane 5 begins precise good but crosses the finishing enactment last. He went balls out, literally.”

Mundial de atletismo sub20, Cali (Colombia). Última serie de los 400 metros del decatlón.

El italiano Alberto Nonino (18 años), por la calle cinco, empieza muy bien pero acaba entrando último.

Iba con la minga fuera. Literalmente #WorldAthleticsU20

— David Sánchez de Castro (@SanchezdeCastro) August 3, 2022

Others piled on:

A Very Awkward infinitesimal For Italian Decathlete #albertononino Who Kept 'Popping Out' Of His Shorts During The 400 Metre Race At #WorldAthleticsU20 In #Columbia. The 18 Yr Old Tried To (Literally) Cover His Embarrassment With His Hand Which Ensured He Came last.

— TONYINBHAM (@TT0121) August 5, 2022

He was competing successful what?…
The dickathlon??

Put it away, Alberto. It’s not clip for the triple jump.#Commando #AlbertoNonino #WorldAthleticsChamps#WorldAthleticsChampionships

— Matt Anderson (@dezined) August 5, 2022

La tula de Alberto Nonino mientras corre:

— Kaerás conmigo 🇵🇹 (@K0D3N_2) August 4, 2022

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