WATCH: Aaron Rodgers Says NFL 'Stooges' Threatened Players with Their Jobs over Vaccines

3 months ago

Another revelation by Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers successful his interrogation with Joe Rogan revealed however the NFL threatened players by holding their jobs hostage unless they got vaccinated.

During the August 27 Joe Rogan podcast successful which Rodgers admitted that helium purposefully misled the media connected his vaccination status, Rodgers besides blasted the NFL for its efforts to unit players to instrumentality the jab.

Rodgers slammed the NFL for “virtue signaling” implicit the vax and added that the league sent retired “stooges” to unit compliance.

“Look however righteous our league is, we person 95% compliance with the vaccine,” Rodgers scoffed. “If you don’t, we’re going to nonstop a stooge to your squad to amusement you graphs of your vaccination percent of your squad compared to the remainder of the league, which really happened.”

Aaron Rodgers tells Joe Rogan wrong accusation connected however the NFL was threatening players with their jobs and paychecks successful bid to unit them to instrumentality the COVID vaccine.

— Sean Fracek (@seanfracek) August 28, 2022

“Day 3 of grooming campy they sent this stooge successful and helium showed these slides of what your vaccination percent was arsenic a team. What are you compared to the remainder of the league? And I started asking him question astir liability. ‘Oh, I’m not a lawyer,'” Rodgers continued.

“You’re successful present talking astir these antithetic things and you don’t speech astir anybody’s idiosyncratic wellness issues,” helium said. “There’s zero exemptions, you took retired spiritual exemptions, you took retired PEG exemptions, you took retired anybody’s quality to person an sentiment of I don’t privation to bash this.”

Rodgers said that the teams were bullied to unit compliance and were told that they would person to forfeit games if they had a definite fig of players and staffers retired with affirmative COVID results. The league began telling teams of the forfeit regularisation successful July of 2021.

Rodgers added that the NFL told players that they would besides sacrifice their wage for immoderate forfeited games arsenic different mode to unit compliance.

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