WaPo: Joe Biden's Student Debt Transfer to Taxpayers Is Expensive, Inflationary Mistake

3 months ago

President Joe Biden’s determination to transportation pupil indebtedness to taxpayers is apt an inflationary, expensive mistake that volition permission “American taxpayers footing the bill,” the Washington Post’s Editorial Board wrote Wednesday.

Citing a survey by the American Enterprise Institute published successful 2019, WaPo opposed Biden’s determination to transportation pupil indebtedness due to the fact that the top beneficiaries volition beryllium from high-income families. The insubstantial besides said the determination volition substance 40-year-high inflation.

“[S]tudents from high-income and low-income families were conscionable arsenic apt to instrumentality connected indebtedness for their archetypal twelvemonth successful an undergraduate programme — and students from high-income families borrowed the largest amounts,” the insubstantial said astir the study.

Transferring pupil loans “is regressive” and “takes wealth from the broader taxation base, mostly made up of workers who did not spell to college, to subsidize the acquisition indebtedness of radical with invaluable degrees,” WaPo continued. “Though Mr. Biden’s program includes an income cap, the threshold does not bespeak request oregon net potential, meaning white-collar professionals with precocious aboriginal salaries basal to benefit.”

WH cannot accidental however overmuch the pupil indebtedness forgiveness program volition outgo and cannot accidental however it volition beryllium paid for but argues the worth is worthy the costs

— Kelly O'Donnell (@KellyO) August 25, 2022

“Biden’s program is besides costly — and apt inflationary,” WaPo continued. “The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates that extending the indebtedness intermission to the extremity of the twelvemonth would outgo $20 billion, portion forgiving $10,000 for households making little than $300,000 would outgo $230 billion.”

The insubstantial besides highlighted uncertainty that the 1965 Higher Education Act grants Biden unilateral authorization to transportation pupil indebtedness to those who possibly person not borrowed pupil loans oregon person already fulfilled their indebtedness obligations. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated successful April that Biden does not have the powerfulness to transportation pupil debt.

“People deliberation that the president of the United States has the powerfulness for [student loan] indebtedness forgiveness. He does not,” she said.

NANCY PELOSI successful April: “People deliberation that the president of the United States has the powerfulness for [student loan] indebtedness forgiveness. He does not.”pic.twitter.com/0iz8uQeKXG

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 23, 2022

According to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget’s analysis, the transportation of indebtedness will roughly outgo $360 billion. The national authorities is already implicit 30 trillion successful debt.

Biden’s announcement connected Wednesday to transportation pupil indebtedness to the payer comes arsenic the midterm elections are approaching. Biden’s polling numbers, which are a bellwether for midterm success, are underwater and person not budged since sinking to -13 percent successful March.

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