Walmart shooter who killed six of his co-workers was 'hunting' for specific people, survivor claims

3 days ago

Andre Bing was 'hunting' for circumstantial people, a subsister of the massacre has claimed - arsenic revealed had a database of storeworkers' circled names earlier carrying retired the strike

The Walmart manager who killed six of his colleagues Tuesday was 'hunting' for circumstantial people, a subsister of the massacre has claimed - arsenic revealed the slayer dumped a database of storeworkers' circled names earlier carrying retired the strike. tin besides present uncover the individuality of the previously unnamed insignificant slain successful the onslaught arsenic 16-year-old part-time idiosyncratic Fernando Jesus Chavez. 

Chavez, meanwhile, was an honors student, who had been moving his archetypal occupation erstwhile helium was mowed down by the manager was mourned by household and friends during a candlelit vigil Thursday. 

He was remembered by 1 of his precocious schoolhouse friends arsenic a popular, selfless pupil who utilized his archetypal paycheck to bargain his parent a brace of Airpods. He was not connected the database recovered by

Jessica Wilczewski, however, was among those circled connected the list, and said Thursday that erstwhile workers were gathered successful a store interruption room to statesman their overnight displacement Tuesday erstwhile squad person Andre Bing barged successful and opened occurrence with a handgun.

Wilczewski, who said she lone worked astatine the store for 5 days and didn't cognize Bing personally, was 1 of 10 workers struck by the hail of bullets.

She and 3 others survived the attack, and stay successful the hospital. One of those - Jalon Jones - besides had his sanction circled connected the list, which was obtained by connected Thursday.

Six staffers, including the antecedently unidentified 16-year-old minor, were killed successful the attack. Five were named arsenic Brian Pendleton, 38; Kellie Pyle, 52; Lorenzo Gamble, 43; Randy Blevins, 70; and 22-year-old Tyneka Johnson by Chespeake Police Wednesday. Johnson was the lone unfortunate slain circled connected Bing's list.

Wilczewski, meanwhile, offered her ain relationship of the mayhem that unfolded erstwhile Bing opened occurrence successful the breakroom astatine the Chesapeake Walmart successful Sam's Circuit, 1 that asserted that the shooter appeared to beryllium seeking definite people. tin present uncover the individuality of the 16-year-old lad arsenic part-time idiosyncratic Fernando Jesus Chavez, who was mourned by household and friends during a candlelit vigil Thursday. He was an honors pupil and had been moving his archetypal job.

'The mode helium was acting — helium was going hunting,' she said Thursday successful an interrogation from the . 'The mode helium was looking astatine people's faces and the mode helium did what helium did, helium was picking radical out. 

'What I bash cognize is that helium made definite who helium wanted dead, was dead,' Wilczewski added, revealing she witnessed him sprout radical already connected the ground.

'What I bash cognize is that helium made definite who helium wanted dead, was dead,' she recalled. 'He went backmost and changeable dormant bodies that were already dead. To marque sure.'

Wilczewski added that she had lone worked astatine the Walmart for 5 days, and theorized the information she was a caller worker mightiness person saved her.

The injured idiosyncratic said that erstwhile Bing saw her hiding nether a table, helium told her 'Jessie, spell home' and fto her exit the breakroom, wherever determination had been fourteen staffers gathered. 

She followed his orders and ran retired of the store. 

Wilczewski added that she had not yet got to cognize Bing, who was described arsenic a longer by galore who knew him, and frankincense did not cognize who helium got on with oregon had problems with. 

Her name, however, was among 18 supermarket employees circled by Bing successful the database recovered successful a trash bin extracurricular his spot Thursday.

The find came arsenic constabulary revealed yesterday that they had discovered a manifesto during a hunt and seizure the shooter's home, successful which the store manager complained that his victims were 'harassing' him. 

Among the names listed was chap subsister Blake Williams, 23, whose household says helium is presently connected a ventilator clinging to life. Wilczewski, who suffered unspecified injuries, is expected to recover. 

The list, seen by, shows the names of chap supermarket employees circled - including Tyneka Johnson, 22, who helium changeable dormant successful Chesapeake, Virginia, connected Tuesday

The 31-year-old shooter threw the database distant on with screenshots of surveillance footage dating backmost to October. The database included details astir what shifts his co-workers were connected and successful which section they were working, arsenic good arsenic what clip they would beryllium connected a break

The surveillance footage screenshot shows a idiosyncratic walking into Walmart connected October 30

Not connected the list, however, was 16-year-old Chavez, who had precocious started his archetypal part-time occupation astatine Walmart. confirmed the individuality of the unfortunate astatine a vigil held Thursday evening successful Chesapeake by those who knew him.

Dozens of friends and household turned retired to wage tribute to the youngest unfortunate of the shooting, which saw Bing termination himself earlier helium could beryllium arrested and is inactive being probed by police.

The teenager's household lit candles and tied balloons to a histrion extracurricular of the Walmart, wherever the calamity unfolded little than 48 hours before.

White prima balloons were released to people the 11th graders memory, with friends saying a supplication for him.

Family members sobbed arsenic the heartfelt tributes were paid, with the teen being described arsenic 'humble and amazing'.

Six staffers - Tyneka Johnson, 22; Brian Pendleton, 38; Randy Blevins, 70; Kellie Pyle, 52; Lorenzo Gamble, 43; and the antecedently unidentified 16-year-old insignificant - were killed. Johnson (top left) was 1 of the 18 names circled connected the list, which was obtained by from a trash bin extracurricular Bing's home

Relatives said the youngster had been eagerly anticipating starting the portion clip relation arsenic it was his archetypal ever employment, and that helium was a promising pupil who precocious obtained his driver's license.

Friends of the household created a GoFundMe Page to assistance the household with ceremonial expenses, wherever the kid was remembered fondly arsenic a 'humble, loving, liable and hardworking young man.'

The leafage has truthful acold raised $3,710 of its $5,000 goal, wrong the archetypal 24 hours of it being posted. It is not yet wide wherefore of if helium was specifically targeted by Bing, whose neighbors told that helium mostly kept to himself, with their sole interactions coming erstwhile helium would mow his lawn.

Police revealed yesterday that they discovered a manifesto astatine the shooter's home, wherever helium complained that his victims were 'harassing' him. 

Mourners spot flowers astatine a memorial extracurricular of the Chesapeake Walmart Thursday little than 2 days aft the tragedy

A memorial is acceptable up extracurricular of the Chesapeake, Va., Walmart connected Thursday. The shooting was the 2nd high-profile wide shooting successful a substance of days

Crime country portion surrounds a car astatine the country of a wide shooting astatine a Walmart, Wednesday successful Chesapeake

A neighbour of Brian Pendleton, 1 of the victims, shed airy connected 1 imaginable disagreement that whitethorn person led to him being targeted, saying helium had clashed with a manager astatine the Walmart implicit moving nighttime shifts.

The neighbor, named Patrice, told 'Brian was a fantastic man, helium was ever smiling. He loved his job, helium was precise dedicated. 

'He did often accidental helium was having issues with a manager astatine work, who wouldn't springiness him the weekends off.'

He added that helium 'didn't cognize if it was the aforesaid manager' - though Bing has been described by constabulary and Walmart brass arsenic the store's 'overnight squad lead' and had been employed with the institution since 2010.  

'It's conscionable atrocious truthful adjacent to Thanksgiving,' the neighbour added of the tragedy, revealing that Pendlton had besides mislaid his sister a fewer months before.

'It's awful,' helium said. 'He and his woman divided up astir 3 years agone and ne'er had immoderate children.  I gave him a thrust to enactment and helium insisted connected giving maine state wealth erstwhile helium got paid. It's conscionable the benignant of feline helium was, helium was fantastic and caring.

FBI agents searched Bing's Chesapeake, Virginia location connected Wednesday afternoon

Police revealed that Andre Bing's deadly manifesto, which has not yet been made public, contained claims that his co-workers were harassing him

A neighbour of Bing has described the infinitesimal the slayer near his location for his rampage successful silence. One victim's neighbour told that the unfortunate would regularly reason with his manager astir moving astatine weekends

The FBI conducted a hunt of Bing's location and near with piles of grounds - though they appeared to person missed the termination database hiding successful plain show successful the trash

The parent of 43-year-old slain staffer Lorenzo Gamble, meanwhile, lamented however her son, who worked astatine the store for 15 years and was acceptable to transportation to different location, had besides near down a household of his own. His sanction was not connected the list.

'My quiescent babe Lorenzo is gone,' the mourning ma wrote successful a station to Facebook Wednesday morning. 

'He worked determination for 15 years, helium was going transportation to Grassfield. Now his sons is nonaccomplishment [sic] without him.'

The fellow of 52-year-old unfortunate Kellie Pyle, identified Wednesday by arsenic Brian Baker, shared a heartfelt station remembering his partner.

'Until we spot each different again my angel,' a caption for the tribute read.

Brian's parent gave an affectional telephone to ABC successful which she hailed her lad arsenic selfless, and idiosyncratic who would springiness you the garment disconnected their back.

'He had a existent large heart,' Michelle Johnson told the outlet. 'Anybody that wanted to laugh, oregon conscionable privation company, he'd bargain you lunch. He'd bargain you thing successful a minute.'

Pendleton worked astatine the Walmart for astir 11 years arsenic a custodian and 'loved his job,' according to his mother.

'He was conscionable a hard idiosyncratic and a bully kid,' she said.

Police person identified 5 of the six victims killed during a wide shooting astatine a Virginia Walmart Tuesday, hours aft naming the disgruntled manager who carried retired the killing. The sixth deceased unfortunate was a 16-year-old boy, the metropolis said. His sanction and photograph were withheld owed to his age. The victims scope successful property from 16 to 70

The gunman opened occurrence successful the interruption country which is successful the backmost of the store astatine astir 10.12pm. The archetypal 911 calls came successful astatine 10.12pm and cops were astatine the country astatine 10.14pm. They entered the store astatine 10.16pm, by which clip the gunman had killed himself

The fellow of Kellie Pyle, identified by arsenic Brian Baker, shared a station Wednesday remembering his partner

Tyneka Johnson, meanwhile, a 22-year-old idiosyncratic astatine the store, was remembered fondly by her household arsenic 'the nicest person, who ne'er bothered anyone.' Rashawnda Ruffin, her cousin, hared a tribute to her relative Wednesday to Facebook

The ma went connected to picture the fearfulness she and her hubby went done Tuesday erstwhile they received a telephone telephone from a household person notifying her that determination had been a shooting astatine the store. They were soon notified that their lad has prolong unspecified injuries and was being treated astatine adjacent Norfolk General Hospital, wherever they rapidly drove to spot him.

'We waited, and past the constabulary came retired with a caregiver and they took america to a broadside country and that's erstwhile they told america that helium didn't marque it,' an affectional Johnson said, reportedly holding backmost tears. 

'I conscionable wondered, was helium acrophobic astatine that time? I cognize my son. I didn't privation him to beryllium afraid, and I didn't privation him to hurt.'  

The six victims of Walmart manager's rampage successful Virginia  

• 38-year-old Brian Pendleton of Chesapeake

• 52-year-old Kellie Pyle of Chesapeake

• 43-year-old Lorenzo Gamble of Chesapeake

• 70-year-old Randy Belvins of Chesapeake

• 22-year-old Tyneka Johnson of Portsmouth

• A 16-year-old antheral of Chesapeake whose sanction and representation are being withheld owed to him being a minor 

Tyneka Johnson, who was connected the list, was remembered fondly by her household arsenic 'the nicest person, who ne'er bothered anyone.'

Rashawnda Ruffin, her cousin, wrote successful a station to Facebook: 'Damn couss I'm atrocious this happened to you truthful soon you had truthful galore plans but I conjecture deity had different plans. So this means nary much telephone calls? No much sending pictures of your tattoos and I prime them out?

'I'm conscionable mislaid of words it was thing but laughs and jokes LONG LIVE TYNEKA.'

Meanwhile, Sarah Walker, different survivor, is besides successful the hospital. 

Her friends and household accidental she was changeable 5 times and is besides successful captious condition. 

'We are each inactive successful daze and devastated,' her stepfather, Jean Pate Walker, told section outlet WSFA. Walker has already undergone 2 surgeries and is owed for a 3rd today, helium said. 

Jalon Jones, 24, besides remains successful infirmary successful a unchangeable condition, 

Shortly aft the killings Tuesday night, FBI agents descended connected Bings three-bedroom location successful Chesapeake, valued astatine $300,000.

Locals picture seeing the SWAT squad usage a battering ram to interruption down the doorway of the spot earlier scouring it for evidence.

Pictures amusement authorities searching a shed astatine the rear of the property, removing bags afloat of covering and h2o bottles. 

The hunt reportedly besides yieleded a manifesto penned by Bing connected his cellphone - whcih someway eluded investigators since Wendesday. 

Police said the manifesto elaborate frtrations Bing had astir a alteration successful his employment status. 

The manifesto, which has not yet been made public, contained claims that his co-workers were harassing him.

Another neighbour described the manager arsenic a 'loner' and that helium 'never saw him astatine each different than mowing his lawn. 

'It was a daze to perceive astir it, but I ne'er truly knew him,' they said. 'He kept himself to himself.'

Another, who asked to beryllium identified lone arsenic Marcus, told 'I was ace amazed by the full thing.

'You perceive astir it connected the quality but you don't expect it volition beryllium adjacent you. Especially arsenic this thoroughfare is truthful quiet.

'I didn't cognize him oregon spot him astatine all. I did ever deliberation it was unusual that the 2 cars didn't determination retired the front.

'I ne'er saw them determination ever. One was a acheronian SUV and the different was immoderate benignant of airy Ford.

'I deliberation helium was determination alone, I ne'er saw anyone else. It's specified a quiescent area.'

People successful the section assemblage besides gathered for a candle airy vigil hosted by Bishop Susan Haynes astatine St. Thomas Chesapeake religion connected Wednesday night.

Pictures amusement authorities searching a shed astatine the rear of the property, removing bags afloat of covering and h2o bottles

Community members attending a candle airy vigil hosted by Bishop Susan Haynes, of the St. Thomas, Chesapeake church

Bishop Susan Haynes (pictured) addresses those successful attendance for the vigil

Meanwhile, co-workers astatine the supercenter person since said they has sensed thing was amiss astir Bing successful the buildup to the attack

Briana Taylor, who started moving for astatine the store astir 2 months agone and survived Tuesday night's bloodshed told ABC news: 'He was the manager to look retired for due to the fact that determination was ever thing going connected with him, conscionable having an contented with someone.'

Donya Prioleau, who was successful the interruption country erstwhile Bing opened occurrence but escaped unscathed, said helium 'said a batch of disturbing things, and described him arsenic 'condescending' 

He added that her brag lacked 'good connection skills,' and was 'quite mean to a batch of us.'

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