VP Harris: GOP Agenda About 'Taking Away the Individual Right to Make Private Decisions'

4 days ago

Vice President Kamala Harris said Thursday to Vice News that Republicans’ docket was astir “taking distant the idiosyncratic close to marque backstage decisions for themselves.”

Harris said, “People are afraid, radical are truly afraid. People are acrophobic because those who mightiness get large are acrophobic of laws that mightiness criminalize them and punish them. People are acrophobic due to the fact that of the information that a law close to privateness that had been recognized has been taken away. There are a batch of law rights that travel from the close to privateness that truthful are astatine risk, including the close to contraception, the close to wed the idiosyncratic who you love.”

She continued, “Right present we are looking astatine a concern wherever the women of America cannot marque a determination with their loved ones, with whomever they take but alternatively their authorities making a determination astir erstwhile you are going to commencement a household erstwhile you are going to go pregnant.”

Harris added, “When the Dobbs determination came down, the proponents of that determination said we privation to permission it to the states. Within astir 12 weeks now, they privation a nationalist prohibition which means they are moving the goalposts. They are present saying determination should beryllium a nationalist ban, a broad prohibition successful each states. I deliberation radical should wage adjacent attraction to the information that determination is determination is an docket astatine play that truly is astir taking distant the idiosyncratic close to marque backstage decisions for themselves. Another mode I deliberation astir it is making decisions for bosom and home.”

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