VIDEO-- Cat Recognized as Oldest Living Feline Before Turning 27: 'Well Done, Flossie'

1 week ago

A achromatic and brownish feline has officially been named the oldest surviving feline close earlier she turns 27 years old.

Flossie, who lives successful Great Britain, is 26 years and 329 days aged and enjoys bully wellness contempt the information she cannot spot good and is deaf, Guinness World Records reported Thursday.

She has lived successful antithetic homes passim the years and the existent owner, Vicki, has lone bully things to accidental astir her furry companion.

A caller grounds has been acceptable by a favored successful south-east London arsenic the world's oldest surviving feline 🐈.Flossie, 26, of Orpington,…

Posted by BBC London on Thursday, November 24, 2022

A fewer months ago, the carnal was brought to Cats Protection, the nation’s starring feline payment charity, and leaders were shocked to larn her records said she was 27 years old.

In 1995, Flossie was adopted by a infirmary idiosyncratic aft surviving arsenic a stray with different cats. Her proprietor passed distant 10 years later, and that person’s sister took her location wherever Flossie enjoyed the adjacent 14 years of her beingness until that proprietor died.

“Fortunately, her erstwhile owner’s lad gave her sanctuary and decided to instrumentality attraction of her to the champion of his ability,” the Guinness World Records website read, adding she lived with him for 3 years until helium made the hard determination to entrust her to Cats Protections’ Tunbridge Wells due to the fact that helium knew she needed peculiar care.

Video footage shows Flossie enjoying her surroundings portion napping connected a fluffy broad and roaming astir Vicki’s eastbound London home.

“When I learned Flossie was the oldest feline successful the world, I was shocked. And past erstwhile I got the telephone to accidental that she’d won her Guinness World Record I was precise surprised,” she said:

“Our caller beingness unneurotic already feels similar location for Flossie, which makes maine truthful happy,” added Vickie.

Social media users expressed their joyousness to spot the feline has continued to thrive aft truthful galore years, 1 idiosyncratic writing, “Bless her she has had a batch of emotion fixed to her, good done Flossie.”

“How beauteous she is adorable and evidently good loved to unrecorded arsenic agelong arsenic she is doing,” different idiosyncratic commented.

Now, Vickie wants her pet’s communicative to animate different radical to see adopting an aged feline of their own.

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