Vegan mom gets life for murdering 18-month son who weighed 17lb when he died from strict diet

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Murder by malnutrition: Vegan mother, 39, is jailed for LIFE for sidesplitting 18-month-old lad aft helium died weighing conscionable 17 pounds aft pursuing a strict fare of lone earthy effect and vegetables

  • Sheila O'Leary's lad Ezra died successful September 2019 astatine the property of 18 months, weighing lone 17lbs
  • Ezra had been fed earthy effect and vegetables, arsenic good arsenic breastmilk, and was severely malnourished
  • O'Leary and hubby Ryan followed a strict vegan diet, and their different children - daughters aged 3 and 5 - were besides severely ill, and had dental problems 
  • O'Leary was recovered blameworthy successful June of murder, and connected Monday a tribunal successful Fort Myers sentenced her to beingness successful prison
  • Ryan O'Leary volition spell connected proceedings aboriginal this twelvemonth for his relation successful the baby's death 

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Published: 05:07 BST, 30 August 2022 | Updated: 05:41 BST, 30 August 2022

A vegan pistillate convicted of execution successful the malnutrition decease of her young lad was sentenced connected Monday to beingness successful prison.

Sheila O'Leary, 39, whose household followed a strict vegan diet, was convicted successful June connected six charges - first-degree murder, aggravated kid abuse, aggravated manslaughter, kid maltreatment and 2 counts of kid neglect - successful the decease of Ezra O'Leary. 

Her sentencing successful Lee County, Florida, had antecedently been postponed 4 times. She showed nary emotion arsenic the condemnation was work out, and told the justice she did not privation to marque a statement. 

Her husband, Ryan Patrick O'Leary, remains successful jailhouse portion awaiting proceedings connected the aforesaid charges. 

Sheila O'Leary is seen successful tribunal connected Monday for her sentencing successful Fort Myers, Florida

Mother-of-four Sheila Leary is shown above. Her 18-month-old lad Ezra died of complications caused by malnutrition successful September 2019

Investigators said the couple, who lived successful Cape Coral, told them the household ate lone earthy fruits and vegetables, though the toddler besides was fed bosom milk. 

The 18-month-old lad weighed 17 pounds and was the size of a seven-month-old babe erstwhile helium died successful September 2019, a constabulary study said.

The mates had 2 different children, ages 3 and 5, who besides were malnourished, investigators said. 

Amira Fox, the authorities attorney, said the 2 endured 'extreme neglect'. 

A 4th kid had been returned to her biologic begetter during an earlier malnutrition lawsuit successful Virginia, tribunal records show.

Doctors recovered Ezra had not been fed for a week by the clip helium died. 

Sheila and Ryan, who has besides been charged with execution and is waiting trial, called 911 aft Ezra stopped breathing. 

Sheila O'Leary, 39, was convicted of a assemblage successful Cape Coral, Florida, successful June aft a week-long trial

Sheila and her 30-year-old hubby Ryan were some charged with execution aft the 18-month-old's death. They admitted to constabulary that they should person called 911 erstwhile Ezra started struggling to respire backmost successful 2019, but that they went to slumber instead

Paramedics pronounced the toddler dormant astatine the scene. They besides examined the couple's older 3 children. 

The brace were charged successful December 2019 aft Ezra's origin of decease was revealed. 

No photographs person ever been released showing what authorities the kid was successful erstwhile helium died. 

But prosecutors astatine Sheila's proceedings described an emaciated kid who perpetually cried. 

'She chose to disregard his cries. She didn't request a standard to spot his bones.

'She didn't request a standard to perceive his cry,' said Sara Miller, Assistant State Attorney. 

The household location successful Cape Coral, Florida, wherever the 3 kids lived with their parents. The different children were taken into the custody of kid services 

The tribunal heard however Sheila chiefly fed the children mangoes, bananas and avocados. Ezra was besides fed bosom milk. She is seen being arraigned connected December 23, 2019

The mates besides had a three-year-old and a five-year-old who were severely malnourished. 

Their tegument was yellowish and 1 suffered specified mediocre dental hygiene that their teeth were black. 

Sheila besides has an 11-year-old girl from a erstwhile narration and her wellness was considerably amended than that of the different children, owed to her spending clip with her begetter successful Virginia and eating a due diet. 

The 3 children were fed a fare by their parent that consisted mostly of mangoes, bananas, avocados and rambutans. 

It's unclear if they ever saw a doctor. 

Ezra was calved astatine location and had ne'er been to a physician. 

According to police, connected the time helium died, the toddler had been nursing erstwhile helium started struggling to breathe. 

Instead of calling for help, his parents accidental they went to sleep. 

By the clip they woke up, helium had stopped breathing entirely. 

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