VA Secretary: We Decide, Not State AGs, If Vets Can Access Abortion In States With Bans

4 days ago

Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough is making it clear who has the final say in deciding whether veterans in states with abortion bans can still access abortion care.

He does, not Republican state attorneys general.

During a Wednesday hearing before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) praised McDonough for changing VA rules this month, for the first time, to provide abortion care to veterans in cases involving rape, incest or when the life of the patient is at risk. There are currently about 300,000 female veterans of childbearing age who receive their health care under the VA health system, and many live in states where abortion is no longer available.

Hirono noted that Alabama GOP Attorney General Steve Marshall is already threatening to prosecute any VA doctor who provides abortion services in his state, where abortion is now entirely banned.

“I would expect other Republican attorney generals, in the states where abortion is now provided, to follow suit,” Hirono told McDonough. “Mr...

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