US Most Wanted Man FINALLY caught: Bodybuilding ex-Marine, 36, found teaching English in El Salvador

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US Marshals' Most Wanted Man is FINALLY caught: Bodybuilding ex-Marine, 36, is recovered teaching English successful El Salvador aft SIX YEARS connected the lam for strangling his woman to decease connected travel to San Diego

  • Raymond 'RJ' McLeod was arrested by constabulary successful El Salvador connected Monday and handed implicit to US Marshals
  • The 36-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona is wanted for the execution of his woman Krystal Mitchell, 30, successful San Diego successful June 2016
  • McLeod fled done Mexico to Central America aft Mitchell's death, and was spotted in Belize successful 2018 and Guatemala successful 2017
  • The erstwhile Marine was successful April 2021 added to the US Marshals' 15 Most Wanted database - the archetypal idiosyncratic to person an archetypal reward of up to $50,000

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Published: 06:21 BST, 30 August 2022 | Updated: 12:14 BST, 30 August 2022

A erstwhile Marine considered truthful unsafe helium was acceptable the highest-ever bounty by U.S. Marshals has been captured successful El Salvador aft six years connected the run.

Raymond 'RJ' McLeod, 36, was recovered teaching English successful the 71,000-inhabitant metropolis of Sonsonate, 20 miles inland from the Pacific coast. 

The Marshals successful April 2021 added him to their database of 15 'Most Wanted', and offered a reward of $50,000 for accusation starring to his apprehension - treble the accustomed amount.

He was sought for the June 2016 execution of his caller woman Krystal Mitchell, 30, successful an flat they were staying successful portion visiting his friends successful San Diego.

Raymond 'RJ' McLeod is pictured connected Monday successful El Salvador, aft helium was arrested pursuing six years connected the run

McLeod was described arsenic armed, dangerous, an 'avid bodybuilder' and 'heavy drinker'

Krystal Mitchell, 30, from Phoenix, had lone been dating McLeod for a fewer weeks erstwhile helium killed her

She was recovered strangled, aft they had visited a barroom and McLeod got into an statement with different man, besides an ex-Marine. All 3 were kicked retired of the bar. McLeod and Mitchell returned to the rental apartment, and Mitchell was recovered dormant the adjacent day, with evident signs of a struggle.

McLeod, who investigators said had a past of violence, went connected the tally - traveling done Mexico into Central America.

He was spotted successful Guatemala successful 2017, and successful Belize the pursuing year. 

Marshals appealed for help, but warned helium was considered 'armed and dangerous' - and described him arsenic 'an avid assemblage builder and a dense drinker'.

When helium was added to the Top 15 list, successful 2021, Marshal Steve Stafford of the Southern District of California said they would ne'er springiness up. 

McLeod is seen connected Monday aft helium was arrested by Salvadoran police

Marshals said that McLeod was recognizable from his distinctive skull tattoos

The erstwhile Marine was surviving successful Phoenix, Arizona astatine the clip helium went connected the run

Mitchell is pictured with her mother, Josephine Wentzel, a retired detective, who worked connected the case

'The transition of clip volition ne'er deter the Marshals' fugitive investigation for McLeod,' helium said. 

'If anything, it fuels our determination. We volition permission nary chromatic unturned until helium is brought to justice.'

Mitchell's mother, a erstwhile detective, Josephine Wentzel, came retired of status to assistance way down her daughter's alleged killer, and thanked Frankie Sanchez, the determination U.S. Marshals Task Force Chief,  and his workfellow Francisco Barajas for their 'excellent work'.

'I person had religion and spot successful them, and ever since gathering Francisca Barajas, I had afloat assurance that this time would come, and helium would beryllium the 1 to drawback him,' she said. 

'I told him, 'You are my hero. We are bonded for life.'

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