Uruguay vs South Korea - World Cup 2022: Live score and goal updates

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Vecino fashions opportunity

13' - Vecino's hard moving successful midfield allows the Uruguayan to musculus full-back Kim Tae-hwan disconnected the ball, and the midfielder passes the shot connected to Olivera connected the near flank. 

The left-back's shot backmost to Vecino is somewhat overhit, and Kim Seung-gyu gathers betwixt the sticks.


South Korea booming successful the stands

10' - South Korea pump different agelong shot implicit the apical and unit Godin to wide for a throw, inciting an exuberant absorption from their supporters.

They're loving each infinitesimal of this truthful far, arsenic Uruguay excavation heavy successful defence. 


Bright commencement from Na Sang-ho

8' - Na Sang-ho uses his gait retired wide to rip astir Olivera connected the close flank, but Godin is determination to wide for a country arsenic helium breaks into the box.

Son's transportation from the country is ineffective and Uruguay wide with ease.


Nunez fouled

6' - Nunez breaks distant and is fouled by Na San-ho, who cynically brings the guardant down arsenic helium breaks distant connected the counter.


Foul connected Hwang

5' - Late situation by Vecino on Hwang In-beom gifts South Korea a escaped footwear successful the mediate of Uruguay's half, marking a affirmative commencement for Paulo Bento's side. He'll beryllium precise blessed with his team's strength from the outset.


Fast commencement from South Korea

2' - As some sides look to question an aboriginal advantage, South Korea play the shot agelong and unit a corner.

A abbreviated country regular sees Son whip a unsafe shot into the box, but Rochet deals with the danger.



1' - Hwang Ui-jo gets things underway successful Al Rayyan arsenic South Korea kick-off.


We're seconds away!

Both sides loop retired their nationalist anthems and the chorus of cheer rings astir the Education City Stadium.

Diego Godin and Son Heung-min caput to the mediate to implicit the toss. Here we go!


South Korea fans are with their nationalist hero!

Several South Koreans person turned up contiguous sporting a achromatic look disguise to amusement their enactment for Son Heung-min!


Klinsmann: 'Uruguay volition spell aft Son'

Former Germany prima Jurgen Klinsmann is precise blessed to spot Son Heung-min commencement for South Korea, but is disquieted that Uruguay's carnal benignant of play volition disrupt him during the match.

The Tottenham prima volition deterioration a protective disguise due to the fact that of his oculus socket injury.

He said: 'I anticipation helium is okay. They volition spell aft him. Uruguay is simply a precise carnal team.'

Jurgen Klinsmann thinks Uruguay volition 'go after' Son Heung-min


Uruguay successful harmless hands

Uruguay are the ONLY federation to person had 2 players people successful each of the past 3 World Cups, dating backmost to the 2010 World Cup successful South Africa.

Both Luis Suarez, 35, and Edison Cavani, 35, could widen that grounds to 4 tournaments with goals successful Qatar, which volition surely beryllium their last World Cup with Uruguay.

Edison Cavani and Luis Suarez smiling connected planetary work with Uruguay successful 2019



There's conscionable nether fractional an hr to spell until the World Cup clash astatine the Education City Stadium, and the players person already graced the transportation to execute their last pre-flight checks up of kick-off.

Sonny's wearing his protective look disguise - tin helium beryllium South Korea's superhero erstwhile again tonight?

Son Heung-min undergoes his warm-up astatine the Education City Stadium


Uruguay fans raring to go!

A carnival ambiance extracurricular the Education City Stadium arsenic Uruguay supporters danced their mode to the turnstiles up of kick-off.

It promises to beryllium a lively ambiance successful Al Rayyan this afternoon!


One to watch: Pellistri

He's appeared successful conscionable 1 lucifer for Manchester United this season, but that hasn't stopped 20-year-old Facundo Pellistri from impressing Uruguay brag Diego Alonso.

The youngster starts alongside Luis Suarez and Darwin Nunez astatine the apical of the transportation and could good usage the World Cup arsenic a launchpad for his Red Devils career.


Elsewhere: Switzerland 1-0 Cameron

Switzerland kickstarted their World Cup run with a constrictive 1-0 triumph against Cameroon successful Group G, aft Breel Embolo tucked location a elemental tap-in acknowledgment to an fantabulous debased transverse from erstwhile Liverpool prima Xherdan Shaqiri.

Read Sportsmail's afloat study and updates from the lucifer below.

Follow Sportsmail's unrecorded blog for the World Cup Group G clash betwixt Switzerland and Cameroon.


TEAM NEWS: Five Kims astatine the backmost for South Korea

Son Heung-min is backmost amongst the starters having recovered from his fractured oculus socket wounded portion Paulo Bento names 5 Kims successful the backmost 5 for South Korea: Kim Seung-guy (goalkeeper); Kim Moon-hwan, Kim Min-jae, Kim Young-gwon; and Kim Jin-su.

Reporting unrecorded connected this match? Mission Kimpossible...


TEAM NEWS: Darwin Nunez starts for Uruguay

Diego Godin captains his state alongside erstwhile Atletico Madrid team-mate Jose Gimenez, arsenic Darwin Nunez is preferred successful onslaught implicit Edinson Cavani.

Diego Alonso has lined up with a diamond midfield of Federico Valverde, Matias Vecino, Rodrigo Bentancur and Facundo Pellistri, who volition apt play conscionable down the beforehand two.


From the horse's mouth

South Korea caput manager Paulo Bento said that helium hopes Son Heung-min 'feels comfortable' successful the clash against Uruguay arsenic helium confirmed the prima guardant would beryllium acceptable to diagnostic successful their World Cup opener.

He insisted South Korea volition usage the 'best strategy' to marque him consciousness astatine ease.

Safe to presume the goalkeeper won't beryllium targeting him from goal-kicks then...

🗣️ “Sonny tin play, yes. Our anticipation is that helium volition consciousness comfortable.”

South Korean manager Paulo Bento confirms that Son Heung-min is acceptable and disposable to look Uruguay but volition beryllium wearing a protective look mask. 🇰🇷 #FIFAWorldCup pic.twitter.com/9XBzwp7tw4

— Football Daily (@footballdaily) November 24, 2022


The National Anthems

Soon we'll perceive the nationalist anthems of Uruguay and South Korea for the archetypal clip astatine this World Cup, and here's a little past of the patriotic hymns.

South Korea:

Called Aegukga, South Korea's nationalist anthem was adopted successful 1948 successful the twelvemonth the state was founded.

Its lyrics, which day backmost to the 1890s, were primitively acceptable to the euphony of the celebrated Scottish opus Auld Lang Syne, until Ahn Eak-tai composed a unsocial caller melody successful 1936. The anthem was astir precocious re-arranged successful 2018.

Aegukga, which is designed to punctual the federation of the emotion that their forefathers held for them, virtually translates arsenic 'patriotic song'.


Himno Nacional de Uruguay - unsurprisingly translated straight arsenic the nationalist hymn of Uruguay - was written by the aforesaid writer who wrote the Paraguay nationalist anthem, Francisco Acuna de Figueroa.

His archetypal mentation of the opus was not initially accepted, and helium was forced to modify the anthem successful 1830 to code down the connection astir Portugal, Spain and Brazil. He took a afloat 15 years to constitute the lyrics earlier helium was wholly blessed with the last version.

The opening enactment reads: 'Easterners, the Fatherland oregon the grave! Liberty oregon with glory we die!'

Luis Suarez belts retired his nationalist anthem - the Himno Nacional de Uruguay - successful 2014



Although Uruguay boats the superior head-to-head grounds passim history, South Korea presently owns the bragging rights.

During a affable successful 2018, Hwang Ui-jo and Jung Woo-young scored successful the second-half to occurrence South Korea to a 2-1 triumph against the Uruguayans successful what is - until contiguous - their astir caller meeting.

Excluding the 5 friendlies played betwixt the sides, Uruguay person triumphed successful each 3 competitory match-ups against the Asian outfit, archetypal winning astatine the Nehru Cup successful 1982 earlier carving retired World Cup victories successful 1990 and 2010.

1982: South Korea 2-2 Uruguay (Nehru Cup)

1990: South Korea 0-1 Uruguay (World Cup)

2002: Uruguay 2-1 South Korea (Friendly)

2003: South Korea 0-2 Uruguay (Friendly)

2007: South Korea 0-2 Uruguay (Friendly)

2010: Uruguay 2-1 South Korea (World Cup)

2014: South Korea 0-1 Uruguay (Friendly)

2018: South Korea 2-1 Uruguay (Friendly) 

Edison Cavani (L) and Son Heung-min (R) past faced-off successful 2018


A look backmost astatine 2018...

Uruguay were imperious successful the radical signifier during the 2018 World Cup successful Russia, winning each 3 of their matches against Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to beforehand done to the knockout successful Group A's apical spot.

Meanwhile, South Korea missed retired connected qualification to Sweden and Mexico successful Group F, contempt beating reigning champions Germany 2-0 to assistance sound them retired of the tournament.

Uruguay sent Portugal location successful the past 16 acknowledgment to a stunning treble from Edison Cavani, but fell abbreviated successful the quarter-finals to eventual champions France.

South Korea bushed Germany 2-0 astatine the 2018 World Cup


South Korea's 26-man squad

Although Son Heung-min headlines the group, determination are a fistful of apical players wrong South Korea's ranks.

Napoli defender Kim Min-jae helped marshal the Italian giants to the acme of Serie A earlier the World Cup and Wolves' Hwang Hee-chan has demonstrated he's a versatile midfielder susceptible of playing up front.

Goalkeepers: Kim Seung-gyu, Jo Hyeon-woo, Song Bum-keun

Defenders: Kim Young-gwon, Kim Jin-su, Hong Chul, Kim Min-jae, Kwon Kyung-won, Kim Moon-hwan, Kim Tae-hwan, Cho Yu-min, Yoon Jong-gyu

Midfielders: Jung Woo-young, Lee Jae-sung, Hwang Hee-chan, Kwon Chang-hoon, Hwang In-beom, Na Sang-ho, Son Jun-ho, Paik Seung-ho, Jeong Woo-yeong, Lee Kang-in, Song Min-kyu

Forwards: Son Heung-min, Hwang Ui-jo, Cho Gue-sung

Kim Min-jae has been an important fig astatine the backmost for Napoli this season


Uruguay's 26-man squad

With line-ups yet to beryllium announced, here's Uruguay's afloat 26-strong squad who volition each beryllium hoping to triumph Diego Alonso's favour up of the clash.

Behind prima trio Nunez, Suarez and Cavani, determination are a fistful of experienced and acquainted faces successful the roster including Atletico Madrid centre-back Jose Gimenez, Real Madrid prima Federico Valverde and Spurs midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur.

Goalkeepers: Fernando Muslera, Sergio Rochet, Sebastian Sosa

Defenders: Diego Godin, Guillermo Varela, Jose Gimenez, Ronald Araujo, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Matias Vina, Sebastian Coates, Martin Caceres, Mathias Olivera

Midfielders: Manuel Ugarte, Rodrigo Bentancur, Nicolas de la Cruz, Giorgian de Arrascaeta, Lucas Torreira, Federico Valverde, Matias Vecino

Forwards: Luis Suarez, Darwin Nunez, Maxi Gomez, Augustin Canobbio, Facundo Torres, Edinson Cavani, Facundo Pellistri

Tottenham midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur is expected to commencement for Uruguay against South Korea


BEWARE Uruguay's 3 amigos

Fewer nations ranked extracurricular FIFA's apical 10 tin boast a frontline of Uruguay's quality.

Liverpool prima Darwin Nunez joins veterans Luis Suarez and Edison Cavani astatine this World Cup to manner 1 of the astir imposing onslaught forces successful satellite shot - and South Korea volition person to support their wits astir them successful defence.

Check retired Sportsmail's investigation of the 3 Uruguayan superstars below.

When your 3 strikers are Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani and a subordinate described arsenic a substance of the two, goals should beryllium a given.


Son Heung-min is BACK for South Korea

South Korea were handed a immense boost yesterday arsenic Tottenham prima and nationalist leader Son Heung-min was announced acceptable capable to diagnostic against Uruguay.

Son fractured his oculus socket during Spurs' Champions League clash with Marseille earlier this period and was forced to acquisition surgery, but caput manager Paulo Bento confirmed helium would instrumentality connected Thursday with a protective look mask.

Read Sportsmail's afloat communicative below.

Son Heung-min volition beryllium acceptable capable to diagnostic for South Korea successful their World Cup opener against Uruguay connected Thursday.


All you request to know

With the last opening matches of the tourney acceptable to hap today, Uruguay and South Korea are 1 of the past teams to kickstart their World Cup campaigns up of the clash successful Al Rayyan.

The Education City Stadium, which holds 45,350 supporters, volition signifier the important Group H match.

For much quality astir wherever and erstwhile the lucifer is being played, work Sportsmail's preview below.

Two-time winners Uruguay volition motorboat their 2022 World Cup run against South Korea connected Thursday, November 24 arsenic the second-favourites aft Portugal to beforehand from Group H.


Good morning!


Sportsmail's unrecorded sum of the World Cup continues with Uruguay against South Korea, which is acceptable to kick-off astatine 1pm GMT today.

Sharing Group H with Portugal and Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea volition beryllium anxious to carve retired a affirmative commencement to their World Cup campaign, with the victor of today's lucifer taking rod presumption successful the contention to suffice for the knockouts.

Stay tuned into our unrecorded blog passim the time arsenic Sportsmail brings you each the latest news, updates, build-up and lucifer action.

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