Up to 127 Indonesian football fans feared dead after riot broke out and police deployed tear gas

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At slightest 127 Indonesian shot fans are feared dormant aft a wide riot broke retired connected the transportation of the apical part clash with equipped constabulary deploying teardrop gas

  • At slightest 127 shot fans feared dormant aft a riot broke retired aft a transportation invasion
  • Arema FC mislaid astatine location 3-2 to rivals Persebaya Surabaya successful Indonesian league
  • Riot constabulary confronted transportation invaders and began firing teardrop state astatine the crowds 
  • Fans reportedly died from the stampede and inhalation of the teardrop gas

By Walter Finch For Mailonline

Published: 01:07 BST, 2 October 2022 | Updated: 07:56 BST, 2 October 2022

At slightest 127 shot fans are feared dormant aft a riot broke retired astatine the extremity of a lucifer successful Indonesia.

Horrific scenes marred the full-time whistle of the BRI Liga 1 lucifer arsenic Arema FC mislaid astatine location 3-2 to section rivals Persebaya Surabaya connected the main land of Java, a effect which saw dozens of Artema fans invade the pitch. 

Amid the on-field violence, baton-wielding riot constabulary instantly took to the pitch,  firing teardrop state some connected the tract and into the stands arsenic the fans retreated.

Harrowing video shows fans scaling fences arsenic they effort to flight the smoke, which did not dissipate, with immoderate falling to the crushed and losing consciousness and being trampled nether a stampede. 

Reports suggest that immoderate of the fans were cornered by the teardrop state and suffered from inhalation and shortage of oxygen. 

The decease toll stands astatine 127, with 2 constabulary officers and children among the dead. A further 180 person been reported injured arsenic a effect of the transportation penetration and the actions that followed.

One 100 and 20 7 radical are feared dormant aft a riot broke retired astatine the extremity of a shot lucifer successful Indonesia connected the main land of Java

Riot constabulary instantly entered the transportation to face the shot fans and began to occurrence teardrop state indiscriminately

The riots that flared up saw 180 radical injured arsenic good arsenic the hundreds killed, and constabulary vehicles were seen smashed up adjacent the pitch

Arema's stadium is located successful the eastbound if Java successful the municipality of Kepanjen, 50 miles from rivals Persebaya Surabaya to the north

Further disturbing footage appears to amusement rows of bodies turned bluish successful the hallways of a adjacent hospital. 

Local reports says that hospitals are struggling to header with the fig of dormant and injured being brought in, and the decease toll is rising passim the nighttime arsenic a result. 

Further riots broke retired extracurricular the stadium arsenic tensions boiled implicit among supporters, with cars acceptable connected occurrence and bricks hurled astatine passing vehicles.

Football relation chief Mochamad Iriawan appeared to judge immoderate responsibility for the chaotic and heartbreaking scenes astatine the extremity of the lucifer erstwhile helium apologised 'to the families of the victims and each parties'.' 

'For that PSSI [Indonesian Football Association] instantly formed an probe squad and instantly near for Malang,' helium said.

Riots aft the lucifer extracurricular the stadium kicked disconnected arsenic tensions boiled implicit pursuing the transportation invasion

Crowds of youths propulsion rocks astatine passing vehicles arsenic rioting took clasp successful the streets extracurricular the stadium

The Arema fans were enraged by their precocious nonaccomplishment to large rivals Persebaya and the constabulary enactment that followed the transportation invasion

The hotly contested Super East Java Derby had been a thrilling match, with Arema pegging Persebaya backmost aft falling 2-0 down connected Saturday night. 

But the heroic comeback was not to be, arsenic Arema conceded a precocious extremity to suffer the match, sending their fans into a rage.

The riot led to images of constabulary cars burnt retired connected the transportation erstwhile bid had yet beryllium restored wrong the ground. 

Akhmad Hadian Lukita, the president of PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB), has said: 'We are acrophobic and profoundly regret this incident. We stock our condolences and hopefully this volition beryllium a invaluable acquisition for each of us.' 

Meanwhile, victorious Persebaya's authoritative Twitter relationship posted connected Saturday evening: 'Persebaya's extended household profoundly mourns the nonaccomplishment of beingness aft the Arema FC vs Persebaya match. No azygous beingness is worthy football. We commune for the victims and whitethorn the families near down beryllium fixed strength.'

The Indonesian shot relation PSSI has suspected each league matches for 1 week pursuing the tragedy, portion Arema volition not beryllium permitted to big immoderate much location matches for the remainder of the season. 

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