Ukrainian refugee dumped by British dad after four-month-long affair begs him to take her back 

2 months ago

A Ukrainian exile who was dumped by her British person has been arrested aft trying to footwear down his beforehand door, screaming: 'I emotion you, Tony!'

Police were called and recovered Sofiia Karkadym, 22, successful the bushes aft she made a hopeless effort to effort and triumph backmost 30-year-old information defender Tony Garnett. 

But Tony - who made headlines erstwhile helium near his spouse and children for IT manager Sofiia aft they welcomed her into their household location erstwhile warfare broke retired successful Ukraine - refused to unfastened the door.

Sofiia had allegedly been told by constabulary to enactment distant aft Tony called officers to an earlier bust-up connected Saturday nighttime erstwhile helium told her their four-month narration was over.

She near the location they had antecedently shared, but returned past nighttime erstwhile neighbours heard her yelling astatine Tony outside, and dialled 999 aft she repeatedly kicked the door.

Officers arrived successful 2 vehicles with bluish lights flashing, but she scaled a plot partition and disappeared into the night.

Police are said to person searched gardens and section streets with torches earlier they recovered her hiding successful adjacent bushes successful Bradford, West Yorkshire.

She was escorted distant by 2 officers portion she shouted: 'Tony, I emotion you. Please travel with me'. 

After being taken distant for questioning, Sofiia was freed without charge. 

Sofiia Karkadym is arrested by constabulary aft trying to footwear down the beforehand doorway of her British person who dumped her

Tony Garnett, 30, near his spouse of 10 years for Ukrainian refugee Sofiia Karkadym, 22, aft 10 days of her surviving with them. They person split, MailOnline tin reveal

Tony Garnett astatine his Bradford location with his ex-girlfriend's luggage and belongings successful bin liners waiting to beryllium collected yesterday

Tony Garnett, 30, near the parent of his 2 children, 28-year-old Lorna Garnett (pictured), for Ukrainian exile Sofiia Karkadym aft 10 days. He has present breached up with Sofiia, but Lorna said she 'wouldn't person him backmost successful a cardinal years'

It is understood that she told officers she wants to instrumentality to her location state and family.

Her visa which allowed her exigency exile presumption for six months, expires successful a fewer weeks.

Tony told MailOnline: ' it is the cleanable storm. Her visa runs retired and she's got thing present successful this country. She's not with maine anymore and she's got nary crushed to stay.

'I did not privation her to beryllium charged with anything. I deliberation she has been done a batch and you person to astatine slightest sympathise with the information that she's from a state which has been invaded.

'She is from Kyiv which hasn't truly been affected arsenic overmuch arsenic different parts of Ukraine. So hopefully she'll beryllium harmless backmost with her family.

MailOnline revealed yesterday however Tony dumped Sofiia implicit her alleged dense drinking and claims that she objected to him putting his 2 daughters earlier her.

He told however matters came to a caput connected Saturday nighttime erstwhile she allegedly repeatedly stabbed a partition with a weapon astatine their rented location aft she got drunk portion celebrating his 30th birthday

She had moved successful with him and his spouse of 10 years Lorna Garnett, 28, successful Bradford successful May aft she fled her location successful Lviv successful war-torn Ukraine and they offered her a spot to live.

But conscionable 10 days later, Tony moved retired with Sofiia aft starting a narration with her, leaving down Lorna, the parent of his 2 young daughters.

Tony told however helium watched from wrong the location aft Sofiia arrived past night, and urged her to permission earlier constabulary were called.

In an exclusive interrogation with MailOnline, helium said: 'I feared this mightiness happen, that she would crook up astatine the location erstwhile she had been warned by the constabulary not to.

'She was kicking the beforehand doorway and shouting and screaming and I tried to speech to her. I had to archer her wherefore our narration was over.

'In those fewer minutes I told her that I was frightened of what she mightiness bash aft I'd seen her ram a weapon into the partition successful the room respective times portion she was drunk.

Sofiia Karkadym (pictured) arrived successful the UK astatine the commencement of May aft fleeing the warfare successful Ukraine. She was seen kicking the beforehand doorway of the rented cottage she shared with him, screaming: 'I emotion you Tony'

'I americium a information defender and I tin look aft myself, but I don't similar violence. And I was disquieted that she gets precise angry.

'It was my 30th day astatine the play and she ruined it by getting precise assertive aft drinking excessively overmuch and past the incidental with a weapon happened successful the kitchen.

'I person decided that I don't privation to beryllium successful a narration with her anymore.

'I person to enactment my daughters first. She hates the thought that I've got 2 children with my ex-partner Lorna.

'She was ever slagging Lorna off, who has done perfectly thing to her and took her into her home.

'It was my determination to permission Lorna and statesman a caller narration with Sophia. Lorna isn't and ne'er has been astatine fault.

'All that is implicit and Sofiia has to judge that.'

Tony revealed that the reasons for rows betwixt him and his ex-girlfriend, included the information that helium had had a vasectomy and could not person children with her.

He added: 'I bash consciousness unspeakable astatine seeing Sofiia crying and screaming.

'The constabulary asked maine respective times connected Monday whether I wanted them to property charges against her.

'But I told them that I did not privation her to beryllium prosecuted. I wanted her to beryllium fixed immoderate help.

'I was told by constabulary that she had been warned not to travel to my location oregon to get successful interaction with me.

'But wrong a fewer hours she got successful interaction with maine from her laptop. I had blocked her fig truthful she couldn't get done to maine connected the phone, but she began messaging me.

'I ignored the messages, and past she abruptly appeared astatine the beforehand doorway and was kicking and screaming.

'I'm gladsome the neighbours called constabulary due to the fact that I was scared. And truthful were the different 2 Ukrainians who had been staying with us.

'She wouldn't spell away, and I told her that she needed to benignant herself retired and that I was going to enactment my 2 kids archetypal earlier her.

'They are the astir important happening successful the satellite to me.

'I was trying to person a speech with her. I tried to archer her that our narration was over, but she was shouting and screaming and crying. I dared not unfastened the doorway to her.'

Tony had earlier packed Sofiia's belongings successful achromatic bin liners acceptable for collection, saying that helium would driblet them disconnected for her if she told him wherever to instrumentality them.

Lorna reacted to quality of her erstwhile spouse splitting up from his Ukrainian woman by reportedly telling friends: 'I wouldn't person him backmost successful a cardinal years.'

The mates were making plans to sojourn Sofiia's household backmost successful Ukraine truthful that Tony tin formally inquire her begetter for his daughter's manus successful marriage. Tony has said their narration is over

IT manager Sofiia (pictured) was renting a spot successful Bradford with Tony aft helium near his spouse and children 4 months ago

The Sun reported however she told pals: 'I knew it would extremity successful catastrophe for them — I conscionable didn't deliberation it would travel aft lone 4 months.'

She added: 'He has thrown distant truthful much. He can't spot maine due to the fact that of a restraining bid and helium hasn't been seeing the children. But it's hard to consciousness immoderate sympathy.'

Lorna was incapable to talk publically astir her divided with Tony owed to tribunal proceedings.

But a person said: 'Lorna has been truthful wounded by each this but she's beardown and her full absorption has been connected the children, they are her full satellite now.

'There is nary portion of her that wants him back, he's ruined everything.'

In an exclusive interrogation with MailOnline, Tony revealed the extremity of his narration with Sofiia, saying: 'I americium 100 per cent done with her. We are finished arsenic a couple.'

He told however helium had go 'fed up' with what helium described arsenic her irrational behaviour during the four-and-a-half months they were together.

He said: 'I can't instrumentality her maltreatment oregon choler immoderate longer.

'I near Lorna and my 2 children for her, and I made each other effort I could to assistance her support america together.

'I worked truthful hard to marque this narration work. I knew that we would look similar tw*ts if we broke up due to the fact that we person a media illustration and each the attraction that has been enactment connected america connected tv and connected the internet.

'I besides genuinely felt atrocious for her. She near her location and her state which was astatine warfare and knew cipher here.

'Yes, I felt and I thought I was successful emotion with her. But determination is simply a broadside to her which I conscionable cannot enactment up with immoderate longer. She gets aggravated and aggressive.

He claimed: 'On Saturday nighttime she picked up a weapon and stabbed the partition respective times.

'It truly frightened maine and I had nary prime but to telephone the police. That doesn't marque maine blessed astatine all. But I was disquieted astir my safety.'

The enactment happened erstwhile the 2 different Ukrainian refugees - Sofiia Rastorhuieva and her fellow Illia Tronevych – were staying with the couple.

They had moved successful with Tony and Sofiia aft helium saw a hopeless entreaty from them connected Facebook, asking for accommodation.

Heavily tattooed Tony added: 'I person made a mistake going into a narration with Sofiia.

'As I person said before, my narration with Lorna was already implicit and I was truly unhappy.

'But this wasn't the close happening for me. I person tried to assistance her. I truly have.

'I haven't abandoned her and person adjacent been messaging her parent to get her to assistance with the assistance of Google Translate.

'She whitethorn beryllium suffering from PTSD. But she is from Kyiv wherever determination hasn't been overmuch of the war.

'I anticipation that she finds determination harmless to unrecorded and is successful a happier place. But she's not for me.'

Tony, who received a barrage of online maltreatment implicit his narration with Sofiia, said helium would beryllium looking for a caller home, soon and would besides portion with the different Ukrainian refugees.

He said that Sofiia had sent him a drawstring of messages since the bust-up, saying that she loved him and begging for a reconciliation.

But helium said helium had told her that helium did not privation backmost her back, saying helium had already fixed her 'chance aft accidental aft chance'.

Tony besides accused her of 'ruining' his 30th birthday.

He claimed helium told her that helium would beryllium contacting the section assembly and the Home Office to effort and get her re-housed.

Tony and Lorna archetypal took successful Sofiia aft applying to beryllium portion of the Government's exile strategy due to the fact that they wanted to assistance radical fleeing from war-torn Ukraine.

But Tony grew impatient astatine however agelong the process was taking and joined Facebook groups wherever Ukrainians were looking for sponsors.

He made interaction with Sofiia done 1 of the groups and she arrived successful the UK connected May 4 and went to unrecorded with him and Lorna and their daughters, aged 3 and six.

He told however they 'just clicked' and got connected truly good consecutive away, partially due to the fact that helium could talk Slovakian which is akin to Ukrainian.

The brace started chatting successful a connection Lorna did not understand, staying up to ticker TV aft she had gone to furniture and regularly went to the gym together.

They some said that though they were 'getting connected brilliantly' astatine this time, 'it was nary much than that' and 'innocent'.

But they ended up 'finding excuses to interaction and brushwood against each other' and things got tense successful the house.

Tony said helium would instrumentality location to meals cooked by Sofiia who would archer him however 'lucky Lorna was to person him'.

Lorna was aggravated astir the concern that she yet asked Sofiia to permission the family's location conscionable 10 days aft she arrived

But she was shocked erstwhile Tony told her: 'If she's going, I'm going'.

The caller mates ended up moved successful with Tony's parents earlier uncovering their ain spot and opening the process of applying for a imperishable visa for Sofiia.

Tony said astatine the time: 'I americium truthful atrocious for what Lorna is going through, this was not her responsibility and it was not astir thing she did wrong.'

Sofiia added: 'As soon arsenic I saw him I fancied him. It's been precise speedy but this is our emotion story. I cognize radical volition deliberation severely of maine but it happens. I could spot however unhappy Tony was.'

The mates aboriginal talked of their hopes of getting joined and having children of their own, erstwhile Tony had his vasectomy reversed.

He told MailOnline: 'I privation to suggest to this beauteous lady.'

Sofiia said: 'We are readying our beingness together. I privation to beryllium a mother. I privation to person children.

'I americium a young pistillate truthful it tin hold a fewer years and I anticipation that Tony tin person his vasectomy reversed truthful that we tin go a household together.'

As their ill-fated narration made headlines, Tony revealed that helium had suffered a torrent of maltreatment connected societal media implicit his determination to permission his household home.

He adjacent spoke of his hopes of launching a popular vocation aft signaling a rap astir their experiences.

Tony besides insisted that his narration with Lorna was already connected the rocks earlier helium met Sofiia.

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