Ukrainian Archbishop Decries Russia’s ‘Sacrilegious War’ on Ukraine

3 days ago

ROME — Ukraine is weeping and bleeding owed to its “unequal conflict with the Russian occupier,” declared Ukrainian Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk successful a video connection Friday.

The Ukrainian radical “defend their homeland successful the discourse of this great, unjust, senseless, and sacrilegious war,” said Shevchuk, the caput of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

In his message, the archbishop chronicled the latest sufferings of his people, including from dense shelling connected the cities of Kharkiv, Mykolayiv, and Zaporizhzhia betwixt Thursday and Friday.

“The force launched a ample rocket onslaught connected the metropolis of Toretsk successful the Donetsk region, and it deed a autobus halt wherever civilians were waiting for transport. Many radical died and were injured,” Shevchuk said.

“The Orthodox religion was damaged and the clergyman was severely injured. This sacrilege truly goes beyond immoderate communal sense,” helium added.

Despite the outrages committed against her, Ukraine is “learning to flooded and with God’s spot defends her close to exist, her close to freedom,” helium said, noting that assorted planetary institutions person stated that “the invaders are losing the strategical initiative.”

“And Ukrainians are successfully defending their land. And therefore, contiguous we say: Ukraine is standing! Ukraine is fighting! Ukraine is praying!” helium said.

The archbishop besides offered a connection of acknowledgment and designation to Ukraine’s exigency work workers who person been tirelessly been carrying retired rescue missions.

“We spot our cities and villages burning each day. And our firefighters tirelessly enactment retired these fires,” helium said. “We spot however the force systematically destroys the infrastructure of ample cities, launches rocket-bombing attacks connected the cities, the civilian population.”

“And our rescuers are relentlessly dismantling the rubble, and from nether the debris they instrumentality retired and rescue the radical who were there,” helium added.

“Today, connected behalf of our full Church, I privation to accidental to our firefighters, paramedics, rescuers, and inferior workers of assorted types: Thank you precise much!” Shevchuk said. “We convey you for the heroic work you perform, adjacent astatine the outgo of your ain life, truthful that cities and villages are not without energy and state supply.”

“We convey you for rushing to assistance and for being the archetypal manus of assistance from God and Ukraine, which is extended to those who became victims of the Russian occupier,” helium declared.

“May the Lord God bless you and reward you a hundredfold for each the heroic work you bash for your radical and your country,” helium said.

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