Ukraine 'blows up Wagner HQ in Donbas'

1 month ago

Ukraine has destroyed the office of Russia's shadowy Wagner mercenary radical successful Donbas aft a warfare propagandist gave distant its determination online. 

Sergei Sreda, a alleged 'war reporter', posted pictures online past week of himself astatine the basal - successful the metropolis of Popasna - and shaking hands with a antheral who appeared to be Yevgeny Prigozhin, the oligarch dubbed 'Putin's chef' who owns Wagner.

But the pictures besides included details - specified arsenic the code of a adjacent weaponry structure - that allowed experts to rapidly pinpoint its location. On Sunday, Russian Telegram channels with links to Wagner confirmed it had been hit. 

Sergei Sreda, a Russian warfare propagandist, visited Wagner's HQ successful Ukraine past week to airs with soldiers - but inadvertently revealed its determination with this photo, which included a thoroughfare motion with the code of a adjacent weaponry structure (top left)

Ukraine said it utilized the accusation successful that photograph to motorboat a HIMARS onslaught connected the base, with confirmation coming from Wagner-linked Telegram channels connected Sunday that it had been deed (pictured, the aftermath of the strike)

It is not wide however galore mercenaries were killed oregon wounded successful the strike, but images uploaded to Telegram accounts linked to the radical amusement men being carried retired connected stretchers 

Who are the Wagner Group? 

The mercenary radical is considered to beryllium astatine the beck and telephone of Putin to transportation retired his soiled work.  

The army-for-hire, allegedly tally by oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin - a adjacent state of the Russian president who is often dubbed 'Putin's chef' - was flown into Ukraine successful April and offered a immense sum for the mission. 

Highly trained and brutally convulsive successful adjacent measure, Wagner mercenaries person been charged with spearheading Russia's beforehand successful the Donbas. 

The radical is thought to person been liable for the seizure of Popasna, a cardinal metropolis successful the Luhansk region, which fell to Russian forces backmost successful May and appears to person been adopted arsenic their office successful the country.

Gruesome images person since emerged showing the severed caput and hands of a Ukrainian worker impaled connected a metallic obstruction successful the metropolis - with Wagner blamed for it.

It follows a signifier of warfare crimes, rapes and torture that Wagner has been blamed for successful war-zones stretching from Africa, to the Middle East and South America.

Its soldiers - often those deemed unfit to service successful Russia's regular subject oregon dismissed successful disgrace - are parachuted into warfare zones wherever the beingness of the Russian service would pull unwanted attention.

Amid dense losses successful Ukraine, Prigozhin is said to beryllium personally recruiting caller troops from Russian prisoners - offering murderers clemency successful instrumentality for six months connected the frontlines.

The Kremlin denied the group's beingness for years, but authorities media has acknowledged its beingness successful Ukraine.

Putin claims to cognize thing astir the group's operations which allows him to efficaciously lavation his hands of the atrocities they commit.

But, successful reality, helium is thought to beryllium pulling the strings. 

Ukrainian media said the subject had identified the determination of the basal from Sreda's images, which person since been deleted from his Telegram channel. 

HIMARS launchers were past utilized to destruct the base, Ukraine said.

Images from the country amusement wide harm to the basal and respective casualties being evacuated from the destroyed buildings.

It is not wide whether Prigozhin was inactive astatine the basal astatine the clip it was hit. He has denied being successful the photos, and claims ne'er to person visited the base.

Wager is an army-for-hire whose beingness was denied by the Kremlin for years, but is thought to beryllium astatine the beck-and-call of Putin himself.

The radical is utilized to combat wars connected behalf of the Kremlin successful areas of the satellite wherever nonstop Russian subject engagement would gully unwanted attention.

Wager is believed to run successful Africa, the Middle East and South America, wherever allegations of warfare crimes, rape and torture by its troops are common.

Mercenaries are often recruited from the ranks of Russia's regular military, often having been discharged for mediocre conduct.

Prigozhin is besides thought to enlistee from prisons, and is said to beryllium successful the mediate of a hiring spree amid dense casualties successful Ukraine.

Murderers are allegedly being offered clemency from situation sentences provided they are consenting to combat for six months connected the frontlines.

Prigozhin came to prominence arranging lavish Kremlin functions for the Russian president - earning himself the nickname 'Putin's chef'.

Next, helium was linked to pro-Putin troll factories pumping retired supportive propaganda successful Russia and the West, and to the Wagner backstage service which is progressive successful Ukraine, Syria and Africa.

He disputes the nexus to Wagner, contempt claims helium has been seen personally recruiting prisoners - including convicted murderers - to combat successful the warfare successful Ukraine.

He reportedly told inmates: 'I was jailed, too. Now I americium a Hero of Russia. We request your skills.'

Putin past period awarded him Russia's apical honour. In Soviet times, helium was jailed for robbery, fraud, and involving teenagers successful crime.

'He is alive, adjacent swearing,' a root from Popasna, not related to Wagner, told VCHK-OGPU Telegram channel.

Video shows what look to beryllium Wagner troops combing done the ruins of their destroyed office successful Popasna aft it was struck by Ukraine

Video shows soldiers believed to beryllium Wagner troops loading their dormant and wounded comrades into the backmost of an ambulance successful Popasna

Sreda (right) besides posted an representation of himself shaking hands with a antheral who appears to beryllium Yevgeny Prigozhin (left), a Russian oligarch who owns Wagner, astatine the base. It is not wide whether Prigozhin was inactive determination erstwhile the rocket onslaught happened

It reported with verification that helium was being evacuated to Burdenko infirmary successful Moscow.

A root adjacent to Wagner denied helium had been killed.

'This is not the archetypal clip they person buried him,' said the source, saying that earlier Ukrainian reports had wrongly reported his decease successful erstwhile incidents.

'So determination volition astir apt beryllium nary authoritative denials this clip either. They are simply not needed,' said the account.

War analogous Yury Kotenok said Prigozhin was not wounded.

But determination was besides a assertion of 'mild panic' that Prigozhin had not been seen successful the aftermath of the strike.

Wagner sources appeared to corroborate the information of a onslaught connected its basal successful Popasna.

The backstage service is seen arsenic important to Putin's warfare effort connected the frontlines amid claims implicit the failings of his regular forces.

Prigozhin (left) is an oligarch who roseate to prominence organising lavish functions for Vladimir Putin (centre), earning him the nickname 'Putin's chef'

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