UK 'Black Studies' Prof: Queen 'Wanted to Be a Figurehead for White Supremacy'

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Britain’s precocious Queen Elizabeth II “wanted to beryllium a figurehead for achromatic supremacy and reap each the rewards”, according to the country’s inaugural prof of “Black Studies”.

Kehinde Andrews, who has branded the publicly-funded assemblage which created his presumption institutionally racist, has carved retired a niche for himself successful Britain’s nationalist sermon arsenic the go-to root for the mainstream media erstwhile it needs idiosyncratic to marque immoderate facet of Western and particularly British civilization oregon past — the British flag, the English flag, the opus Rule, Britannia, wartime premier curate Sir Winston Churchill, the Enlightenment, and truthful connected — racist.

The activist-academic was possibly ne'er much energetic than successful the days pursuing the Queen’s death, penning articles for the likes of NBC News, Novara Media, and POLITICO and appearing connected broadcasters specified arsenic MSNBC to denounce the deceased 96-year-old arsenic a awesome of colonialism, racism, and/or achromatic supremacy.

‘Rule Britannia’ is ‘Racist Propaganda’ Says Black Studies Professor Kehinde Andrews

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) August 24, 2020

“Although we saw her a batch I can’t retrieve thing she ever did truthful it’s just to accidental the Queen was a figurehead and symbol,” said Andrews, alternatively cattily, successful comments quoted by BirminghamLives, the large determination medial outlet for the metropolis hosting the assemblage wherever helium enjoys a sinecure.

“But past you think: what does that awesome represent? It represents achromatic supremacy. It’s a solemnisation of assemblage nostalgia and empire and she paraded stolen jewels,” the world went on.

“She decided she wanted to beryllium a figurehead for achromatic supremacy and reap each the rewards so, of course, she’s culpable,” Andrews accused, citing successful peculiar — arsenic person galore of the Queen’s leftist detractors — the suppression of the Mau Mau rebels successful Kenya during the precise archetypal years of her reign.

Little mentioned by specified commentators is the information that the Mau Mau did not bask fashionable enactment successful Kenya, and that they were not lone the victims of abuses — usually by section information forces — but besides the perpetrators of horrendous atrocities, including hacking a achromatic six-year-old, his parents and a achromatic workplace idiosyncratic to decease with pangas and burning ample numbers of achromatic Kenyans who did not enactment them live successful their homes.

What is not successful question is what remained of the British Empire connected the Queen’s accession to the throne successful 1952 was each but dismantled by the clip she passed away, with determination being nary question that the remaining British Overseas Territories with imperishable populations, specified arsenic Gibraltar and the Falklands, clasp their British presumption with overwhelming fashionable assent.

UK Black Studies Prof: 'America Is a Racist Project… Europe connected Steroids'

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) May 2, 2021

“People hide she didn’t person to bash immoderate of it. She could person abdicated the throne, gone her mode and lived a blessed life,” Andrews argued.

The Queen did not spot it this way, however, having viewed her relation arsenic monarch arsenic a divinely ordained and lifelong duty.

“I state earlier you each that my full life, whether it beryllium agelong oregon short, shall beryllium devoted to your work and the work of our large imperial household to which we each belong,” the then-Princess Elizabeth had told her radical during a vigor broadcast successful 1947, aged conscionable 21 — a committedness she would support for ober 7 decades.

Nevertheless, Andrews insisted that the decease of Chris Kaba, a achromatic drill rapper not agelong retired of situation for firearms offences who was changeable by London constabulary aft allegedly driving a car astatine them pursuing a chase, “should beryllium mode much to nine than the Queen’s death.”

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— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) September 18, 2022

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