Trump Reveals He Threatened to 'Obliterate' Taliban Co-Founder While President, Then Sent Taliban Leader a Satellite Photo of His House

3 days ago

Former President Donald Trump revealed successful a caller wide-ranging interrogation with Fox News’s Sean Hannity that helium threatened to “obliterate” Taliban co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar during aggravated talks portion helium was president, and past followed up that speech by sending the Taliban person a unrecorded outer photograph of his house.

“I sent him a representation of his house,” Trump told Hannity. “He said, ‘But wherefore bash you nonstop maine a representation of my house?’ I said, ‘You’ll person to fig that 1 out.'”

President Trump explained however helium forced Baradar to backmost down, adding that helium told the Taliban leader he would “hit you harder than immoderate state has ever been hit.”

“I said, ‘If you bash anything, we’re going to deed you harder than immoderate state has ever been hit,'” Trump said, adding that Baradar responded by saying, “I understand, your excellency.”

U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo meets with the Taliban governmental affairs main Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar successful Doha, Qatar, connected September 12, 2020. (Photo by U.S. Department of State/Handout/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

“He called maine ‘Your excellency.’ I don’t cognize if helium calls Biden [that], but I volition archer you this: We didn’t suffer 1 worker successful 18 months, and by the way, Biden got up and made a speech, and helium said that,” the 45th president continued.

“And they didn’t travel the plan,” Trump said of the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. “We had a program that was perfect, but they weren’t adhering to it — we were acceptable to get retired of Afghanistan. Twenty-one years was ridiculous.”

Trump added that “the different happening we should’ve done is kept Bagram. We person an airbase that outgo billions and billions of dollars to build, a agelong clip ago, not for Afghanistan, but for China, 1 hr distant from wherever China makes their atomic weapons.”

“And present China is going to beryllium occupying it,” President Trump said.

Part of the sprawling Bagram aerial basal is seen aft the American subject departed, successful Parwan state northbound of Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, July 5, 2021. The U.S. near Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield aft astir 20 years, winding up its “forever war,” successful the night, without notifying the caller Afghan commandant until much than 2 hours aft they slipped away. (Rahmat Gul/AP)

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