Trump: NY AG James Lawsuit 'Continuation of Witch Hunt' -- She Doesn't Have a Case

5 days ago

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday connected FNC’s “Hannity” that New York Attorney General Letitia James’s civilian suit was a “continuation of a witch hunt.”

Trump said, “She campaigned connected it 4 years ago. It was a vicious campaign, and she conscionable talked astir Trump, and we are going to indict him, and we are going to get him. She knew thing astir me. I never heard of her.”

He added, “She said that we are going to get him. Her full run was based off that. Then she came aft us. We have been going implicit this for years. I actually thought due to the fact that our values are truly high, the company is great. I built a great company. You instrumentality places like this successful truthful galore different places. I have like this, frankly, conscionable among the finest places anyplace in the world. I actually thought that they would ne'er bring the case, and she brought it. The crushed I thought was because she didn’t person a case. I was of the content that she wanted to settle, but I had a problem due to the fact that however bash you pay something, adjacent if the small amount of wealth if you’re not guilty? This is just a continuation of the witch hunt that began erstwhile I came down the escalator of Trump Tower.”

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