Top Michigan Election Official Issues Stark Warning About 2022 Midterms

1 week ago

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) on Friday warned what the 2022 midterm elections mean for the future of democracy in America.

On MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” host Nicolle Wallace noted how Benson was “just the kind of person” that former President Donald Trump wanted to replace to potentially overturn the 2024 election if the vote doesn’t go his, or another Republican’s, way.

Benson, who was elected as Michigan’s top election official in 2018, faced intimidation from Trump supporters following the 2020 election amid ultimately unsuccessful GOP efforts to overturn President Joe Biden’s victory.

“You are exactly ― not just the kind of person, but in Michigan specifically ― what Donald Trump wants to change for next time. What are your warnings about 2024?” Wallace asked Benson.

“That 2022 will decide whether we have a democracy in 2024,” Benson replied.

“Our ability to protect and defend democracy in 2020 depended entirely on people of integrity on both sides of the aisle protecting the will of the people, saying no when the president called and s...

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