Titans offensive coordinator Todd Downing speaks out after 'devastating' DUI arrest

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Titans violative coordinator Todd Downing speaks retired aft 'devastating' DUI apprehension arsenic helium claims helium hasn't faced thing successful his vocation 'much tougher' than the backlash to the incident

By Ap and Jake Fenner For Dailymail.Com

Published: 04:57 GMT, 24 November 2022 | Updated: 08:24 GMT, 24 November 2022

Tennessee violative coordinator Todd Downing said Wednesday helium can't deliberation of thing he's faced successful his vocation 'much tougher' than what he's dealing with close now, and the contented is each of his ain doing.

Downing is engaged trying to prep for Sunday's crippled with Cincinnati (6-4) successful a rematch of the divisional playoff crippled the Titans mislaid successful January arsenic the AFC's No. 1 effect portion waiting to woody with the consequences of being arrested November 18 for speeding and driving nether the power hours aft a large triumph successful Green Bay.

'It´s devastating that my actions oregon thing that I'm progressive with could ever bring antagonistic attraction to oregon bring distractions to this organization, to the ownership Miss Amy (Adams Strunk) and to the beforehand bureau and evidently manager (Mike) Vrabel,' Downing said.

The coordinator addressed reporters astatine his accustomed play availability and started by speaking for astir 3 minutes astir his arrest, though helium avoided specifics astir the incidental wherever helium coiled up leaving the Williamson County Jail connected a $2,500 bond.

Tennessee Titans violative coordinator Todd Downing is escaped connected enslaved aft helium was arrested

Downing was arrested soon aft the Titans returned from beating the Packers past Thursday

'I recognize what a delicate and troubling taxable this is, and I´m not naive to however overmuch symptom determination whitethorn beryllium for immoderate radical progressive successful akin situations,' Downing said.

He besides apologized to his woman and lad for putting them done 'things that they don't deserve.'

Downing said helium knows determination are a batch of questions and radical privation answers for what led the Tennessee Highway Patrol to apprehension him hours aft the Titans bushed the Packers 27-17 successful Green Bay. The NFL does not let intoxicant connected squad flights, buses oregon squad facilities.

'Unfortunately, due to the fact that of the situation, I´m not capable to sermon rather a spot of that (event) and astatine the due clip and erstwhile appropriate, I volition reply immoderate questions that I can,' Downing said.

Downing has been facing disapproval implicit deficiency of violative accumulation and consistency

Downing has been a people for dense disapproval implicit his 2 seasons, particularly this twelvemonth with the Titans going into the Green Bay crippled past successful the NFL successful managing lone 281.7 yards per game.

The Titans (7-3) turned successful their champion violative show this play successful winning for the seventh clip successful 8 games. The squad could punish the coordinator earlier the charges are resolved legally oregon the NFL decides connected immoderate discipline.

Vrabel said Tuesday that the Titans are waiting for 'everything to play out.' That includes some subject perchance from the NFL and the ineligible process.

Titans caput manager Mike Vrabel (L) said the enactment is waiting for the ineligible process to finish

Downing did accidental helium was alert of the Titans making rides disposable for anyone successful the organization. The coordinator declined to reply wherefore helium didn't instrumentality vantage of that opportunity, saying 'I can´t get into the specifics of that night.'

The coordinator besides refused to reply if helium drank connected the squad level returning from Wisconsin oregon astatine the squad facility. One study mentioned Downing told troopers his household had received decease threats. Asked if helium had reported those threats to authorities, helium said it was thing helium could not sermon now.

'I recognize determination are a batch of questions, and I privation that I were capable to conscionable laic everything out, but I´m not capable to remark connected the events that nighttime close now,' Downing said.

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