They’re Back: Ultraconservative Supreme Court Justices Hearing Cases Again This Week

1 month ago

Four months after overturning Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s six-vote conservative supermajority returns to hear a new batch of cases that could further upset past precedent and dramatically rewrite the law on Oct. 3.

The court blew up a half-century of precedent on women’s rights in its last term, and this time around, it looks ready to blow up another half-century (at least) of precedent related to race.

Justices will be hearing cases that could end affirmative action in higher education, further gut the Voting Rights Act, empower state legislatures to enact restrictive voting laws and gerrymandered maps with no judicial oversight, and take away the ability of wrongly convicted prisoners, who are disproportionately Black, to petition for the reversal of their punishments.

In addition to cases that could dramatically reverse decades of progress on racial equity, the court will also hear important cases that could hamstring antitrust enforcement actions, further hamper federal regulatory action and make it easier for states to deny Medicare and Medicaid services to residents.

The court’s conservative supermajority is unlikely to stop its dramatic rewrite of American law.

Public support for the Supreme Court fell dramatically following its decision in Dobbs v. Jac...

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