These yoga poses and flows could be the perfect remedy for travel sickness

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It's truthful unfortunate getting to your mid-20s oregon 30s and uncovering that you inactive get question sick. 

Those of america who unrecorded with question sickness consciousness sick erstwhile our bodies cannot process accusation sent from our eyes, ears and body, making america consciousness queasy, clammy and sick to the stomach. 

But present an adept has revealed a fig of antithetic methods, including yoga exercises and breathing techniques which adults tin 'rebalance' erstwhile feeling unwell successful the car. 

Jennifer Harvey, who is co-owner of Oceanflow Yoga Studio successful Newquay, Cornwall told FEMAIL yoga tin connection agelong and short-term techniques for those who endure from question sickness some arsenic a mentation for the travel and besides successful the infinitesimal erstwhile a question of dizziness oregon nausea takes over. 

Travel sickness tin beryllium arsenic existent for adults arsenic it is for children, with galore affected. This happens with our bodies cannot process accusation sent from our senses

She said: 'We suffer our presumption connected the skyline and commencement to consciousness uncentered and unbalanced adjacent arsenic we beryllium oregon basal inactive successful the vehicle.'

'When we are centred and cognize wherever we are successful space, adjacent erstwhile successful motion, the assemblage nary longer feels the request to support ourselves from danger, becoming much relaxed and calmer.'

Here, she reveals the 4 techniques which tin assistance control, and cure, question sickness... 


Speaking to FEMAIL, Jen explained: 'Five minutes alternate nostril enactment tin assistance align the near and close broadside of the encephalon to centre you successful the moment. 

'To bash this you should beryllium successful a comfy presumption and spot your near manus connected the near knee. 

'Then bring your close manus up towards your chemoreceptor and exhale wholly past usage the close thumb to adjacent the close nostril.'

She continued: 'Inhale done the near nostril past adjacent the near nostril with your fingers. 

'Next unfastened the close nostril and exhale done this side. Then inhale done the close nostril and adjacent it earlier opening the near nostril and exhaling done the near side.'

'This is 1 cycle, which you should proceed for up to 5 minutes, and ever implicit the signifier by finishing with an exhale connected the near side. 

'This tin beryllium utile during question arsenic it doesn't necessitate a immense magnitude of space.' 


Jen advised choosing a regular of poses that support you debased to the crushed successful bid to dainty your question sickness.

She pointed to exercises including debased wide lizard lunges, squats, childs airs and feline cows.

She said to signifier these poses for astir 5 to 10 minutes earlier opting for equilibrium poses similar tree, eagle and lasting pigeon.   

The yoga adept suggested: 'Try each airs for 5 heavy breaths connected each broadside and spot however they tin get you up connected your feet and acceptable to spell whilst maintaining the feeling of staying grounded.

'Other flows that could beryllium adjuvant to travel would beryllium Earth Salutations and Moon Salutations, some of which are calming and grounding. 

'These flows are large arsenic they link you to your enactment arsenic you move, different mode to assistance you enactment centred.'


Jen revealed that visualisation techniques are 'brilliant astatine keeping you centred and grounded.'

She explained that could see focusing connected 1 entity whilst taking dilatory breaths successful for a 4 number and retired for a six count. 

Jen added: 'They tin beryllium precise adjuvant if you abruptly vigor up, arsenic breathing done the rima implicit the lingua tin beryllium precise soothing due to the fact that it cools the strategy similar a peppermint tea.'

She advised listening to guided relaxations, successful peculiar ones that absorption connected the assemblage due to the fact that this tin assistance to easiness symptoms of question sickness arsenic you resettle the body.  


Unfortunately erstwhile the travel is implicit the nauseous sensations linger on. 

Jen explained that poses that agelong retired the hips, legs and spine tin consciousness fantastic for the assemblage aft a agelong travel and tin assistance you consciousness overmuch much connected to your assemblage again. 

She said that a operation of pigeon, camel, seated guardant folds and finishing with a mates of minutes connected your backmost oregon legs up the partition airs should alleviate the sickness. 

The yoga adept suggested this would work because the stretches heighten humor circulation meaning that much oxygen is circulated done your body, which successful crook refreshes and rejuvenates the body.  


Hero Pose

Hero Pose tin calm nausea and re-centre the body. The kneeling posture helps you go much grounded and steady

Hero Pose is simply a kneeling airs successful modern yoga and an workout to calm nausea and re-centre. 

It requires you to beryllium successful a kneeling presumption with your feet alongside your hips and your hands resting connected your thighs.  

Props specified arsenic cushions oregon blocks tin beryllium utilized nether hips to support knees and the airs tin besides beryllium taken connected your backmost to consciousness much grounded. 

Jen explained that this is 1 airs you should person an bare tummy for owed to the beardown downward impact connected the digestive system.  

Seated Spinal Twist

Seated spinal twist helps much vigor to travel and equilibrium the assemblage bargain sending much oxygenated humor towards the little fractional of the body

This airs mildly compresses the little abdominals whilst opening up the lungs successful the precocious torso. 

To get into this airs you should statesman successful a seated presumption and transverse your close genu connected apical of your left, bringing your feet alongside your hips. 

Then assistance your close genu up to spot the psyche if your close ft connected the mat extracurricular of your near genu and spot your close manus to the level extracurricular of your close up for support. 

Rise your near manus to the ceiling and bring your near elbow down to the extracurricular of your close genu and crook your caput to the right, to look past your close shoulder. 

She said: 'It leads to a diagonal displacement of the tummy vigor enactment which tin assistance to let vigor to travel much successful equilibrium erstwhile released arsenic good arsenic helping to nonstop much oxygenated humor towards to the little fractional of the body.'

Essential for bully digestion too, the merchandise of this twist tin assistance everything realign.


Eagle is simply a criss-crossing question that immunodeficiency the encephalon to re-centre itself and focuses the eyes 

This fashionable criss-crossing yoga determination requires the idiosyncratic to basal connected 1 limb whilst wrapping the different astir it and doing the aforesaid with the arms successful beforehand of the body. 

Jen explained: 'This crossing works with the encephalon to assistance re-centre and lasting connected 1 limb volition situation your equilibrium truthful your oculus regard focusing is important to enactment upright. 

'If you tin larn to clasp the equilibrium and the regard for longer periods of time, you whitethorn find that erstwhile you are successful the midst of question sickness symptoms, that you tin absorption amended and respire dilatory done the waves until they pass.'

Lizard Lunge

Lizard lunge tin beryllium utilized pre oregon station question arsenic a mode to agelong retired the aggregate aspects of the hep associated arsenic good arsenic providing grounded qualities

Lizard lunge requires you to determination your assemblage into a plank pose, past bring 1 ft up to the aforesaid manus placing your shin down your precocious arm, and focusing your regard forward.  

The wider lunge allows you to instrumentality this airs arsenic adjacent to the crushed arsenic you wish. It tin beryllium precise adjuvant to usage blocks nether each manus oregon forearm to consciousness much supported arsenic you enactment successful the airs and breathe.

The airs tin beryllium usage pre oregon station question arsenic a large mode to agelong retired the aggregate aspects of the hep associated which tin consciousness choky aft agelong seated journeys arsenic good arsenic it’s astonishing grounding qualities.

Legs up Wall

Legs up the partition is the eventual relaxation airs due to the fact that it reverses the humor travel successful the legs to assistance you consciousness much refreshed

The eventual airs for relaxation. 

This aged favourite, which is what it says connected the tin, wholly calms the tense strategy to either hole oregon settee america down during a time of travel. 

Jen explained: 'It mildly reverses humor travel successful the legs to assistance you consciousness much refreshed and with the spine supported connected the level oregon a bolster cushion, your backmost and cervix muscles tin commencement to dissolve retired of immoderate question tension. 

'If you person immoderate clip to play with, wherefore not popular an oculus pillow connected with your favourite indispensable oils and perceive to a guided relaxation to wholly power off.'

  • Oceanflow Yoga Studio successful Newquay, Cornwall ( runs in-person classes some successful workplace and extracurricular formation classes, Hot yoga and Silent Disco yoga sessions successful beauteous locations crossed the county.
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