The U.S. Wants To Help Bolster Brazil's Democracy. It Has No Ambassador There.

2 months ago

Over the past year, a litany of top Biden administration officials have traveled to Brazil to deliver a simple message to the country’s right-wing president, Jair Bolsonaro: Stop attempting to undermine Brazil’s October elections.

The missives have come from national security adviser Jake Sullivan, the White House’s top foreign affairs adviser; Victoria Nuland, a prominent State Department official; and William Burns, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

One name is absent from the list: the U.S. ambassador to Brazil. Because the United States doesn’t have one.

Brazil is hardly unique in that regard. Two years into Joe Biden’s presidency, more than 40 of the United States’ ambassadorships remain vacant, according to the American Foreign Service Association. The U.S. has no top envoy to Italy, a Group of 7 nation, or to India, the world’s largest democracy.

The vacancy in Brazil may soon expose what experts and foreign policy observers increasingly consider an emerging diplomatic crisis.

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