Thanksgiving spirit! NYC commuters are treated to full turkey spread on stalled subway train

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'Hottest edifice successful NYC is THE L TRAIN! Commuters are treated to afloat Thanksgiving turkey dispersed aft subway bid stalls

  • L-train travelers who were stuck successful a stalled car were amazed with a Thanksgiving meal Wednesday successful Brooklyn 
  • Video was archetypal shared by Jada Yuan, a newsman for the Washington Post
  • Footage from wrong the bid was aboriginal shared by New York Bucket List, an Instagram relationship with much than 1.5 cardinal followers 

By Hope Smith For Dailymail.Com

Published: 22:45 GMT, 24 November 2022 | Updated: 23:39 GMT, 24 November 2022

New York City subway riders stalled connected the L-train successful Brooklyn were treated to a Thanksgiving astonishment erstwhile a afloat turkey meal was served Wednesday successful a bid car.  

Washington Post newsman Jada Yuan first shared footage of the dispersed to Instagram, taken from the extracurricular of the train. 

Yuan said that she was connected the bid astatine Bedford Avenue successful Brooklyn erstwhile it stalled and the conductor instructed the riders to exit. 

After exiting, the newsman noticed respective radical eating mac and food and looking 'happy' and 'laughing.' That's erstwhile she decided to analyse and stumbled upon a peculiar sight. 

Another space from wrong the bid showed passengers enjoying the nutrient unneurotic portion waiting

The Thanksgiving dispersed happened connected the L-train adjacent Bedford Avenue successful Brooklyn 

'I was successful a antithetic car and erstwhile I stepped onto the level determination were each these happy, laughing radical scarfing down [mac] and cheese! (They said it was bomb.),' Yuan wrote. 

The newsman said the doors remained closed arsenic she recorded passengers scraping metallic tins filled with saccharine potatoes, mac and cheese, vegetables, and turkey. 

'This was arsenic adjacent arsenic I could get,' she wrote, captioning the video of her signaling from the extracurricular of the train. 

Even aft the doors closed, the radical continued to serve, Yuan said. 

She besides confirmed that the nutrient was distributed by Bea's Kitchen successful New York. 

Yuan said she spoke  with 1 pistillate who said she lives successful a structure and said 'that's truly nice,' and that 'some [people] could usage that food.' 

Video from wrong the bid archetypal went viral connected TikTok aft being posted by Haylee Pentek, who goes by 'thatsnothaylee,' connected Wednesday. 

'The hottest edifice successful nyc is: THE L TRAIN,' Pentek captioned the video, which uses Taylor Swift's 'Welcome to New York' successful the background. 

That station has been watched much than 1.4 cardinal times and received 330,000 likes.   

The video was besides picked up and shared by New York Bucket List Thursday morning. 

A viral TikTok showed the Thanksgiving dispersed connected the L-train Wednesday successful Brooklyn

Plates of nutrient were handed retired arsenic radical waited connected the stalled subway car 

The footage shows the passengers laughing and gathering astir the impromptu Thanksgiving array successful the mediate of the bid car 

'Friendsgiving but connected THE L TRAIN,' the relationship captioned their post. 'Only successful NYC! Happy Thanksgiving from the top metropolis successful the world.' 

New York Bucket List has much than 1.5 cardinal followers and says it advises New Yorkers connected 'the champion things to do' successful the city. 

That reshare has since received much than 64,000 likes and 1,000 comments. 

'This infinitesimal made someone's day. Some radical are not successful the highest tone due to the fact that they are alone, don't person it to feast, oregon not successful a bully space. For idiosyncratic to bring the ensemble and stock is simply a large deal,' wrote another. 

'This was a blessing I’m definite for idiosyncratic who doesn’t person the blessing of nutrient oregon household to stock that with. This was a acquisition to idiosyncratic I’m sure,' said a commenter. 

'It wouldn’t beryllium a time successful NY without this benignant of love,' said 1 person. 

Several plates of nutrient were enactment retired connected the 'table,' which besides had gloves for radical to grab

This wasn't the archetypal clip that an incidental similar this was pulled off, however.

In 2019, Chef Bea proprietor Brandi Baxter worked with comedian Jodell Lewis and rapper Christopher Dupree to supply a Thanksgiving meal to L-train riders. 

Video later went viral, rapidly racking up millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes. 

 'It was astonishing to supply a classical New York City moment,' Dupree told the New York Times in 2019.

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