Team USA can STILL ADVANCE to knockout stage even if it loses to England

6 days ago

Iran's stunning 2-0 triumph implicit Wales isn't bully quality for the United States successful Group B, but the Red, White, and Blue inactive has a accidental astatine advancing to the World Cup knockout signifier successful Qatar, careless of Friday's result against England.

Following a disappointing 1-1 gully with Wales successful the Group B opener connected Monday, the US is present acceptable for its 2nd crippled of the World Cup against England astatine Al Bayt Stadium successful Al Khor.

If manager Gregg Berhalter's squad loses to England – 1 of the tourney favorites coming disconnected a 6-2 triumph implicit Iran – the US tin inactive beforehand by beating the Iranians successful the Group B finale connected Tuesday.

Interestingly, a gully against England won't alteration that equation due to the fact that the US would inactive person lone 2 points, necessitating a triumph implicit Iran connected Tuesday successful bid to advance.

Of course, a triumph implicit the Three Lions makes things a batch easier for the US, which could past beforehand with a triumph oregon a necktie against Iran connected Tuesday. And adjacent if the US someway loses to Iran aft beating England – an improbable bid of events, to accidental the slightest – the Americans could inactive beforehand connected extremity differential if Wales were to necktie oregon bushed England connected Tuesday.

Long communicative short: the US astir surely needs to bushed Iran connected Tuesday to advance, careless of Friday's result against England.

Timothy Weah of United States stretches during the USA Training Session astatine Al Gharafa SC

United States coach Gregg Berhalter looks connected during grooming connected Thursday successful Qatar

Iranian players observe a 2-0 triumph implicit Wales connected Friday aft losing 6-2 to England connected Monday

Team USA's crippled with England volition beryllium astatine 10pm section clip successful Qatar, but 2pm EST successful the US

The atrocious quality for the US collapsed successful the 2nd fractional of Monday's gully to a Welsh squad that did the aforesaid successful the last moments against Iran.

Rouzbeh Cheshmi scored successful the eighth infinitesimal of stoppage clip to interruption a scoreless stalemate and Iran went connected to decision Wales 2-0 astatine the World Cup connected Friday.

Cheshmi's onslaught from extracurricular the container was conscionable beyond the diving scope of Wales backup goalkeeper Danny Ward, who was pressed into work erstwhile starter Wayne Hennessey was sent disconnected successful the 86th minute.

Ramin Rezaeian added a 2nd extremity moments aboriginal and Iran wildly celebrated portion immoderate of the Welsh players dropped successful disbelief to the field.

Ramin Rezaeian of IR Iran and Daniel James of Wales vie for the shot during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group B lucifer betwixt Wales and IR Iran astatine Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

While it whitethorn not substance to a radical of 20-somethings playing Iran connected Tuesday, older American shot fans retrieve the heartache of 1998, erstwhile the Iranians stunned Team USA successful France.

Relations betwixt the 2 countries had been hostile since the Iranian Revolution successful 1979, which ousted the pro-American Shah and yet led to a drawn-out hostage situation that severely blighted President Jimmy Carter's re-election bid the pursuing year.

When the teams met successful 1998, French riot constabulary were connected tract astatine the stadium successful Lyon, but yet weren't needed. The teams did their champion to trim tensions by posing unneurotic successful a radical photo. Iran's players adjacent brought achromatic roses for their opponents.

A spirited lucifer that was debased connected malice saw Iran extremity up winning 2-1, its past triumph successful the World Cup earlier Friday. Neither squad managed to advancement beyond the radical stage.

Brian McBride and David Regis of the USA and Karim Bagheri of Iran successful enactment during the World Cup 1st circular lucifer betwixt USA (1) and Iran (2) astatine the Parc Olympique connected June 21, 1998

Iranian and US fans question their nationalist emblem 21 June astatine the Gerland stadium successful Lyon, cardinal France, earlier the 1998 Soccer World Cup Group F archetypal circular 2nd lucifer betwixt Iran and the United States

Nader Mohammadkhani, Mohammad Khakpour of Iran and Brian McBride of USA successful enactment during the FIFA World Cup 1998 lucifer betwixt Iran and United States astatine Stade de Gerland connected June 21, 1998 successful Lyon, France

Relations betwixt the countries person erstwhile again go strained aft then-President Donald Trump announced successful 2018 his volition to retreat the US from the atomic woody brokered with Iran.

Other governmental issues are already looming implicit Tuesday's USA-Iran game.

Tensions ran precocious connected Tuesday arsenic fans supporting the Iranian authorities harassed those protesting against it and stadium information seized flags, T-shirts and different items expressing enactment for the protestation question that has gripped the Islamic Republic.

Some fans were stopped by stadium information from bringing successful Persian pre-revolutionary flags to lucifer against Wales astatine the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium. Others carrying specified flags had them ripped from their hands by pro-government Iran fans, who besides shouted insults astatine fans wearing T-shirts with the slogan of the protestation question gripping the country, 'Woman, Life, Freedom.'

Unlike successful their archetypal lucifer against England, the Iran players sang on to their nationalist anthem earlier the lucifer arsenic immoderate fans successful the stadium wept, whistled and booed.

The nationalist squad has travel nether adjacent scrutiny for immoderate statements oregon gestures astir the nationwide protests that person wracked Iran for weeks.

Iran fans are blocked by information staffs arsenic they observe their team's 2-0 triumph successful the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group B lucifer betwixt Wales and IR Iran astatine Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Shouting matches erupted successful lines extracurricular the stadium betwixt fans screaming 'Women, Life, Freedom' and others shouting backmost 'The Islamic Republic!'

Small mobs of men surrounded 3 antithetic women giving interviews astir the protests to overseas media extracurricular the stadium, disrupting broadcasts arsenic they angrily chanted, 'The Islamic Republic of Iran!' Many pistillate fans appeared shaken arsenic Iranian authorities supporters shouted astatine them successful Farsi and filmed them close-up connected their phones.

The turmoil has overshadowed the commencement of Iran's World Cup campaign. The opening lucifer against England connected Monday was the country of protests arsenic anti-government fans waved signs and chanted successful the stands. Before that match, which Iran mislaid 6-2, its players remained soundless arsenic their nationalist anthem played and didn't observe their 2 goals. On Friday they sang on to the anthem and celebrated wildly erstwhile they scored successful the 2-0 triumph against Wales.

Ayeh Shams from the United States, who was astatine the crippled against Wales with her brother, said information guards confiscated her emblem due to the fact that it had the connection 'women' connected it.

'We're archetypal procreation American. Our parents were calved successful Iran. We're conscionable present to bask the games and springiness a level for the Iranian radical who are warring against the Islamic regime,' Shams said.

Iran fans observe extracurricular the stadium aft beating Wales, 2-0, successful a Group B stunner 

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