Tampax Under Fire over 'Inappropriate' and 'Sexual' Social Media Post

1 week ago

Tampax is nether occurrence aft the institution posted what immoderate are deeming an “inappropriate” and “sexual” societal media station advertizing their products.

Some societal media users descended into a frenzy aft the Procter & Gamble-owned institution posted a cheeky tweet spoofing the online improvement known arsenic “sliding into DMs,” oregon straight messaging a idiosyncratic connected societal media, oftentimes to initiate a romanticist query.

“You’re successful their DMs. We’re successful them. We are not the same,” the station reads:

You're successful their DMs. We're successful them.
We are not the same.

— Tampax US (@Tampax) November 21, 2022

Many criticized the company’s joke, accusing it of sexualizing women.

“Real weird for a institution that sells products made for woman’s earthy bodily functions to marque a tweet sexualizing pistillate for utilizing their products…. lmfaooo occurrence ur societal media manager, this is gross,” 1 wrote.

“So periods are present automatically intersexual according to you?” 1 idiosyncratic asked. 

“Your tweet is gross, it’s pedophilic. Who wrote this? Wait: I deliberation I cognize the answer,” different wrote arsenic 1 remarked, “This took maine respective moments to recognize arsenic the vile misogyny was unexpected from a institution that sells exclusively to women & girls. You truly hatred us.”

Another concluded Tampax has “zero respect for women” who acquisition its products. 

“Misogynist men making degrading jokes astir women to marque different misogynist men consciousness bully – each down the firm logo,” a Twitter idiosyncratic added as others deemed the station “disgusting and creepy.”

Tampax, however, doubled down connected societal media, resharing the station with the added remark, “refused to fto twitter unopen down earlier we shared this tweet”:

refused to fto twitter unopen down earlier we shared this tweet https://t.co/XVHHOcaZIK

— Tampax US (@Tampax) November 21, 2022

As a result, #BoycottTampax took off connected societal media. 

This is hardly the archetypal clip the institution has waded into controversy. This circular of backlash comes 2 years aft the institution made waves aft asserting that “not each radical with periods are women,” catering to the wide transgender propulsion by the extremist left:

Fact: Not each women person periods. Also a fact: Not each radical with periods are women. Let's observe the diverseness of each radical who bleed! 💙🎨: @gobeeharris #mythbusting #periodtruths #transisbeautiful pic.twitter.com/5s1416cZBw

— Tampax US (@Tampax) September 15, 2020

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