Taking Out the Trash: Elon Musk Discovers Closet Full of Twitter #STAYWOKE Leftist Merch

4 days ago

Twitter proprietor Elon Musk precocious posted a video to the level aft discovering an full closet afloat of leftist #STAYWOKE t-shirts. Musk besides tweeted that “‘Hands up don’t shoot’ was made up,” but deleted the tweet aft facing outrage from BLM supporters.

Tesla CEO and caller Twitter proprietor Elon Musk precocious posted a video to the level revealing a closet filled with Twitter-branded T-Shirts with the slogan “#STAYWOKE.”

Found successful closet astatine Twitter HQ fr pic.twitter.com/3xSI3KvvHk

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 23, 2022

Musk responded to the station highlighting the root of the hashtag, linking it backmost to the Ferguson protests and the shooting of Michael Brown. Musk stated that “Hands up don’t shoot” was “made up.” However, Musk aboriginal deleted the tweet, reposting the link to the Justice Department probe of the shooting instead.

I saw this wherefore did you delete it pic.twitter.com/ESlsHf2gO8

— Adedolapo👑 (@popsytise) November 23, 2022

DeRay McKesson, a BLM activistic and person of erstwhile Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, was famously arrested wearing the #STAYWOKE T-Shirt during protests successful Louisiana implicit the shooting of Alton Sterling.

New York Times tech newsman Ryan Mac noted that the shirts were made by Twitter’s Black worker assets radical and were popularized by Dorsey who wore them to league to enactment the group.

Elon Musk has said he's astir discourse connected tweets, truthful here's discourse for these shirts: They came from Twitter's Black worker assets radical and were popularized by @jack, who wore a mentation astir to conferences to enactment the radical (and was sometimes ridiculed for it). pic.twitter.com/Lw7aXJSBke

— Ryan Mac 🙃 (@RMac18) November 23, 2022

Breitbart News precocious reported that Musk said successful an all-hands gathering with Twitter employees this week that layoffs person been completed and that engineering and income positions are presently open. These comments were made the aforesaid time that Twitter’s income section was deed by an unexpected circular of layoffs. Since Musk’s takeover, the company’s income section has mislaid astir each of its elder leadership.

Read much astatine Breitbart News here.

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