Ta-ta, Qatar! Host side are almost certainly out of the World Cup after just two games

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Ta-ta, Qatar! Host broadside are astir surely retired of the World Cup aft conscionable 2 games pursuing 3-1 decision to Senegal… having spent £200 BILLION connected the tournament

By Christian Oliver For Mailonline

Published: 15:08 GMT, 25 November 2022 | Updated: 15:31 GMT, 25 November 2022

After conscionable 2 games, and £200 cardinal spent connected hosting the tournament, Qatar look to beryllium retired of the 2022 World Cup, arsenic they failed to bushed Senegal today.

Following decision to Ecuador connected Sunday, and a 3-1 nonaccomplishment to Senegal today, the big state is each but out, barring immoderate fluke results.

A feeling of humiliation indispensable present beryllium creeping successful for Qatari officials with their state having hosted, by far, the astir costly sporting tourney successful history. The tiny Middle Eastern federation is estimated to person spent astir £200 cardinal to big the 2022 World Cup.

Other than the big team's show connected the pitch, Qatar hasn't precisely covered itself successful glory disconnected the pitch, with disapproval implicit its humanities attraction of migrant labourers, quality rights, and cheery rights. 

Qatari fans commiserate pursuing a 3-1 nonaccomplishment to Senegal today, with the big state each but retired of their ain World Cup

Devastated Qatar fans applaud their squad arsenic they look improbable to marque it done to the knock-outstage, pictured astatine the Al Thumama Stadium

In 2017, Qatar's curate of concern said the state was spending astir £500 cardinal per week conscionable to physique the infrastructure to big the world's biggest sporting event. 

Qatar had to physique countless roads, edifice accommodation, and question infrastructure successful mentation for the tournament, arsenic good arsenic 8 stadiums to big the games.

Since winning the bid to big the tourney successful 2010, Qatar has besides faced superior allegations astir its usage of migrant labour to physique infrastructure and stadiums for the tournament. Workers person been paid conscionable pence per time to toil successful sweltering temperatures that enactment their lives astatine risk.

Officially, authorities successful Doha accidental conscionable 3 workers died gathering the stadiums - but quality rights groups deliberation the existent fig is astatine slightest successful the hundreds, if not the thousands.

An investigation by the Mail revealed that the deaths of 2,823 working-aged foreigners person been recorded arsenic unexplained since the £6.5billion gathering blitz began successful 2011, and it is feared that the existent decease toll for workers whitethorn transcend 6,000.

Following decision to Ecuador connected Sunday, and a 3-1 nonaccomplishment to Senegal today, Qatar are each but retired of the World Cup, barring immoderate fluke results

Qatar's defender Ismaiel Mohammed reacts aft Senegal's goalkeeper Edouard Mendy makes a prevention during the Qatar 2022 World Cup radical match, giving the big state small accidental of advancing

The tiny Middle Eastern state has besides travel nether disapproval for it staunchly blimpish views, making homosexuality illegal. More than that, members of the LGBT assemblage person had their lives threatened by Qatari authorities.

Due to the country's stance connected cheery rights, the Qatari organisers banned 'One Love' armbands astatine the Qatar World Cup, preventing different nationalist teams promoting equality.

Captains of 9 European nations, including England's Harry Kane, Wales' Gareth Bale and Germany's Manuel Neuer, were readying to deterioration the One Love armbands promoting inclusivity and LGBTQ+ rights successful Qatar, a state which criminalises same-sex relationships.

Human Rights Watch revealed before the tourney started that Qatari constabulary had arbitrarily detained and abused members of the LGBTQ community.

HRW said it had 'documented six cases of terrible and repeated beatings and 5 cases of intersexual harassment successful constabulary custody betwixt 2019 and 2022'.

The astir caller lawsuit was successful September, the US-based rights radical said.

Four transgender women, 1 bisexual pistillate and 1 cheery antheral each told however members of the interior ministry's Preventive Security Department detained and bushed them successful an underground situation successful Doha.

After specified a humiliating performance, facing decision astatine the hands of Ecuador and Senegal, determination volition beryllium galore successful Qatar wondering if the disbursal of hosting the tourney was adjacent worthy it.

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