Survey: 68% of Americans Felt Safer 2 Years Ago with Trump in Office

1 week ago

Most Americans felt safer 2 years agone erstwhile erstwhile President Donald Trump was successful office, a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey released Thursday found.

The survey asked, “Do you consciousness arsenic harmless successful America contiguous arsenic you did 2 years ago?”

Most, 67.9 percent, said they bash not consciousness arsenic harmless successful America contiguous arsenic they did 2 years agone erstwhile Trump was successful the White House. Another 27.1 percent said they bash consciousness arsenic safe, and 5 percent stay unsure. 

Both Republicans and independents, 86.8 percent and 64.1 percent, respectively, said they bash not consciousness arsenic harmless successful Biden’s America. Democrats stay comparatively split, arsenic a plurality, 47.8 percent, said they consciousness conscionable arsenic harmless contiguous arsenic they did 2 years ago. However, 44.9 percent of Democrats said they bash not consciousness arsenic safe. 

The survey was taken September 17-20, 2022, among 1,079 respondents and has a +/- 2.9 percent borderline of error. 

The information comes arsenic American communities proceed to acquisition a transgression question successful Biden’s America. 

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks astatine the Arnaud C. Marts Center successful Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, connected Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022. Biden is kicking disconnected a question agelong intended to prevention the Democratic Party’s majorities successful Congress with a code connected his crime-prevention initiative, the Safer America Plan. (Hannah Beier/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Conservative lawmakers — Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Bill Hagerty (R-TN) — sent a missive to President Joe Biden past week, calling connected the White House to combat the nation’s transgression wave, demanding a committedness to instrumentality enforcement, among different things.

“Rampant transgression is not inevitable — pugnacious instrumentality enforcement tin halt it,” Blackburn and Hagerty wrote. “But that requires a committedness to instrumentality enforcement.”

As Breitbart News reported:

Most notably, Blackburn and Hagerty enactment caller cases successful Memphis, Tennessee, wherever 34-year-old kindergarten teacher Eliza Fletcher, a parent of 2 young boys, was kidnapped and murdered allegedly by convicted felon Cleotha Abston.

In a abstracted lawsuit past week, 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly was arrested in Memphis aft helium allegedly carried retired 7 shootings that near 4 Americans dead. Kelly is said to person live-streamed the shootings connected societal media.

As a effect of the emergence of assaults and homicides, the senators are asking Biden to deploy national assistance programs to spell to instrumentality enforcement units warring convulsive crime. The lawmakers are besides urging Biden to “revive Operation Legend,” which “was initiated by the Trump Administration successful 2020 and named for a 4-year-old lad who was changeable and killed by a stray slug successful Kansas City”:

This Operation deployed national instrumentality enforcement officers successful 9 large American cities to assistance authorities and section instrumentality enforcement partners combat convulsive crime. From July to December of 2020, nether Operation Legend, implicit 6,000 arrests were made, including astir 467 for homicide, much than 2,600 amerciable firearms were seized, and implicit 17 kilos of fentanyl were seized. In Memphis, this Operation resulted successful 266 arrests, with 124 individuals charged with national crimes of unit oregon narcotics. 

Additionally, the lawmakers did not disregard the world of the unfastened border, urging Biden to adjacent it to “prevent the endemic cause and quality trafficking and transgression unit traveling crossed it.”

A caller survey from The Economist/YouGov found Biden underwater connected crime, arsenic 35 percent o.k. and 47 percent disapprove. 

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