Study: More Children Eating 'Button' Batteries with Potentially Fatal Outcomes

3 months ago

A survey recovered much children person been ingesting lithium batteries, besides known arsenic “button” batteries, which could person dire consequences.

CNN reported Monday:

Despite nationalist accusation campaigns informing parents astir the dangers, visits to exigency rooms arsenic a effect of artillery poisonings were doubly arsenic precocious from 2010 to 2019 compared with 1990 to 2009, according to the survey published Monday successful the diary Pediatrics.

That’s an mean of 1 battery-related exigency sojourn each 1.25 hours among children nether 18, the study found. Children nether 5 were astatine highest risk, the study noted, particularly toddlers betwixt the ages of 1 and 2, who often enactment things they find into their mouths.

After being removed from a device, the batteries clasp a beardown current. If 1 becomes lodged successful a child’s throat, saliva could interact with the existent and pain the esophagus.

The caller study’s decision said, “Ultimately, hazard simplification oregon elimination done safer fastener artillery plan is captious and should beryllium adopted by the artillery industry.”

An expanding fig of small children are eating tiny lithium batteries, besides known arsenic "button" batteries, that powerfulness galore of our user devices, with perchance superior consequences, adjacent death, a caller study found.

— CNN (@CNN) August 29, 2022

A Texas mother’s toddler, Reese, died aft swallowing a fastener artillery that eroded wrong her body, Fox 29 reported successful March 2021.

Trista Hamsmith said a CT scan yet recovered the kid was suffering from a spread successful her esophagus and trachea.

“The autopsy study came backmost of complications from a fastener artillery ingestion,” Hamsmith told the outlet.

The tiny batteries could besides origin wounded erstwhile lodged successful a person’s chemoreceptor oregon ears, according to the National Capital Poison Center.

“Young children and aged radical person been peculiarly progressive successful this benignant of incident. Symptoms to ticker for are symptom and/or a discharge from the chemoreceptor oregon ears. DO NOT usage chemoreceptor oregon receptor drops until the idiosyncratic has been examined by a physician, arsenic these fluids tin origin further wounded if a artillery is involved,” the website read.

Per the CNN report, adults were advised to support an oculus connected children playing with a artifact oregon entity that held a tiny artillery and speech with older children astir the risks truthful they knew what to bash successful lawsuit of an emergency.

If a genitor oregon guardian suspected a kid had swallowed a artillery oregon placed it successful their chemoreceptor oregon ear, they were urged to telephone the National Battery Ingestion Hotline astatine 800-498-8666.

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden (D) signed into instrumentality a measure addressing the issue, News 4 Jax reported August 17.

“H.R. 5313 requires the Consumer Product Safety Commission to make information standards for fastener batteries to marque definite they’re harmless for children successful their archetypal packaging and erstwhile they are successful household devices, similar remotes, cardinal fobs and toys,” the outlet said.

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