Statement by Vice President Kamala Harris on the Respect for Marriage Act

2 months ago

Today, thanks to the hard work of Majority Leader Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, and bipartisan colleagues, the Respect for Marriage Act is finally on its way to becoming law.
I had the honor to perform some of our nation’s first same sex marriages at San Francisco City Hall in 2004, where couples celebrated not only a joyful union, but the protection and respect of fundamental human rights. The right to start a family and raise children. The right to be who you are, openly and proudly. The right to support the person you love, whether at a hospital bedside, a military deployment ceremony, or applying for citizenship. 
Our Administration stands for the fundamental right to marry the person you love and live free from discrimination. The Respect for Marriage Act ultimately stands for a simple principle: all Americans are equal and their government should treat them that way. Today, we are one step closer to achieving that ideal with pride.

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