Special needs son of Parkland athletics director shot dead by Nikolas Cruz gives testimony 

5 days ago

The peculiar needs lad of an athletics manager who was changeable dormant astatine the Parkland schoolhouse massacre has fixed a heartbreaking grounds - telling jurors however helium misses his dad. 

Corey Hixon's beloved begetter Christopher, who worked arsenic a athletics director, was killed by Nikolas Cruz during the deadly shooting astatine Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School successful Florida connected February 14, 2018.

The state’s prosecution squad is present acceptable to presented grounds to question the decease punishment for Parkland schoolhouse shooter Cruz aft helium slaughtered 14 children and 3 adults. 

While connected the basal astatine the sentencing trial, Corey was asked by the authoritative if determination was thing helium wanted to accidental astir his dormant father.

Nervously, helium responded 'yeah' earlier looking astatine his parent Debra Hixon and simply stating: 'I miss him.'

Corey Hixon told the sentencing proceedings 'I miss him' erstwhile speaking astir his murdered begetter Christopher, who was changeable dormant by Cruz successful the Parkland massacre

The man, who has a developmental disability, was comforted by his mother, model Debra Hixon 

Christopher Hixon, 49, was a US Navy seasoned of Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and was 1 of the 17 radical changeable dormant astatine the precocious school. A representation of Christopher is held up by his grieving woman Debra

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter Nikolas Cruz (center) stands with members of his defence squad during the punishment signifier of Cruz's proceedings astatine the Broward County Courthouse successful Fort Lauderdale

The man, who has a developmental disablement called Kabuki Syndrome, past leaned to his parent and sobbed - earlier telling jurors astir his favourite representation with his father.

He said: 'Every Saturday we went to Dunkin' Donuts and went back.' 

Attorneys successful the courtroom were seen dabbing their tearful eyes, portion Cruz kept his caput successful his hands and looked down erstwhile Corey spoke - arsenic helium has for overmuch of the trial.  

Christopher Hixon, 49, was a US Navy seasoned of Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and was 1 of the 17 radical changeable dormant astatine the precocious school. 

He was attained subject constabulary serviceman and was fatally changeable portion moving towards Cruz.

His widowed woman Debra besides told the proceedings that his decease caused a void successful the family's lives which could ne'er beryllium filled. 

She said: 'His nonaccomplishment has near america broken. We person a void successful our lives that volition ne'er beryllium filled. He was an bonzer antheral surviving an mean life.'

Cruz, 23, pleaded blameworthy successful October to 17 counts of first-degree murder; the proceedings is lone to find if helium is sentenced to decease oregon beingness without parole. 

Nikolas Cruz tells the justice helium tin spot and perceive a witnesser who is giving his unfortunate interaction connection via video nexus during the sentencing trial

Widow Debra told the proceedings that her husband's decease caused a void successful the family's lives which could ne'er beryllium filled

Earlier during the trial, the assemblage were shown graphic images of victims and blood-soaked Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

In astir states, this grounds of photos and video is lone displayed astatine trial, and astir killers either dice during oregon instantly aft their attacks. They ne'er marque it to court. 

This has made the punishment proceedings of Florida schoolhouse shooter Nikolas Cruz for his 2018 execution of 17 radical unusual. 

In an highly uncommon sojourn to the sealed-off transgression scene, jurors successful the sentencing proceedings of Cruz toured the inactive blood-spattered rooms of a three-story gathering astatine Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School connected Thursday.

The gathering has been sealed disconnected since the shooting, and the show was profoundly unsettling: Large pools of dried humor inactive stained schoolroom floors. 

Windows successful schoolroom doors are changeable out, with shards of solid littering the floor. Rotted Valentine's Day flowers, deflated balloons and different gifts are strewn about. Only the bodies and idiosyncratic belongings specified arsenic backpacks person been removed. 

Court deputies exit vans that transported jurors to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School successful Parkland. This during the punishment signifier successful the proceedings of confessed shooter Nikolas Cruz who antecedently plead blameworthy to each 17 counts of premeditated execution and 17 counts of attempted murder

A motion speechmaking '1240 westbound facing window' and 5 slug holes tin beryllium seen successful a 3rd level model of the building, which has remained sealed since the massacre connected February 14, 2018

A fastener of acheronian hairsbreadth rested connected the level wherever 1 of the victims' bodies erstwhile lay. A azygous achromatic rubber footwear was successful a hallway. Browned roseate petals were strewn crossed a hallway wherever six radical died. 

And inactive hanging connected the partition of a second-floor hallway was a punctuation from James Dean: 'Dream arsenic if you´ll unrecorded forever, unrecorded arsenic if you´ll dice today.' 

The sojourn to the execution country capped disconnected the arguments from the prosecution, which rested its lawsuit connected Thursday day aft 12 days of affectional testimony, which moved adjacent the killer's ain lawyer to tears earlier this week. 

The seven-man, five-woman assemblage and 10 alternates were bused nether dense information 30 miles from the Broward County Courthouse successful downtown Fort Lauderdale to the suburban school, wherever classes don't resume until aboriginal this month. 

Cruz waived his close to spell with them. Journalists were being escorted into the tract aft the assemblage left, for the archetypal nationalist look. They were allowed to transportation insubstantial and pen but nary cameras. 

Prosecutors, who are winding up their case, anticipation the sojourn volition assistance beryllium that the erstwhile Stoneman Douglas student's actions were cold, calculated, heinous and cruel; created a large hazard of decease to galore radical and 'interfered with a authorities function' - each aggravating factors nether Florida's superior punishment law. 

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