Skydiver battles to untangle his chute in mid-air before landing unhurt in Florida [Video]

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Terrifying footage shows skydiver battling to untangle his parachute in mid-air after TWO chutes malfunction - before he crash lands unhurt in a briar patch

  • Boo Dacious, a skydiver with 15 years' experience, said he landed 'unscathed' 
  • The double chute fail happened on a jump in DeLand, Florida in November 2021
  • In footage released this week on Instagram, the skydiver thanked his rescuers
  • After his main chute tangled, he cut it away; then, the reserve chute failed too

By Mark Tovey For Mailonline

Published: 12:44 GMT, 18 February 2022 | Updated: 17:58 GMT, 18 February 2022

This is the moment a skydiver suffered two parachute malfunctions, leaving him battling to untangle his chute in mid-air - before miraculously landing 'unscathed'.

The terrifying parachute double-fail happened in DeLand, Florida, and footage of the near-death encounter was shared on the skydiver's social media this week.   

Boo Dacious, who has been skydiving for 15 years, today told MailOnline he landed feet-first in a briar patch and then fell to his knees 'as if I was praying'.

Boo Dacious published footage this week on Instagram of his double chute failure during a jump in DeLand, Florida in November 2021. He said he slammed feet-first to the ground before falling onto his knees - finishing in what he described as a 'praying position'

The skydiver used a helmet-mounted 360-degree camera to capture his horrifying fall to earth

He told his Facebook followers that before the double parachute malfunction - which occurred on November 22 last year - he had completed 1,100 skydives without a similar episode.  

The skydiver's helmet-mounted 360-degree camera captured the terrifying incident as he struggled with his gear, becoming increasingly desperate as he fought against the growing G-force. 

He had been jumping at a skills camp organised by professional skydiving group, when the incident happened. 

After sharing the footage on Instagram he said: 'Malfunctions are common in skydiving; however, the double parachute malfunction is feared, and to experience one and survive is few and far between. 

'To survive unscathed without a scratch is unheard of, and that’s what happened here to me.' 

He later added: 'I am humbled and grateful to everyone that had to witness what many felt was a completely dire situation for anyone to get out of… I am walking proof to never give up!' 

Miraculously, the skydiver - who said he had been jumping for 15 years without suffering a similar incident - landed 'unscathed' in a briar patch

Boo Dacious said his mortality had not occurred to him during his tumble to the ground.

He said: 'Death never crossed my mind. Processing each moment to the next took every bit of concentration. Couldn't even think of loved ones.' 

As he gets closer and closer to the ground, he can be heard shouting desperately, his disorientation elevated by the way he starts oscillating faster and faster.  

'As for the yelling, the G-forces were so strong and kept getting stronger and it was taking every ounce of energy to deal with', Boo Dacious wrote in response to a TikTok follower.  

The footage ends with him landing, where he remains still, breathing heavily. 

Boo Dacious told MailOnline: 'I touched earth in a kneeling position as if I was praying.

'A tree was nearby, and may have helped disperse energy, but I literally hit the earth feet first and then to my knees.'

After cutting away his tangled main chute, Boo Dacious said the reserve chute malfunctioned too, leaving him desperately wrestling to straighten out the chute as he hurtled to earth

He said parts of the main chute had become knotted and he made a split-second decision to cut away what was trailing behind him, before deploying the reserve chute.

The reserve chute was then interfered with by the main chute, which he had only partially cut away. 

He said: 'I had a cutaway. In that cutaway anything that could go wrong went wrong and everything that I needed in my favor to walk away from it, went my way.' 

By the time Boo Dacious had reached the ground, rescuers - alerted by his fellow skydivers - had already begun rushing to his landing point

He went on to describe how the malfunctioning gear ended with him landing in a 'tiny clearing beneath a pine tree, behind huge six foot tall swaths of briar patches'.

He said: 'I was in such a state of shock that I had spiralled/oscillated down and landed on my own two feet.

'I begin to hear the rescuers coming from all angles.'

According to Boo Dacious, the rescue team sustained more injuries fighting through the prickly briar to reach him than he had from the terrifying plummet to earth. 

He finished his Facebook post, paying tribute to his rescuers: 'I felt overwhelmed with love by everyone who was there. 

'It’s crazy to walk away unscathed.' 

Pictures of Boo Dacious after his eventful return to earth were taken by his friend Moo Dacious

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