Shocking moment two passengers are brutally attacked at Colombian airport by customs agent

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Shocking infinitesimal 2 passengers are brutally attacked astatine Colombian airport: Customs cause punched and kicked travelers - arsenic officials motorboat probe

  • A Colombia Migration agent, whose sanction has not been released, was captured connected camera assaulting a rider astatine El Dorado International Airport successful Bogotá 
  • The incidental took spot Thursday greeting aft 2 passengers were having a discussion  with a customs agent
  • At 1 constituent the cause punched and kicked Juan Camarillo and astir deed another, identified arsenic Sandra Barba who was signaling the incident 
  • Colombia Migration announced Thursday day that the incidental was nether investigation 

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Published: 22:48 GMT, 24 November 2022 | Updated: 04:38 GMT, 25 November 2022

This is the bizarre infinitesimal a customs cause kicked and punched rider and astir punched different astatine an airdrome successful Colombia.

The troubling incidental took spot astatine El Dorado International Airport successful Bogotá connected Thursday morning, according to Sandra Barba, who was astir deed pursuing a heated treatment betwixt the cause and the assaulted passenger, Juan Camarillo.

Footage recorded by Barba connected her Twitter relationship captured the infinitesimal she tells the antheral Colombia Migration agent, 'What's this deficiency of (respect),' aft helium had kicked Juan Camarillo. 

 Another cause steps successful effort to calm his coworker down and pushes him away.

Sandra Barba was astir punched by a Colombia Migration cause at El Dorado International Airport successful Bogotá connected Thursday. Barba was signaling an incidental during a treatment betwixt her, a antheral rider and a customs cause erstwhile the serviceman punched and kicked the antheral rider and past astir struck her

An serviceman with Colombia Migration is pushed distant aft helium assaulted a rider astatine an airdrome successful Bogotá connected Sunday

However, the migration serviceman attempted to smack Barba's telephone distant and told her, 'Don't grounds me.' 

A pistillate customized cause past approached Barba and tried to artifact the presumption of her cellphone's camera and instructed her to relax.

Camarillo took to Twitter to explicit his displeasure with the customs cause aft arriving successful Colombia to sojourn his friends and family.

'I americium 32 years old, of which I person studied 30. I thought that I would go celebrated for being a bully engineer, but it turns retired that I go celebrated done a @MigrationCol caveman who attacked me,' helium wrote. 'The bully happening is that everything was recorded connected video and I ne'er attacked the man.

A rider reacts astatine El Dorado International Airport successful Bogotá connected Thursday aft helium was punched and kicked by a customs agent 

A Colombia Migration cause tries to halt Sandra Barba from signaling aft different customs cause astir deed her

In a abstracted video obtained Colombian online quality outlet Noticías RCN, Barba said she and the antheral rider had conscionable arrived connected a formation from Brazil erstwhile they approached a customs cause anterior to getting connected the enactment to person their passports stamped for entry.

'At that infinitesimal the attacker arrives and punches the antheral successful the face,' she said.

The borderline power bureau said successful a connection that the incidental is nether investigation.

'Migration Colombia rejects the behaviour of 1 of its officials astatine the El Dorado Airport and emphasizes that this is not allowed nether immoderate circumstances,' the bureau said. 'The probe is initiated successful accordance with the (law).'

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