Shocking moment Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz told a psychiatrist how he planned 2018 attacks

1 month ago

Florida schoolhouse shooter Nikolas Cruz told a prosecution psychiatrist helium began contemplating a wide execution during mediate school, doing extended probe connected earlier killers to larn their methods and mistakes to signifier his ain plans, video played astatine his punishment proceedings showed connected Monday.

Cruz told Dr Charles Scott during a March jailhouse interrogation that 5 years earlier helium murdered 17 astatine Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School connected February 14, 2018, helium work astir the 1999 execution of 13 astatine Colorado's Columbine High School, which sparked the thought of his ain wide killing. 

Cruz told Scott however Columbine, the 2007 execution of 32 astatine Virginia Tech University and the 2012 sidesplitting of 12 astatine a Colorado movie theatre each played a portion successful his preparation.

'I studied wide murderers and however they did it,' Cruz told Scott. 'How they planned, what they got and what they used.' 

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter Nikolas Cruz is shown astatine the defence array during the punishment signifier of Cruz's proceedings astatine the Broward County Courthouse successful Fort Lauderdale

Cruz is shown successful a taped interrogation with forensic scientist Dr. Charles Scott that was shown portion Dr. Scott testified during the punishment signifier of Cruz's trial

Dr. Scott was hired by the prosecution arsenic an adept witnesser to measure Cruz and diagnosed him with antisocial property disorder

Cruz, pictured, was said to beryllium 'gun obsessed'. He was equipped with astatine slightest 1 AR-15 firearm and had 'multiple magazines' erstwhile helium stormed the school

He learned to ticker for radical coming astir corners to halt him, to support immoderate region from radical arsenic helium fired, to onslaught 'as accelerated arsenic possible' and, successful the earlier attacks, 'the constabulary didn't bash anything.'

'I should person the accidental to sprout radical for astir 20 minutes,' Cruz said.

Cruz besides claimed that helium 'showed mercy' to 2 of his victims – earlier slaughtering them with his battle firearm due to the fact that they gave him a 'nasty look.'

When asked however helium had shown them mercy, Cruz told Scott helium wasn’t going to sprout them but past decided to due to the fact that of a 'nasty look.'

'I was reasoning astir shooting them but I didn’t privation to bash it truthful was going to locomotion distant down the hallway,' helium said.

'But they gave maine a nasty look,' helium said successful the recorded interrogation with Scott, pulling down his Covid-19 disguise to propulsion a look arsenic an example.

Cruz, 24, pleaded blameworthy a twelvemonth agone to the murders that happened during a seven-minute onslaught connected February 14, 2018 - the proceedings volition lone determine whether helium is sentenced to decease oregon beingness without the anticipation of parole. 

A unanimous ballot by the seven-man, five-woman assemblage is required for Cruz to get death. Anything little and his condemnation volition beryllium life.

Prosecutor Mike Satz hopes Scott's grounds volition rebut the defense's contention that dense drinking by Cruz's commencement parent during gestation caused fetal intoxicant spectrum disorder, putting him connected a lifelong way of bizarre and sometimes convulsive behaviour that culminated successful the shootings. 

Gena and Tom Hoyer are shown successful the courtroom assemblage arsenic video is played of Cruz discussing however helium planned the 2018 attacks. The Hoyer's son, Luke, was killed successful the shootings

The defence besides tried to amusement that his adoptive mother, Lynda Cruz, became overwhelmed aft her hubby died erstwhile Cruz was 5 and ne'er got him implicit attraction for his intelligence wellness issues. She died little than 3 months earlier the shootings.

Scott, a University of California, Davis, forensic psychiatrist, testified Monday that his examinations of Cruz and his schoolhouse and intelligence wellness records don't enactment the defence findings. 

He diagnosed Cruz with antisocial property disorder, saying the 24-year-old erstwhile Stoneman Douglas pupil tin power his behaviour but chooses not to due to the fact that helium has nary respect for others. For example, Scott pointed to Cruz's 14-month employment arsenic a cashier astatine a discount store with nary incidents.

He besides said Cruz did good successful alternate acquisition classes taken aft helium was expelled from Stoneman Douglas a twelvemonth earlier the shootings, getting a cleanable people successful a people connected unit and guns.

He said Cruz's behaviour spiraled aft a woman broke up with him 18 months earlier the killings.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter Nikolas Cruz looks astatine Assistant Public Defender Nawal Bashimam's machine surface during the punishment signifier of his trial 

Cruz is seen wrong the schoolhouse successful an representation released during the investigation. The building's interior has been near astir intact since the shooting: Bloodstains inactive smear the floor, and doors and walls are riddled with slug holes

Surveillance video shows Cruz wrong the schoolhouse successful 2018. Jurors retraced the way Cruz followed connected February 14, 2018, arsenic helium methodically moved from level to floor, firing down hallways and into classrooms arsenic helium went

Cruz told Scott that the nighttime earlier the shootings, helium adjusted the sights connected his AR-15-style semiautomatic firearm to guarantee helium fired accurately. 

He imagined however the recoil would consciousness and however his victims would react. He enactment connected the burgundy polo garment helium received erstwhile helium was a subordinate of the Stoneman Douglas Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps truthful helium could blend successful with students erstwhile helium fled.

'I couldn't sleep,' Cruz told Scott.

Satz besides replayed videos Cruz made successful the weeks earlier the shooting wherever helium talked astir however helium would transportation retired the killings and hoped for a decease toll of astatine slightest 20.

Scott said Cruz told him that helium chose Valentine's Day for his massacre due to the fact that 'he has nary 1 to emotion and emotion him.'

'This was not a spur of the infinitesimal decision. This was planned retired for months,' Scott said.

On 24 September 2017 – 5 months earlier the massacre helium wrote connected YouTube: 'I'm going to beryllium a nonrecreational schoolhouse shooter.'

'My beingness sucks, I failed precocious school. I'm going to spell connected a sidesplitting rampage,' helium wrote days later.

Days earlier the wide shooting, Cruz made videos wherever helium told viewers his plans for the shooting.

'With the powerfulness of my AR you volition cognize who I am,' helium says successful 1 video. 'My extremity is 20 people, my determination is Stoneman Douglas successful Parkland, Florida. It's going to beryllium a large event,' helium says.

'When you spot maine connected the quality you'll each cognize who I am,' Cruz says, laughing.

'You're each going to die,' helium says.

Dr Scott testified that Cruz was 'calm, organized, speaking slowly' successful the videos which were made days earlier the shooting.

The societal media posts, videos earlier the onslaught and Cruz's ain statements each amusement the level of readying that went into the wide murder, said the expert.

'This was not a spur of the infinitesimal decision. This had been planned retired for months,' said Dr Scott.

Cruz told Scott helium stopped shooting and fled erstwhile 'I didn't person anyone other to kill.'

Nikolas Cruz appears to smirk arsenic videos are played successful tribunal wherein helium details however helium planned and carried retired the 2018 shootings connected Monday

People are brought retired of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School aft the shooting

Medical unit thin to a unfortunate extracurricular of Stoneman Douglas High School successful Parkland, Florida successful February 2018

Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer rejected defence lawyer Tamara Curtis' effort to cross-examine Scott astir however Stoneman Douglas' guards spotted Cruz arsenic helium entered field carrying a ample lawsuit conscionable earlier the shooting, knew helium was unsafe and did not halt him oregon pass teachers to fastener their classrooms. 

Scherer besides rejected questions astir however Cruz was reported to the FBI and Broward County sheriff's deputies arsenic a imaginable schoolhouse shooter, but thing was done.

'These are each things that should person stopped it. It wasn't that blase (of a crime). They are arguing this was a blase crime,' Curtis said. 'It is lone done a bid of unfortunate omissions it was carried off.'

Judge Scherer said specified questioning would interruption Florida's prohibition against blaming crimes connected third-party actions. The FBI and Broward County schoolhouse territory did wage a combined $150 cardinal to victims' families and wounded survivors to settee lawsuits accusing them of negligence.

Cruz smiles arsenic helium sits down astatine the defence array during the punishment signifier of his trial. Cruz antecedently plead blameworthy to each 17 counts of premeditated execution and 17 counts of attempted execution successful the 2018 shootings

Curtis nether cross-examination did get Scott to concede that Cruz mostly got failing oregon debased grades passim school, usually did poorly connected standardized tests and made galore net searches for termination methods. 

He besides agreed that Cruz was doubly recommended for psychiatric commitment, but that ne'er happened.

The trial, which began July 18, has progressed dilatory - Monday was lone the 2nd tribunal league successful astir 3 weeks. Because of Hurricane Ian, the proceedings met conscionable 1 time past week. 

That came aft a astir two-week intermission pursuing the defense's astonishment resting of its lawsuit September 14 aft calling lone astir 25 of the 80 witnesses the attorneys had said would testify.

The prosecution past needed clip to hole its rebuttal lawsuit and docket witnesses.

That lawsuit is expected to reason this week. Closing arguments would past beryllium fixed adjacent Monday, followed by deliberations.

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