Senior CNN Pentagon Correspondent Recalls 9/11

11 months ago

Small businesses are agile and innovative, and every day they provide value in their contributions as prime and sub-tier suppliers to the defense mission, the director of the Defense Department's Office of Small Business Programs said.

No other military in the world could do what the U.S. military accomplished in evacuating 124,000 people — Americans, Afghans and third country personnel — from Kabul, a senior defense official said.

Marine Corps Lt. Col. Jose Luis Montalvan climbed through the officer ranks after escaping the revolution in Nicaragua in 1987.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III met with Qatari leaders to thank them for their help in evacuating Afghans from Kabul, saying ''at a critical and historic moment Qatar went above and beyond, and your generosity helped to save thousands of lives.''

Hank Bauer was a legendary American League right fielder and manager in Major League Baseball, but before his baseball fame, Bauer served in the Marine Corps during World War II — enlisting just one month after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Marine Corps Sgt. Rodney Davis had planned to make a career out of the Corps before the war in Vietnam started. Unfortunately, he never came back from his Southeast Asia deployment, but the bravery Davis showed there earned him the Medal of Honor.

On 9/11 and in its aftermath, Defense Logistics Agency employees have demonstrated their courage, patriotism, resilience and commitment to their mission.

The U.S. Transportation Command supported the evacuation of 124,000 people in the historic Afghanistan airlift.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Italian Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini discussed the evacuation effort from Afghanistan, strategies for the Middle East and Africa, and other topics.

The Defense Department has set up "mayor cells" at each of the eight installations housing Afghan civilians to better understand their needs and address their concerns of living there, the commander of U.S. Northern Command, said.

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