Senate PASSES Biden-backed $740billion reconciliation bill with no Republican support

1 month ago

BREAKING NEWS: Senate PASSES Biden-backed $740billion reconciliation measure with nary Republican support: GOP Sen. Rick Scott says Manchin-Schumer woody is simply a ‘war connected seniors’ and Democrat Sen. Chris Coons admits it whitethorn instrumentality a YEAR to easiness inflation

  • The measure passed connected a party-line ballot with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the 50-50 tie
  • It passed with an amendment by GOP Senator John Thune to exempt immoderate companies from its 15 percent firm minimum tax
  • Senate Dems erupted successful cheers and applause aft the 16-hour voting session
  • Democrats were hopeful for a triumph up of November's midterm elections
  • The measure contains backing to beef up IRS enforcement, grow greenish vigor production, and little the outgo of healthcare
  • Republicans successfully forced Democrats to portion a proviso that would person capped the terms of insulin astatine $35 

By Elizabeth Elkind, Politics Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 20:18 BST, 7 August 2022 | Updated: 20:29 BST, 7 August 2022

The Senate has passed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, a $740 cardinal climate change and healthcare spending measure that has been the effect of months-long talks wrong the Democratic Party.

No Republican lawmakers signed onto the bill, though Democrats were capable to walk it via a elemental bulk done the fund reconciliation process.

Vice President Kamala Harris cast the tie-breaking ballot successful the evenly divided enclosure arsenic Democrats erupted into applause astatine the extremity of their 16-hour session.

It's a large triumph for Democrats' agenda, whose prospects successful the looming midterm elections had looked dim for months.

Lawmakers had been debating the bundle since 11 p.m. connected Saturday, and continued into precocious day connected Sunday without stopping.

But Republicans person accused Democrats of misleading the American nationalist with the the legislation's name, claiming it won't assistance sky-high ostentation and citing a survey that says it could summation taxes connected each income bracket.

GOP Sen. Rick Scott of Florida called the measure a 'war connected seniors' during an interrogation connected CBS News' Face The Nation and claimed it would rise Medicare costs.

'Right now, this measure really ought to beryllium called the warfare connected seniors act. I mean, this is simply a warfare connected Medicare. If you look astatine this. This is simply a $280 cardinal chopped successful Medicare,' Scott said.

Meanwhile Democrat Sen. Chris Coons of Connecticut admitted connected ABC News' This Week that the measure could instrumentality 'a twelvemonth oregon more' to chopped inflation.

'But, look...we’ve seen state prices travel down week aft week aft week for the past 5 weeks successful a row,' Coons defended.

The measure passed 50-50 with an amendment by GOP Senator John Thune - who did not ballot for the last package

Vice President Kamala Harris formed the tie-breaking ballot successful the evenly divided Senate

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is present starring Democrats done the hours-long vote-a-rama process aft yet reaching a woody connected a fund measure with West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin 

'Yes, ostentation is higher than it should be, but we conscionable got a robust jobs number, much than 500,000 jobs created successful this past month. Unemployment’s the lowest it’s been successful my lifetime. And I deliberation we’ve got a beardown economy, a beardown betterment underway.'

Host Margaret Brennan chopped Scott disconnected during his CBS interrogation erstwhile helium claimed 'Medicare is gonna get caught and there's gonna beryllium seniors that don't get life-saving drugs.'

'Reducing Medicare outgo is not the aforesaid arsenic benefits though, you- you cognize that,' Brennan said.

Scott replied: 'Margaret, it's $280 cardinal that would person been spent. It was anticipated to beryllium spent. It's not going to beryllium spent now. And the cause companies that would beryllium doing much probe are not going to beryllium capable to walk the wealth connected research.' 

The clime alteration and healthcare bill, which includes astir $433 cardinal successful caller spending, was hatched retired successful secretive talks betwixt Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin.

The last measure passed with an amendment by Senate GOP Whip John Thune that would marque exceptions to the 15 percent minimum firm taxation rate. 

Earlier connected Sunday, Senate Republicans had successfully forced Democrats to region a proviso successful their bundle that would person capped the terms of insulin for each Americans astatine conscionable $35.

Senators person been wrong the US Capitol from Saturday nighttime done Sunday greeting voting connected dozens of amendments to Democrats' spending bill, successful a lengthy process known arsenic a vote-a-rama.

Democrats had near the insulin headdress successful the measure contempt the Senate parliamentarian ruling that it violates rules of the fund reconciliation process by which the authorities is being passed. 

Republicans raised a point-of-order connected Sunday, forcing a floor-wide ballot connected whether to overrule the parliamentarian. 

The measurement yet fell 3 votes abbreviated of the 60-vote threshold needed. Forty-three lawmakers voted to onslaught the terms headdress down.

'3 GOP votes is each it took to headdress insulin astatine $35,' Progressive Rep. Ruben Gallego wrote connected Twitter, lamenting the defeat.

'The bittersweet portion is the GOP could person voted yes connected this amendment and voted nary connected the full measure and radical would person affordable insulin. But let’s beryllium honorable they conscionable wanted to beryllium assholes.'

The 7 Republican senators who voted to support the insulin headdress are: Susan Collins, Josh Hawley, Cindy Hyde-Smith, John Kennedy, Bill Cassidy, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan.

'Republicans conscionable blocked america from capping the terms of insulin for each Americans astatine $35 a month,' Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand wrote connected Twitter. 'We've already seen acold excessively galore radical hazard their lives and wellness by rationing insulin they can't afford. It's unconscionable that we're letting this calamity continue.'

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