San Francisco removes white election director as part of its 'racial equity plan' 

1 week ago

San Francisco's predetermination manager who has been successful the presumption since 2002 volition person his declaration terminated successful a determination that 'wasn't astir performance' but astir 'racial equity'.

Election manager John Artnz, who is white, volition not person his declaration renewed adjacent year, San Francisco's Elections Commission decided successful a 4 to 2 determination past week.

City officials decided not to connection a 5th five-year declaration to Arntz contempt wide praise from colleagues regarding his tenure arsenic predetermination director. 

'It's hard to execute diverseness targets if elder roles ne'er unfastened up,' Cynthia Dai, a subordinate of the commission, told the Washington Free Beacon.

'This has thing to bash with his performance,' said Dai, who voted against renewing his renewal.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed came to Arntz's defense, telling Mission Local: 'John Arntz has served San Francisco with integrity, professionalism and has stayed wholly independent.

'He's remained impartial and has avoided getting caught up successful the web of City politics, which is what we are seeing present arsenic a effect of this unnecessary vote.

'Rather than moving connected cardinal issues to retrieve and rebuild our City, this is simply a bully illustration of unfair politicization of a cardinal portion of our authorities that is moving good for the voters of this city.'

Arntz's declaration volition expire successful May adjacent twelvemonth but helium could inactive take to reapply for the job. This volition beryllium the archetypal clip since 2002 that the Elections Commission chose not to renew the presumption successful favour of conducting a hunt for caller candidates. 

Election manager John Arntz - who has been successful the occupation since 2002 - volition not person his declaration renewed adjacent twelvemonth owed to concerns implicit 'racial equity'

San Francisco mayor, London Breed, said that Arntz had served 'with integrity, professionalism and has stayed wholly independent'

Chris Jerdonek (pictured), the comission's president, told Arntz successful an email that the determination was unrelated to his show implicit the past 20 years

As predetermination manager Arntz has been successful complaint of moving the elections for the region and the metropolis for 20 years. This determination came conscionable 8 days aft the November 8 midterm election.

City Attorney David Chiu said helium was 'mystified' by the commission's decision, saying 'some folks person forgotten the past of this department.'

'Before Director Arntz, we had 5 directors successful arsenic galore years, ballot boxes floating successful the bay and an aggravated deficiency of assurance successful metropolis elections,' helium told Mission Local.

Arntz was told successful an email from the Commission's president Chris Jerdonek: 'Our determination wasn't astir your performance, but aft 20 years we wanted to instrumentality enactment connected the City's radical equity program and springiness radical an accidental to vie for a enactment position.'

Cynthia Dai, a subordinate of the committee who voted against Arntz's renewal, said that 'it's hard to execute diverseness targets if elder roles ne'er unfastened up'

A antheral is seen astatine Department of Elections to formed his ballot successful City Hall of San Francisco. The determination from the committee came astir 8 days aft November 8 midterm elections

In 2021, the Elections Commission wrote to the politician that its elections were good run, saying: 'San Francisco runs 1 of the champion elections successful the state and we judge this transparent process has allowed america to proceed to amended our elections.'

A twelvemonth anterior successful 2020 it wrote Arntz a commendation for his 'incredible leadership'.

Division Manager Mayank Patel wrote an email to the section without Arntz's knowledge, Mission Local reported. It included a missive signed by 11 different part managers detailing wherefore they supported his renewal.

'Under the enactment of Director Arntz, our Department successfully conducted implicit 30 nationalist elections and rebuilt the public's assurance successful the city's elections processes from the crushed up,' wrote Patel.

Another official, District 2 supervisor Catherine Stefani, said connected Twitter that the determination was 'a dereliction of the Commission's duty.' 

If Arntz is inactive the astir qualified campaigner aft a competitory search, Dai said helium volition person his declaration renewed. 

A rift has emerged successful San Francisco betwixt elected officials and unelected bureaucracies wherever progressive individuality authorities person precocious faster, according the Free Beacon. 

It suggests that the city's 'racial equity plan' - which the Elections Commission cited to enactment their determination regarding Arntz - was created by the aforesaid elected officials that are present criticizing the determination not to renew him.

City lawyer David Chiu said helium was 'mystified' by the decision

A voting motion extracurricular of San Francisco City Hall

District 2 supervisor Catherine Stefani, said connected Twitter that the determination was 'a dereliction of the Commission's duty'

Board appointee Jerdonek, City Attorney appointee Dai, District Attorney's bureau appointee Robin Stone and Public Defender's bureau appointee Renita LiVolsi voted to not renew Arntz's contract.

Mayoral appointee Nancy Crowley and treasurer appointee Lucy Bernholz voted for him to stay. 

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