'Sad' video shows Biden appearing to get lost and ask crowd how to leave while walking off stage

4 days ago

Joe Biden, 79, faced yet different nationalist embarrassment Wednesday evening erstwhile helium appeared to get mislaid portion walking disconnected signifier pursuing his remarks astatine the Global Fund Conference. 

As applause ensued, the U.S. president began walking disconnected the signifier earlier abruptly stopping successful his tracks and looking astir with an quality of disorder connected his face.

He past seemed to inquire radical connected the crushed however to get disconnected signifier and did a fewer stuttering steps. 

Texas Senator Ted Cruz called the country 'terrifying,' connected Twitter, with his communications advisor Steve Guest adding successful ain own tweet: 'Joe Biden is wholly mislaid connected stage. Scary and sad.' 

A antheral came to the microphone astatine the lawsuit to say: 'Uh, Mr. President, convey you,' arsenic helium wandered astir the stage. 

This caused further disorder connected the portion of the president who dilatory inched his mode disconnected stage, stopping each fewer steps to look backmost astatine the talker thanking him for his enactment and remarks.

The clip of the awkward side-steps went viral connected societal media arsenic different illustration of uncertainty regarding Biden's carnal and intelligence fittingness for the presidency. On Sunday during his 60 Minutes interview, Biden changeable down suggestions helium was excessively aged oregon unfit to tally again successful 2024 - and said 'watch me'. 

President Joe Biden, 79, appeared mislaid successful an embarrassing infinitesimal wherever helium began walking disconnected signifier pursuing his remarks at the Global Fund Conference successful New York earlier abruptly stopping, turning backmost and looking astir the country successful confusion

The talker astatine the Global Fund Conference said during Biden's confusing exit connected Wednesday: 'At the extremity of specified a momentous event, the connection 'thank you' seems benignant of inadequate. But for each the millions whose lives volition beryllium saved, for communities wherever lives volition beryllium transformed – convey you, President Biden.' 

People connected Twitter labeled the clip 'sad', and said Biden was acting 'strange' and 'awkward' and speculated that helium appeared to beryllium 'lost' oregon 'not cognize wherever helium is.'

The full ordeal happened aft helium delivered remarks astatine the 7th Global Fund Replenishment Conference, which was held successful New York and is aimed astatine warring AIDS, HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

Other awkward encounters were besides caught connected camera, including 2 antithetic instances wherever helium stuck retired his limb to shingle hands with an invisible person.

At a White House lawsuit caller retired of his COVID quarantine, Biden appeared to hide that helium already shook hands with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, sticking his manus retired for a 2nd clip with a confused look connected his look arsenic the New York Democrat turned away.

It happened again successful April aft wrapping a code successful North Carolina wherever helium turned to his close and stuck retired his manus portion staring into abstraction and wandering astir the signifier earlier exiting.

Many person besides pointed to Biden's mishap successful August erstwhile helium struggled for astir a infinitesimal trying to enactment connected his suit overgarment – and continued to person issues adjacent with the assistance of archetypal woman Jill Biden – arsenic much grounds of his declining carnal condition.

Biden's carnal mishaps person go a constituent of interest with Republicans who accidental helium is mentally and physically unfit for office. Pictured: Biden falls up the stairs erstwhile boarding Air Force One 

The president besides fell to the crushed disconnected of his motorcycle erstwhile connected a thrust successful Rehoboth Beach, Delaware successful June 2022

He past proceeded to driblet his sunglasses starring to an wide awkward disembarkment from Marine One aft surveying the tempest harm successful Kentucky.

One of the biggest embarrassments for Biden happened during a motorcycle thrust connected his Rehoboth Beach abrogation successful Delaware wherever helium wholly fell disconnected his motorcycle and crashed to the ground.

Many don't deliberation Biden is up for the occupation – with a caller canvass showing 59 percent of Americans are 'very' oregon 'somewhat concerned' astir the president's intelligence health.

Biden changeable down criticisms that helium is excessively aged and mentally unfit to beryllium president.

'Some radical deliberation you are unfit for the job,' CBS analogous Scott Pelley began, 'and erstwhile you perceive that, I wonderment what you think.'

'Watch me,' America's oldest president replied. 'Honest to God that's each I think.'

'If you deliberation I don't person the vigor level oregon the intelligence acuity, past you know, that's 1 thing,' helium said. 'It's different thing, you know, conscionable ticker and, you know, support my schedule. Do what I'm doing.'

He continued: 'I respect the information that radical would say, you know, 'You're old.' But I deliberation it relates to however overmuch vigor you person and whether oregon not the occupation you're doing is 1 accordant with what immoderate idiosyncratic of immoderate property would beryllium capable to do.'

While surveying the aftermath of devastating storms that tore done Kentucky, helium stepped disconnected Marine One (above)  and struggled for 30 seconds to enactment connected his overgarment – adjacent with the assistance of archetypal woman Jill Biden. He past dropped his sunglasses connected the crushed aft securing his overgarment connected his body

Twice now, Biden has been caught connected video sticking retired his manus for a manus shake, but nary 1 being determination to instrumentality the gesture. Pictured: Biden goes to shingle hands aft remarks successful North Carolina connected the system successful April but was met with bladed air

Despite his comments, Biden would not perpetrate to moving for re-election successful 2024, though helium told Pelley that is the existent plan.

'My intention, arsenic I said to statesman with, is that I would tally again,' helium said. 'But it's conscionable an intention. But is it a steadfast determination that I tally again? That remains to beryllium seen.'

Some of Biden's intelligence lapses see repeating himself, forgetting names and locations and telling long, rambling stories that look removed from reality.

In caller months, helium was recounting a communicative wherever helium claimed that helium was appointed to the Naval Academy by a legislator whom helium yet replaced – events that ne'er really happened.

He is besides often mocked for leaning into the microphone during his nationalist remarks and whispering words oregon phrases for emphasis.

Not lone are the carnal and intelligence mistakes a constituent of onslaught from Republicans, but it has besides caused embarrassment connected the satellite stage.

At 1 point, Biden welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin to marque a 'minor incursion' into Ukraine. 

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