Roger Federer's farewell LIVE: Tennis superstar takes to the court for the final time EVER

5 days ago


The past clip Federer volition ever re-grip his racket...


De Minaur wins!

The Aussie wins the tiebreak 10-7 to triumph 5-7, 6-3. Next up, finally, is Federer and Nadal


De Minaur leads successful the tiebreak...

The Aussie leads 7-5 successful the lucifer tiebreak.

Murray-De Minaur moves into the tiebreak...


De Minaur leads 5-3

This 1 appears to beryllium going to a tiebreak arsenic De Minaur has taken a 5-3 pb and is connected the brink of winning the 2nd set. The hold for Federer and Nadal continues...


Not overmuch longer present hopefully


4-3 pb for De Minaur successful the 2nd set

The Aussie is successful power of the 2nd set, arsenic this 1 could spell to a tiebreak and marque the hold for Federer's last lucifer adjacent longer.


Good clip for a nap earlier the Federer match...

Roger Federer looks successful bully spirits arsenic helium waits to play successful his last match, portion Novak Djokovic is simply a spot sleepy...


De Minaur takes a 2-1 lead

The Aussie takes a 2-1 pb successful the 2nd acceptable aft beating Murray successful a deuce.

Team World's Alex de Minaur returns a shot to Team Europe's Andy Murray during a lucifer connected time 1 of the Laver Cup tennis tourney astatine the O2 successful London, Friday, Sept. 23, 2022. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)


Murray takes the archetypal set

Murray won a agelong archetypal acceptable 7-5 and present leads the 2nd 1-0, but Federer's lucifer is astatine hazard of not being played owed to the O2 Arena's curfew.


Roger Federer has been relishing his clip successful London

Read from Sportsmail's Jacob Ranson:

The Big Four are teaming up for the archetypal and past clip to correspond Team Europe successful Federer's last tournament. Federer volition play the last lucifer of his vocation astatine the Laver Cup.


Andy Murray connected the brink of taking the archetypal set...

Murray takes a 6-5 pb over De Minaur arsenic helium closes successful connected taking the archetypal acceptable of the match.


Could we spot a changeable similar this contiguous from Federer?


Federer fans retired successful afloat force


Murray leads 4-3

Murray has taken the pb successful his lucifer arsenic helium tries to get a triumph for Team Europe.


Rivals into friends...

Federer shared this drawback of the "Big Four" past night, arsenic helium headed retired with Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray.


The past dance...


Some pre-match speechmaking connected Federer...

Roger Federer was fixed a lasting ovation by the assemblage astatine the O2 Arena earlier Friday. From Sportsmail's James Cohen:

The Swiss tennis fable revealed earlier this period that the London tourney would beryllium the last contention of his career, having struggled with a bid of injuries successful caller years.


De Minaur leads 1-0

In different news, Andy Murray and Alex de Minaur are underway, with the Aussie starring 1-0 astatine the moment.


The stars retired for this one

Like Serena Williams' farewell astatine the US Open past month, Federer's last lucifer is drafting an A-list crowd. Here's him with Vogue exertion and manner satellite icon Anna Wintour.


Hello from us... and farewell for Roger Federer

Hello and invited to our sum of Roger Federer's last-ever match, arsenic he'll beryllium teaming up with longtime rival Rafael Nadal astatine the Laver Cup. The brace volition look the American duo of Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock, but really, we're present to observe Federer's vocation today. Andy Murray is acceptable to instrumentality on Alex de Minaur shortly, with the main lawsuit expected to commencement astir 4 p.m.

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