Report: Woke Apple Mishandled Sexual Misconduct Claims

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A caller study states that 15 antithetic women person accused Apple HR of mishandling superior intersexual misconduct allegations and much than fractional assertion that the steadfast retaliated against them for filing the complaints.

The Financial Times reports that 15 antithetic women are accusing Apple HR of mishandling superior misconduct allegations, and much than fractional assertion that the institution retaliated against them for bringing the complaints.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, successful  China

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, successful China (NG HAN GUAN /Getty)

One individual’s allegations related to a intersexual battle committed extracurricular of enactment hours and premises, but the quality resources manager responding was allegedly dismissive, comparing the onslaught to a “minor postulation accident.”

The allegation pertained to a pistillate being partially undressed by a workfellow portion asleep.

The FT reports:

Megan Mohr was 5 years into her Apple vocation when, successful 2013, a antheral workfellow took vantage of her aft a platonic nighttime retired drinking together.

After the workfellow drove her location and helped her inside, she concisely fell dormant earlier waking to the dependable of clicking. The workfellow had removed her garment and bra. He was snapping photos, and grinning.

Mohr claims that a erstwhile mediocre acquisition with Apple HR resulted successful her not reporting the incidental astatine the time, but pursuing the #MeToo movement, she came guardant with the allegations. However, she was told that Apple wouldn’t person taken immoderate enactment against the colleague, adjacent if they admitted to the offense.

The FT reports:

Mohr thought this was a humble ask, but the email speech seen by the Financial Times soon turned rigid and defensive. The HR typical displayed small empathy oregon acquisition dealing with intersexual misconduct. He analogised her acquisition to “a insignificant postulation accident” to explicate however Apple couldn’t truly get involved.


Mohr alleges that Apple HR responded by saying, “Although what helium did was reprehensible arsenic a idiosyncratic and perchance criminal, arsenic an Apple worker helium hasn’t violated immoderate argumentation successful the discourse of his Apple work.”

Mohr near the company, stating that she wants Apple to align its policies with its claimed values: “I conscionable privation Apple to beryllium the institution it pretends to beryllium for its customers,” she said.

Read much astatine the Financial Times here.

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